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To the Editor,
During almost ten years with St. Andrews I have
never felt it necessary to respond to any article in The
Lance even though at times some were written without
facts being checked out or given to the readers.
The item written by Susan Russo in the December
issue entitled "Co-Hab Incident Causes Community
Friction" should raise some concern in the minds of
anyone with an interest in the security of our students
on campus. The article misrepresents the situation in
that it does not state some facts clearly and does not
include facts that Russo may not have known. I wish
to address the facts of the incident and not the issue of
friction within the Residence Hall.
The article states that the student, after finding two
"townies" in the room, called Security without first
waking her roommate. This incident occurred at 10
a.m.. The roommate had gone to class and left the two
individuals in the room. The student upon entering the
room saw two males, whom she did not know, asleep
in the bed. It is inconceiveable to expect her to spend
time looking for her suite leader, or anyone else, to get
permission to call and report this. I ask Ms. Russo, if
she opened her door at 10 in the moming and saw two
men she did not know sleeping in her bed, would she
spend time looking for the Hall president to get their
permission to report the incident? Another disturbing
fact is that these two "townies" had been regular
overnight trespassers in this Hall.
These individuals are referred to as minors in the
article, but in the eyes of the state they are adults
subject to the laws of the state. One of them alrady has
a criminal record that includes Breaking and Entering,
Larceny, and Larceny from a Coin Operated Machine.
He is now on supervised probation and is serving a
suspended sentence. He was also arrested two nights
after this incident for trespassing the same area from
which he was barred.
The writer also states that she felt "violated" and this
was a situation which should have been "handled" by
the Residence Hall Council. As an individual inter
ested in the security of all of the students at St. An
drews, that attitude frightens me somewhat. When
individuals of the type found in the room are allowed
to take up residence in our community, it is the con
cern of all of us.
One last item: The article, somewhat sarcastically,
states that Dean Greer and her "guards" were GIVEN
control of the situation. A situation such as the inci
dent in question does not require us being GIVEN
control. It, in fact, dictates that some responsible
individual assume control. Again, any friction within
the Residence Hall caused by this incident is regret
table, but as Chief of Campus Police, I feel the situ
ation was properly handled.
Therion H. Young
Dear Editor,
Recently, the College Union Board voted to
change its name to Student Activities Union (S.A.U.).
There were a couple of valid reasons that provoked
this change. One reason being that there is no physical
structure that represents a College Union on campus.
Another reason for changing the name is the result
of the Fall Activities Survey. The survey showed that
most people did not know what the letters C.U.B.
stood for, nor its purpose. In not understanding the
purpose, it, in turn, hampered the effectiveness of the
organization in not being able to produce the quality
functions that this campus had been accustomed to in
the past.
Therefore, to better reflect the purpose and the new
direction of our organization, the C.U.B. voted to
change the name to S.A.U. Hopefully, this change will
spark new life and interest into a much needed and
valued organization.
The Student Activities Union meets every Wednes
day at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Life Conference Room
(Resource Library). We welcome your input and
attendance at the meetings.
Thornwell Guthery
Interim C.U.B./S.A.U.
President Winter Term
The Lance
Volume 27 Number 4
February 3,1989
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