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Party Gudelines
A Threat To Students
Party guidelines have just been passed by the Student Life
Committee, so as to provide “documentation, security, and
Ereedom with responsibility.” These guidelines require that all
parties of any type, and all kegs, be registered in advance with
the proper Resident Director and/or the Student Life Office,
rhis is a blatant attempt by the Administration to regulate j
student parties, and the beer consumed at these parties. We
students have been shafted, not only by the Administration,
but by ourselves.
I'he Student Life Committee is cwnposed of six students and
six faculty members. The faculty members are: Dean of
Students Bob Qaytor, Kathy Benzaquin, Dr. Alvin Smith,
Professor Garrett Paul, Dean Betts, and Dr. Leslie Bullock,
rhe Chairman, Dr. Bullock, is a non-voting member. Thus
student vote on this committee outweighs faculty vote six to
live. We students should have been able to squash this
Administration proposal and give it the deep six. We didn’t. We
weren’t looking, and we were taken. Now we must live with
liese oppressive guidelines or refuse to obey them.
The six students on this committee are powerful, in a very!
quiet way. These students represent the entire student body
and are charged with looking after our welfare. TTieir names
are: Vivian Bikulege (representing the Cabinet), Richard
Durham (representing the Senate), Mike Greene, Diana Prete,
Rebecca Seifert, and Nancy Allen. Like most students on
faculty committees, they usually do not effectively get in touch
with the student body to tell them what’s happening behind
closed doors, and to get our “creative input.” Most of the
blame does not fall on them, though; we as a student body
usually just areo’t interested and really don’t want to hear
anything about “Administration affairs.” We are at fault. We
have hurt ourselves, and the wound is deep.
The Administration also deserves a lot of blame, and some
student suspicion. It now needs some probing questioning by
students. On such an important issue as party guidelines, they
failed to contact the student body with a questionaire or a
Dial(^ue. Resident Directors, the only members of the
Administration close enough to student living to really know
the truth about our so-called “wild beer bashes,” were not
asked their opinion. In short, no research was done to see if
there was even a need for party guidelines let alone our
opinions for such a proposal.
What are the purposes of these guidelines? Student Life says
they are needed for security, documentation, and damage
purposes. Also they say, unbelievable as it may sound, that
these guidelines will help protect us from having our rights
infringed upon by the Administration. (They called this
“freedom with responsibility.”) Their reasoning? Since all
students will now have to register our gatherings with the
Student Life Office, records can be kept to show how many
parties we have and how many kegs we drink each week. Using
these records, the students can show the Administration how
little beer we actually consume, and how many “clean
wholesome” parties we have, so that we may then argue for
less social regulation. As regards security, documentation, and
damages, these to me sound threatening and hostile.
We students have a right to be apathetic if we want to be.
This is not, however, an invitation for the Administration to
step in and regulate our lives. The aim of St. Andrews is,
according to the catalog, “An increased sensitivity to human
needs and concern for social justice,” and “An intelligent
concern for democratic values in personal, national, and
international relations.” We students can hardly be expected to
measure up to these standards if we see the Administration
ignore them in attempts to reduce our freedom of action.
The essence and the true flavor of St. Andrews gatherings,
parties, or whatever you call them, is their spontaneity. Only
the CUB type of sponsored events are planned in advance and
there aren’t many of these, not compared to the mainstay of St.
Andrews socialization. I’m talking about the sudden parties
where anybody within yellowing distance can be in on a keg for
$1 a share. Try planning these in advance and filing forms with
Student Life. The persons fetching the keg are already doing
everybody a favor, and they’re not about to go through a
procedure of approval, the scrutiny, of Student Life. These
guidelines will squeeze the number of these parties, and aUow
Student Life, the Administration, to keep tabs on all the rest.
That’s IF we students obey these guidelines.
The Administration has been operating with a take it or leave
it attitude. Students are being abused and mistreated. If we
don’t act now, immediately, all is lost. If you have one iota of
concern regarding these party guidelines, do somettiing. Write
a letter to the editor; we’ll print them all. Write a Dialogue.
Paint the wall. Tell it like it is, not like they want it to be.
Above all, don’t obey the guidelines.
St. Andrews has had a tradition of encouraging student
interaction and social life; this is worth preserving. If the
Administration continues in its efforts to stifle such student
interaction, then perhaps prospective students ought to think
twice before they apply here. The campus they visit today, and
the campus they live on next fall, will have little similarity.
