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    Thank You! from Jack Thank You!
from Dan Mohn
Dear Students,
I applaud you.
It’s been nearly a month
since the final pledges were
brought in, but neither I, nor any
other member of the St. Andrews
community will soon forget the
impact of the “100% for St.
Andrews” fund drive. For the
first time in St. Andrews
history...maybe for the first time, the
students...paying customers...were
asked to contribute your own
money during the campus cam
No one was completely
sure that it would work. In fact,
many people said that it was
ridiculous, that it couldn’t be
done. But once again, the students
of St. Andrews showed what they
were made of, only to prove that
each and every student on this
campus is not only willing to give
out of his/her own pocket, but
more importantly that you were,
and are still behind St. Andrews
You and I both know that
Students debate use of
The Senate of the St.
Andrews Student Government As
sociation debated designating
$1,000 from the “100% for St. An
drews” fund drive in its meeting last
In addition to the $1,000
given by an outside benefactor to
dorms that met the “first window”
deadline of pledging to the “100%
for St. Andrews” campaign, presi
dent A.P. Perkinson Jr. found an
other $ 1,000 to match the money the
students received.
A total of $2,000 will go to
fund either the student gathering
place in the Belk Center or to put
carp in Lake Ansley C. Moore. The
gathering place will be where the
book store is currently located.
“We have pretty much
decided on helping fund the gather
ing place, because students need a
place to get together on this side of
the lake,” said Tony Orange, presi-
St. Andrews is not perfect. No
institution is. But the thing that
sets us apart in the world of higher
education is the fact that you, the
students, were willing to “put your
money where your mouths are.”
In other words, you were
willing to support St. Andrews,
something that you believe in,
even though you recognize that it
isn’t a perfect place. Few col
leges, if any at all, can say that
about their students.
Each and every member of
the student body deserves to be
applauded for his/her individual
efforts during the campaign. Not
so much for the dollars
given...albeit they are
important...but for the statement
that you made to every member
of the St. Andrews
community...faculty, alumni, staff,
administration, parents and trus
tees alike.
I applaud you.
Jack Ferren
Co-chairperson of the 1987 cam
pus fund drive
dent of Highland Dorm and Free
dom Village. “The gathering place
will be a good place to blow off
Richard Yercheck, student
director of the “100% for St.
Andrews” campaign, said “the
money from the President Perkin
son and the 100% campaign is a
great boost to the gathering place.
Well, you did it! You
proved the skeptics wrong and in
the process you reawakened in all
of us the recognition that you, St.
Andrews students, are the true
focus of all our efforts.
When the Campus Cam
paign was being planned, there
were many skeptics who thought
students would not get involved.
After all, you pay to attend St.
Andrews. A contract had been
sealed wherein you paid tuition
and we were expected to deliver
the goods (an education) in return.
Besides, the skeptics would say,
today’s student is more interested
in careers than causes.
We now have proof that
you will listen to an appeal for a
good cause ... you will weigh the
merits of that cause ... that you
will ask questions which we must
be prepared to answer honestly ...
and you will respond, not because
our efforts are perfect, but because
St. Andrews is doing good things
which will become better through
your support.
In other words, you exer
cised good judgement and intelli
gent, adult decision-making in
conducting and responding to the
student campaign. You have more
skills for coping in “the real
world” than we, in our weaker
moments, gave you credit for.
Thanks for a lesson in humility
which we richly deserved.
Now let me tell you about
some of the results of your decla
ration that you are “100% for St.
1. Faculty and staff partici
pation in the campaign reached in
all-time high — 88 percent
2. Alumni, parents, and
community friends of the college
are reacting with increased support
3. Trustees are reaffirming
their commitment to St. Andrews
in light of your powerful statement
4. St. Andrews may gain
considerable attention, as your 100
percent participation is unique
among colleges across the nation
5. You will leave St.
Andrews as informed, involved
alumni who can tackle major
volunteer projects successfully.
Thank you for your enthu
siastic endorsement of the com-
paign theme, “100% for St. An
drews.” And thanks for giving the
rest of us a lesson in “the real
world” of St. Andrews students.
With the skills and savvy you have
demonstrated already, there is no
doubt that you will accomplish
great works both here and in the
“Real World” of careers, family
life and civic responsibility.
Dan Mohn
Director of Development
One of the great strengths of firee societies is the availability of choice. Nowhere
is this principle demonstrated so clearly as .in our philanthropic organization—where
people freely choose to devote their own time, talents and resources to enhancing the
quality of our lives. In the twentieth century, these institutions—commonly called the
non-profits *—^have become so important to our way of life that they have been renamed
Third Sector of our society. Any society needs healthy business and government sectors.
We have now come to realize that in order to advance our civilization, we need
a healthy Third Sector. That is its very it;ason for being.
Passage taken from “The Raising of Money’* by James Gregory Lord.

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