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An Increase In SAF
Is Needed
When the annual budget was through being passed by
the Budget committee, the Senate and approved by the
SGA president, Ike McRee there were several shocked
and disappointed faces seen around the campus. With
the limited fimds that were available almost all clubs
and organizations found there budget proposals cut in
half or more.
Being on the Budget committee is one of the least
popular positions that can be found on this cainpus.
It must decide who gets what money and then ex
plain it to every club that thought they snouia nave
received more. I would like to send my appreciation to
this years’ committee for having the perseverance to sur
vive the budget meetings.
Where the Budget committee sends the money is not
the main problem that the clubs have. The biggest con
cern should be how to increase the student activities fee
and why it has not been raised yet.
Every year $65 is taken from the tuition of every full
time student and used for student related activities. A
student must take a full load in both the Fall and Spring
semesters in order to be considered a full-time student
and part of the FTE, or Full-Time Equivalency.
Once the FTE figure is computed, then the student ac
tivities fee is also computed and broken down according
to the guidelines made by earlier students and faculty.
Out of the $65, $12 goes to the Lamp & Shield and $3
goes go the Lance. The remaining funds are given to the
SGA and Senate, where they figure out how to disperse
the money to the clubs.
Through past years mismanagement and bad book
keeping, some of the clubs have incurred large debts
that must be payed. The current student organizations’
debt is above $20,000. In order to relieve the debt the
SGA has created a Debt Relief Fund that takes a deter
mined sum out of the student activities fee before it is
given to the clubs and organizations.
The total working budget for this year was $34,200.
When the DRF was subtracted from this figure the total
came to be $32,690. This figure was a substantial
decrease from last years figure and all the clubs and
organizations felt the pinch.
There have been proposals to increase the FTE, but
the rising expenses of college life have not made it possi
ble. Well, I believe we need to make such an increase
With the tuition up as much as it has been in the past
few years there should also be an increase in the student
activities fee. In order for the clubs to be appealing to
students and prospective students there must be enough
funds to allow those clubs to operate with some im
The money for the clubs can not rest completely on
the SGA; and it has not in the past or the present
because all of the clubs have created ways of making
money. My question is that if the tuition is going to in
crease then why doesn’t the student activities fee in
crease with it?
In order for the SAF to be increased the proper chan
nels must be taken, so let your student representatives
know that the SGA needs to find ways to get the SAF in
EDITORS NOTE: There have been very few top
album responses turned in yet and we want hear from
you. So send your album lists or any other comments to
box 757 in the campus post office.
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College Press Service
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reason, logically, why there
should be any double stan
dards that seem to be present
in your environment.
I have much more to say,
but we must be blasting off
soon and I want Scarfus to
have a chance to talk about
your curious standards and
customs. One last hint of ad
vice, don’t let your superiors
actions get you down,
Alien Beer Pigs, Jones and Scarfus ^ because if you can not
Roving Reporter; Aliens r,°y" sSfS
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alien who was lucky, or un- to the group of humanoids teresting planet on such a
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planet Earth. The two aliens or administrators, would not qjj gm- planet, but
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viewed are Jones and Scar- with your own money. On training you all will grab
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YOUSPAREADIME. Jones prevalent, we encourage the before you know it.
and Scarfus are already consumption of this liquid jhe great thing that \ saw
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mentary with me before they doing what the majorityy you ^vill give to each other. 1
left. If these two aliens look wants occasionally. Oh! by talking to one of your
comrades, who shall re
main nameless, and it told
me that this gathering, or
party, was being presented to
in order to sponsor an eveni
bigger gathering in the first
of your seasons called 1 Spi
ing. If you show these
characteristics of support and
enthusiasm with some con
sistency you might rise above
the level of incompetence
that pervades this planet
All I wish to say in closing is
that you are curious, yet ad
mirable and I’m sure this
planet will straighten itse»
out in due time. ,
Both: We wish we nao
more time for comment^-
but we must leave. We will m
back soon and hope t°
it to your Spring gatnen i
called Extravaganza!
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PiMoBdtor .toddlMlw
MaaiMniics •4..Sle««VilMrt
Arts Editor ..Nancy Hogg
Tte opLnkms apressed oii this an not aeoessati-
|v tiiose of THE lance* college, or student body. lHit
are of the signed individuals. THE LANCE wek;o^
and encourages riesponscs tp the mterial in
tioii* Hi Tesyms Ihe right of editorial freedom as
foyemed by rejponiiMe journalism.

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