I. Definition of Terms:
Closed Event: An event
(party, movie, etc) includes
only members of the
residence hall in which it is
Open event: An event that
his open to residence hall
individuals, off campus
people, or guests other than
the members of the residence
hall where the event is held.
Party Permit: A written
form that includes in
formation on type, location of
party or event, and those
individuals who agree to
sponsorship and who will be
responsible for the event. A
party permit is required
whether alcohol is served or
n Closed Events/Parties
A. A Closed Suite Party is a
party that takes place in one
suite and involves only
residents of the hall in which
it is held. The members of
said suite are responsible for
damages and for cleaning up
within the suite. Suite parties
[require the filing of a party
permit for approval with the
1 Resident Director.
B. A Multiple Suite or All
I Residence Hall Party that is
closed to only hall members
requires the filing of a party
Ipermit for approval with the
iResidence Director.
III. Open Events/Parties
A. All Sui>e, Multiple Suite,
lor All Residence Hall spon
sored evenis or parties that
are open to individuals
outside of the residents ot that
hall must file a party permit
for approval wito the Student
Life Office.
B. The Student Life Com
mittee strongly urges the use
of Farrago for multiple suite
or all residence hall parties.
In the use of Farrago or other
campus buildings (aside
from residence halls) the
party permit must be filed
for approval with the
Director of Student Activities.
This individual will be
responsible for pre-and-post-
event arrangements.
C. Chartered organizations
and the College Union Board
must obtain a permit for a
aproval from tiie Student Life
Office with signatures of
those responsible for said
party/event and designating
the area and time the oartv
will take place. The student
Life Committee urges the
aformetioned to utilize
Farrago for its functions.
IV. Additional Party
A. A given residence hall
may sponsor a party in or
near ^e haU area or at
Farrago provided student
organizers and a faculty or
staff prson assume respon
sibility for the event as in
dicated in the party permit.
In the event of failure to clean
up after a party, or in a case
where destruction of property
or other detrimental
behiavior results, as deter
mined by the proper repr-
sentative of the Student life
Office, and where a guilty
party is not determined, the
persons whose signatures
appear on the permit will
be held responsible. Fur
thermore, money for
damages will be taken from
the hall’s treasury.
B. Those student leaders
and faculty or staff members
designated as advisors or
responsible individuals for an
event or party are required to
attend the function and will be
held accountable if need be.
C. All kegs, whether for
party or informal individual
use must be registered with
the Resident Director with a
regular party permit.
D. Enforcement of these
guidelines will rest with the
Resident Director who will
refer violations to the hall
councils. All other
event/party violations in
volving campus wide parties,
CUB or chartered
organizations will be referred
to the campus judicial board.
E. The reasons for such a
policy involve documentation,
security, and freedom with
F. The above policy will
adhere to the state liquor laws
concerning the use of alchool
and to those policies that
specifically concern the St.
Andrews community.
(Because it is illegal to
provide hard liquor to in
dividuals under the age of 21,
parties which provide such
alcohol are prohibited.)
Elections Fill Several
Elections for several
student government positions
were held yesterday. These
were held due to resignations
and moving of residence of
office holders.
In Granville, John Greene
defeated Harvie Jordan for
the post of vice-president. This
post had been vacant due to
Granville President
Newcomb’s move to off-
campus, and was succeeded
by then Vice-Prsident Kunkle.
In Mecklenburg, Tony
Odom edged out Tom
Langhome for the post of vice-
president. This post was
vacant because Mecklenburg
Vice-President Hal Bailey had
moved up to the Student
Association Vice-Presidency.
In Highlands, Franz
Stillfried swept the field
unopposed for the vicee-
presidency. Highland’s Pr-
sident T^ent had recentiy
Allan Newcomb ran
unopposed and was elected to
the Student-Faculty Appellate
Board. This board is where
cases are appealed to from the
Jdicial Board.
Vacant Positions
Steven J. Kunkle Editor
Robert Thuss Managing Editor
Rick Thomas Business Manager
Vivian Bikulege Women’s Sports Editor
Chris Strong Men’s Sports Editor
Marion Bowden Layout Editor
David Winslow
Jon Johnson
W. W. Rolland, Advisor
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Anonymous letters will not be printed.
The opinions expressed in THE LANCE are not necessarily
those of St. Andrews Presbyterian College.

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