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"Gotcha" controversy
Debate Club Defends Position
To The Editor;
In response to a letter written to
the editor by a CCU member, in the last
issue of the Lance, I must first acknowl
edge that the game of “Gotcha” is exactly
that— a fund raiser. It is raising funds for
the St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Debate Team. Yes, that is right, this fine
establishment of higher educational
learning has aDebateTeam, for those who
did not read the article on the Debate Team
in the last issue of the Lance.
I know that the CCU is an excel
lent group doing whatever they do, but I
must comment on the article printed by a
member of the CCU in the Lance.
1) It is a fund raiser for a school
2) In the article it was stated;
“How does such a game promote such
sensitivities and concerns?” It provides an
outlet in which humans can let off steam
brought on from over-exertion and stress
from studying. If this is not a concern for
students then I guess we are participating in
a Communist plot to over-take the entire
3) The author stated “Does this
game reflect the values encouraged here at
St. Andrews?” It sure does! It is providing
an organization a means through which to
raise money to travel so that they may
represent the college at events throughout
the entire East coast. On “values”, Arthur
Schlesinger, Jr. states; “The New Leftists
believe in the omnipotence of the deed and
the irrelevence of the goal.”
4) Does this game reflect a level
of maturity similar to other colleges and
universities? Well Yes!! Let me shed a
little “first-hand” experience on the
subject. On Oct. 30- Nov. 1 the Debate
Team was in a tournament at Columbia
University, with other colleges and uni
versities from upper parts of the U.S.
Participating were; Princeton, U of Penn.,
N.Y.U., Brown, Yale, UMBC, Radcliffe,
etc.— a host of Ivy League schools. I
brought up the situation of the game and not
a single one of these schools could believe
the stand that the member of the CCU was
taking. Everyone of these schools had not
only heard of the game, but they had
actually played the game. Now I hope the
think that we want to be a part of these out
standing schools both in academic and
social recognition status. A little closer to
home, before transferring here I attended
the Collegeof William and Mary and guess
what, the students and faculty play it there.
• 5) Let me write on you question
“Is it beneficial and prudent to market such
a game for the beuerment of our commu
nity?” Obviously, there was no thought on
the writing of this question. It provides the
community a source of income and reve
nue from the sale of the instruments
needed to participate in this fund raiser.
I know that is for the betterment of the
6) You find it “ironic” that we
were promoting “Gotcha” during the
week deemed Relationship Violence
Awareness Week—what about the play
The Deadly Gamel I loved it!
In conclusion, even though there
was no mention of the author’s name, I feel
that the article was not the feeling of the
entire CCU. I may be wrong but I feel
perhaps not the entire council, but defi
nitely not the entire CCU. How could it, no
one asked for my opinion and I thought that
I was a member of the CCU. Don’t write
without research!!
President, St. Andrews
Debate Team
Scott C. Robert
"Gotcha" Obnoxious
To the Editor;
I wish to address the current
“fund raiser” on the St. Andrews campus,
the game “Gotcha!”. Whose idea was it to
make a game out of pretending to be hired
killers? I thought that the majority of little
boys and girls outgrew “cops and Rob
bers” by the age of 10. Obviously I was
mistaken. I understand that this game is
supposed to be a fund-raiser for the Debate
Team, but honestly, it is obnoxious and
annoying to those who are not playing. I
don’t find it fun at all to be dodging con
stantly from people waving water sub
machine guns around like they are mini-
I also question the Debate
Team’schoiceofthegameitself. The game
was origionally named the Assasination
Game, but it got so much flack that they had
to rename it! Come on, boys, maybe this
isn’t the right place for a killing game to be
played it the first place. This is an “institute
of higher learning” after all, not Mafia
headquarters. I also realize that it is just a
game, and perhaps I may seem a little too
Scrooge-like, but I’ve seen this game
played many times before in high school
and at UNC-CH, and I have yet to see it
played when someone did not get injured,
I don’t think that justifying the
game as a fund-raiser is valid. That smacks
of the Iran-Contra Affair, in that it makes
selling the “assasination” of others all right
because it made money. Big deal. There
are plenty of other ways to make money.
Just ask Oral Roberts. I thought perhaps we
at St. Andrews were just a little bit above
Bonnie L. Blackburn
To the Editor:
On behalf of the senate and the
student body it represents, I would like
to send a great big “THANK YOU” to
Lance Eller, who this past Friday night,
made it big at Las Vegas night. As a result
of his winnings there, the Gathering Place
now has its first piece of equipment; a
microwave oven which Lance bought at
the auction at Las Vegas night and then
graciously donated to the Gathering Place.
Not only do we really appreciate
Thanks Lance"
this but we’d also like to recognize Lance
for the great job he’s done in Pate Hall this
Good luck to you, Lance. And
thanks again!
On behalf of the senate and the student
Amy Heavner
Chair of the Senate Gathering Place
B.S.U. Brings Smiles to Kids
On Thursday November 29th, the
Black Student Union ventured out into the
community where they touched the hearts
of the youth of the Scotland House Mental
Health Organization in celebration of Hal
loween. Nine members of the B.S.U.
paticipated in the event and reportedly had
a very good time. “We had a really good
turn-out for the Halloween night,” states
Erick Payne, president of the organization.
“There were nine students from the college,
five kids from the Scotland House, and two
house parents having a good time.”
“It really went well,” states
Tashima Hawkins, former president of the
organization. “We decorated a portion of
the house, ate pizza, told jokes, shared in a
spooky story, painted faces, and filled the
kids trick-or-treat bags with toys and can
dies galore. The students were as much into
the spirit ofHall6\veen as the k5ds. Wehad
a great time.” '
The organization is working on us
next project coming up on November I4ih’
The B.S.U. is having “A Risque’ Knignt
party featuring the on campus band Ris
que’. The organization encourages an
welcomes everyone to join in this night o
dancing, conversation, and activities.
more information on the B.S.U., conuc
Erick Payne at ext. 466 or S.A.P-C-
r ,
Ttie Lance
■ Bo* 757,. ■ ■
St. Andrews Presbyterian College
Laurlnburg, N.C. 28352
276-3652, Ext, 448
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