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A961^- Fifteenth Anniversary Year - 1976
Dane Named Assistant Dean
Of Residential Life
Robert Dane, presently
Director of Housing and
Education professor at Con
cordia Teachers College, will
arrive here on campus Feb.
27 to begin his new post as St.
Andrews’ Assistant Dean of
Residential Life. He was
recently on campus where he
was interviewed by a group of
students, faculty, and ad
ministration, who selected
him over a field of 65 other
“His letters of recom
mendation were excellent,
and I feel all three groups
(students, faculty and ad
ministration ) were fairly
pleased with the choice,”
Dean Santa-Maria told-^he
Lance. “We feel he is a very
well-qualified persm,” she
Dane received a BA in
Education and an MA in coun
selling at Concordia.
His duties will include the
selecting, training, and super
vision of Residence Directors,
devising creative housing op
tions for students, developing
programs to involve the
faculty in student hfe, and
supervising the Director of
Student Activities ‘(a-liost to
begin next fall). He also will
be in charge of supervising
the Conference Center and
assessing the needs of the
physical facilities.
Next year he will teach a
course in leadership training,
which student association of
ficers, residence directors,
and others in key student
posts would be encouraged to
Sexuality To Be Explored In Seminars
The College Christian Coun
cil is sponsoring six
workshops throughout this up
coming week dealing with
human sexuality and its un
“We have seen a great need
for students to understand
themselves as sexual beings,”
Ms. Fillmore explains. “We
hope that the answer to such
an understanding can be
found by students who par
ticipate in the discussions and
group meetings with planned
speakers during the week of
February 14-20.”
“Bara Ish - Bara Isha : An
Exploration of Human
Sexuality” is the title of
CCC’s human sexuality week.
The title, Ms. Fillmore says,
is derived from the Hebrews
words for “created man and
created woman”.
The week will begin with a
panel discussion at 7 p.m.
Monday featuring Dr.
Douglas Hix, pastor of
Laurinburg Presbyterian
Church, and philosophy
professor William Alexander
and Ms. Martha Marks, both
of the St. Andrews faculty.
According to Ms. Fillmore,
each member of the panel will
approach the topic of human
sexuality from a different
angle. Hix will talk about the
theology of human sexuality,
while Alexander will consider
the philosophy of human
sexuality. Ms. Marks will
present an objective view of
society’s attitude toward
human sexuality and its alter-
A former St. Andrews
student and director of
Lighthouse, a nonprofessional
referral and helrisis center,
Mary Lou Brown, will be
featured at 7 p.m. Tuesday
when she talks to students
about rape and the attitude of
society toward rape.
“Too often homosexuality is
considered outside the spec
trum of human sexuality,”
Dorothy says. Dr. W. D.
White, English and religion
professor at St. Andrews, wUl
approach homosexuality
within the realm of human
sexuality at 7 p.m. Wed
Dr. Daniel Zeluff, a cinical
psychologist from Asheville,
will talk about “A Therapist’s
Comment on Sex and Guilt”
at 7 pjn. Thursday.
‘‘Maleness and
Femaleness” will be Dr. Ed
ward Harrill’s topic at 6:30
p.m. Friday. Dr. Harrill,
associate dean of the college
of learning and human
development at Appalahcian
State University, will also
lead a workshop in sex roles
at 9 a.m. Saturday.
BSU Sponsors
Black History
College Christian Council Council
Conference On Human Sexuality
Feb. 14-19
Mon., Feb. 14 Panel discussion on the Philosophy and Theo
logy of Human Sexuality with Dr. William
alexander, Dr. Doug Hix and Martha Marks.
7-8:30 p.m., Avinger.
Tues., Feb. 15 W(H-kshop/discussion on Rape with Mary Lou
Brown, director of Lighthouse. 7-9 p.m., S.U.
Lounge. .
Wed., Feb. 16 “Exploring One’s Own Sexuality; With a Con
sideration of Homosexuality” - Dr. W. D.
White. 7-9 p.m., Avinger.
Thurs., Feb. 17 “A Therapists View: Sex and Guilt’’ - Dr. Dan
Zelufl, Lake Junaluska, 7-9 p.m., Avinger.
Fri.,Feb. 18 “Maleness/Femaleness” - Dr. J. Mward
Harrill - Professor Appalachian State Univer-
versity, 7-9 p.m., Avinger.
Sat, Feb. 19 Workshop on Sex Roles - Ed Hamll, M2 a.m.
This week (Feb. 6-13) the
Black Student Union is spon
soring Black History Week.
Throughout the week there is
an art exhibit in the Liberal
Arts Building showcase, with
drawings of great Black
leaders and their history.
On Tuesday a student
poetry reading took place in
Albemarle Dormitory lounge
featuring student poets Larry
McDaniel, Dawn Clark, Bren
da Howard, Robin Green and
Allan Black.
Ms. Emma Darnell, city
commissioner of Atlanta, Ga.,
spoke yesterday during Com
mon Experience Hour in
Avinger Auditorium. To a
disappointedly small at
tendance of about 40 people
she gave a brilliant and
deeply moving speech, calling
the economic and institutional
discrimination that lacks and
minorities face in the U.S.
today “as rough a sea as Kun-
te Kinte (of Roots) ever had
to cross,” she said “Roots’
was a lesson to be learned and
not a story of triumfrfi, for
there has been no triumph of
black families in America,
she believes in order for us to
make it throu^ our “middle
(Continued on page 2)
Robert Dane
Unpublished- New
Literary Magazine
By Steven Kunkle, Staff Writer
“We’re ccmvinced that there are a lot of good writers here at
St. Andrews who haven’t been published for one reason or
another,” says Bob Haley, liiat’s where the idea for
Unpublished, a literary magazine created by a group of St.
Andrews students, came from.
Unpublished is the brainchild of Haley, Jim Privette, Mitch
Parker, Earl Roberts, and Ellen Tosh. “We’re accepting
contributions now, and so far have only had a rather limited
response. Anything we like we’ll print, whether it’s poetry,
essays, cartoons, photos, satire, or anything else.” The
magazine’s crators are encouraging all students, faculty, and
administration to contribute any writings or sketches tiiey have
done, provided they have not been previously published. This is
an opportunity for everyone in our conraiunity to share their
creative works, without feeling the pressure of submitting a
Unpublished will be published sometime in February, in an
issue to number 20 to 40 pages, with 500 copies to be distributed
free. If the magazine is well received, it will be continued on a
regular basis.
Articles to be printed will include one how to raise hogs, and
another on how to tear down a house. Because of its diverse
sources Unpublished should exhibit a wide variety of interests
and styles.
All contributions should be sent to campus mailboxes no. 855
or no. 42.
Teacher Of The Year
Visits Tuesday
Ruby Murchison, National
Education Association
Teacher of the Year, will be
special guest on campus at
5:30 p.m. Tuesday, February
All students, especially
those in teacher education,
are invited to meet Mrs. Mur
chison and the staff of the
education department for a
reception at 5:30 p.m. in the
Student Union Lounge,
Students and other guests will
go through the regular
cafeteria line at 6 p.m. before
joining Mrs. Murchison for
dinner in the President’s
Dining Room.
Mrs. Murchison, a native of
Greene County, N.C. is
presently teaching gifted and
talented students in the 7th
and 8th grades of Washington
Drive Junior High School in
Fayetteville. She is married
to Seldon Murchison,
assistant principal of Sted-
man Junior High School.
A magna cum laude
graduate of A&T State
University in Greensboro, the
current Teacher of the Year
has also bee named an out
standing teacher in ex
ceptional education and has
studied and traveled in West
Africa on a USEO grant.

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