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In Support of the Name Change / In the Name of Tradition
When the Lance was restruc
tured early this spring, the idea
was to create a new image.
From the begiiming, an impor
tant part of the new image was
considered to be a new name.
The name finally suggested by
the staff was Paladin, but the
Student Life Committee
responded by asking the staff to
delay the name change and
reconsider it next year, ^icnd
that decision there has oeeh
considerable debate among
students and faculty about the
change, so the staff has decided
to put it up for a vote. If
students support the change,
the^ first fall edition will be
labeled “Paladin.” If the name
change is voted down, the
paper will remain the “Lance.”
Be critical. Read both of the
arguments presented below
and ask yourself questions. Will
a new name really help create a
new image? Does it matter that
the Lance means to kill? Do the
opinions of the alumni really
have a bearing on whether we
should change the name of the
paper? How do I feel? Then
vote. Place the balloL in cam
pus mail.
Dear Editor,
' I’m writing this letter to ex
press my opinion on the pro
posal to change the name of the
newspaper from Lance to
para^n. As I understand it,
there seems to be only one fac
tor hindering the change, and
that is traditon.-Since St. An
drews has b^n open, (they in
form me) the paper has
(religiously) been called the
Throughout the school year
the paper has gone through a
number of drastic changes in
cluding the fall merger with
Under The Kilt. I feel the next
appropriate step is eliminating
the name “The Lance,” which
Webster’s defines as: “1) A
weapon of war consisting of a
long shaft with a sharp steel
edge carried by mounted
knights and light calvary. 2)
Any of various sharp objects
suggetive of a lance.” (Do
(they) mean like the in
strument used on Jesus as he
hung on the cross?) and finally^
“3) A- spear used for killing
whales.” Personally I don’t see
how tradition, in and of itself,
can allow the paper of church
affiliated school be to be iden
tified with an object so deadly
and violent.
If the purpose of the title is to
project a fighter of a noble
cause then I thoroughly en
dorse the newly proposed title
fo paladin which Webster
defines as: “1) The champion
of a Medieval Prince and 2) An
outstanding protagnoist of a
cause.” Thereby we may con
tinue ‘our tradition of ■ the
medieval Knight as oiir mascot
and avoid blantantly depicting
violence. Personally, I’d rather
read a paper whose goal is a
cause, than one whose goal is to
I hope with the help of the stu
dent body we can convince the
necessary conunittee heads
that the name change is not an
attempt to destroy or under
mine tradition, but rather a
positive effort to improve upon
and enhance a tradition, the
tradition of- a quality
St. Andrews is a young school
searching desperately for
tradition. Extravaganza
weekend, the “Lamp and
Shield,” the “Lance” are the
few traditions the school has.
To change the name of the
Lance is to eliminate the part of
the limited tradition of St. An
drews. Alumni who look upon
their school paper as a penna-
nent, time-surviving link with
St. Andrews wiU feel discon
nected from St. Andrews if the
Lance no longer exists as the
Lanqe. Aluiimi will feel as if
their stint at St. Andrews has
become lost in time and space,
that their presence here made
no impact. Ask all the alumni
on campus this weekend how
_they fesel about the name_
The Paladin V.S. The Lance
Let Us ICnow Your Opinion! !
I oppose the proposed nam^^ange and prefer the name
"The Lance"
I favor the proposed name change and prefer the name
"The Paladin"
Cut Out and Mail to The Lance
April 26, 1985
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