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«y John Ward
Yes, the Art Guild is still accep
ting members. No degree of ar
tistic ability is required but just a
genuine interest in art and a will
ingness to give a little of your
time and energy.
But what exactly is the Art
i Guild? Paraphrased from the
charter, the guild is an organiza
tion pledged to giving exposure to
the Arts in the St. Andrews and
Laurinburg communities. Toward
that end, the guild has several
projects in the works. They will
be constructing huge banners to
welcome parents at Parents Day.
The guild also plans to renovate
and complete the sculpture
garden adjacent to Vardell, and to
construct a sign to have outside
the art gallery. Also, the guild
will open every art show on Mon
day night in the Arts.
So, it you’re interested in art
and like to have fun in the mak
ing, get involved and contact one
of the officers.
Mary Chapman--President;
Norahma Burch--Vice-President:
Paul Vosteen-Treasurer; Meg
m. fmim
hm coLmm
SflT* OCT 26-6+4/lt
^ill l/af'tj
The Highland
Back Stage
Never has there been a truer
statement, before someone said
that Theatre is the only fine art
anybody can become involved
with. Anybody and everybody is
invited to become part of the
mystical entertainment that ap
pears on the stage: especially at a
place like St. Andrews. This
school year is a prime time to
start working with the Highland
Players because of their lack of
man power and this fact leads to a
chance to experience a true feel
ing of accomplishment.
Theatre does not only consist ot
a director and assorted actors
creating a picture on stage: the
backstage people are also impor
tant in creating the illusion to the
audience. Robbie Rankin, director
of the Theatre Department at St.
Andrews, describes backstage
work as “all the work that goes
into a production before it is seen
by the audience.” Backstage,
then, includes the director, scenic
designers, light designers, artists
technicians, costume crew, and
many other jobs that most people
never consider while watching a
show. The reason that all of these
jobs are important is because “a
good set has to pick up the style
and has to help actors play and
make the audience believe what
they are seeing. A good set must
also use the space wisely and be
completely feasible,” says Kirk
Gilmer, the Highland Players’
technical advisor. This statement
means that the designers and
director have to do loads of
research and analyzing of the play
in order to make it believable for
the audience. One of the most in
teresting dimensions of the
backstage experience is working
with the lights. In working
behind the scenes, “the lights are
By Amy Samo
because it’s live,” said Gilmer.
The way the lights shine deter
mines mood, rhythm, and even
movement of the actors. Another
fulfilling job is building the set
itself. “To be able to see what
you’ve created makes it easier to
come closer to perfection,”
declared Rankin. Building a set is
more than art, however, it is also
very important that the plat
forms, the balconies, and all the
furniture is safe for the actors to
use. Since safety is important,
good carpentry skills are a must.
Therefore, the technicians
themselves do not play a minor
role backstage. All the jobs
behind the curtain are important
and give many people more ex
citement than any stage ex
This year, more than ever, the
St. Andrews Theatre Department
I needs people who are willing to
work. Over the last year, the
department has lost their
technical director thus making
backstage work more difficult.
When asked how this year will be,
Robbie Rankin sighed, “Well,
there are two ways to meet stress-
-to go “Oh my God” or meet it
with a challenge.” And a
challenge is how Rankin is ap
proaching it. “Our motto is to
teach,” says Rankin, and teach is
what she is setting out to do. For
the next production, “An Enemy
of the People” by Heru'ick Ibsen,
Rankin is asking people to come
out and get into what is going on
backstage. If the stage seems
fascinating and acting is out of
the question, a place in the
theater still exists for eveyrone.
Gilmer claims, “There’s a lot of
work, but there is a level in which
anyone can fit in.” Backstage
work can be a learning experience
and it can also give someone a
great sense of accomplishment to
see the end result in a produc
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