OPINIO Editor's Desk Michael Roberts SWAN SONG Before I say my "thank you's" and "goodbyes" I would like to connment on a few things that I think warrant some attention. I gained access to the questionaires sent out by the Student Life Office to students asking for evaluations of that office. The responses were ovenwhelm- ingly negative, and many were very hostile. It is blatantly obvious that student are dissatisfied with the policies and actions of Student Life, and especially Wayne Johnson. One student wrote "Wayne needs to get a new world, or get the hell out of mine." This type of reaction was typical of the hundreds that I read. Some will, no doubt attribute this type of response as students rebelling against authority and resisting "sun/eillance." While I am not ignorant enough to ignore the instances where this observation is correct, I assert that they are minimal. I feel, instead, that the responses were the honest, frustrated feelings of those responding. Students do not feel that they have 'Iriends" in Student Life (with the exception of Shirley Arnold, who was looked upon favorably), and resent the implication that a mutual co-existence is anything more than just that. From my perspective, the Student Life Office will either have to be an office of student life, concerns, and well-being, and consult with students on a genuine basis, or just learn to peacefully co-esist, and recognize this as the case. I think that members of the Student Life Office are not clear on their roles on this campus, and have no clear agenda or vision or where we are going, or where they may fake us. A problem that we have to live with every day is the condition of the tennis courts. It is a pity that a campus that cares so much about appearance would let these courts deteriorate to the state that they are in now. They are not only unsightly, but dangerous to anyone using them for recreation. It is very discouraging for the teenis team to travel to colleges where the stands are packed, and supporting the opposing team. The courts that the team has played on for a couple of years are more of a neutral site that a home court. I'm sure there are many teenis fans who whould like to see a few matches, but find traveling to the town courts an inconvenience. This college will never attract the best in tennis talent until it provides courts that the team can be proud to play on, or at least are safe to play on. With the warm weather approaching, I have noticed the courts filled with recreational players on some afternoons. I am convinced that they notice the condition of the courts also, and for $11,000 per year, we damn well deserve them. 1 would like to thank everyone who contributed to this newspaper this year, whether on staff, a member of the community, or someone who lended moral support. I have taken huge strides to make this a better newspaper than the one I inherited. The feedback that I have gotten from the student body, faculty, and staff indicates that they are pleased with my effort. Ttie detractors of this publication were few. I have held myself to a high standard this year, and I hope you will hold the next editor to a high standard as well. 1 have produced the type of publication I think we deserve, and I see that it is appreciated. I always took criticisms, contributions, and advice very seriously. I am proud of the job that I have done here. 1 thank everyone for their support, and their help in getting this student publication to the level that it enjoys, even with this, my last paper. I would like to give Chad Esposito my heart-felt thanks for his dedication to this paper this year. His hard work, loyalty, and efforts are greatly appreciated His willingness to make sacrifices and to take muchof the burden of this publication deserves much praise and he has earned my respect and my deep gratitude. I would also like to thank Dr. WD White for his insightful column this year. I would also like to thank Pat Hoss, , Suzie Bennett, Rooney Coffman, Tabbie Nance, Carol Tremblay, Ron Bayes, Mary Cay Gibson, Jennifer Hitch, Eric Eubank, Ingrid Scholz, and Viking Davisfortheirinvaluable contributions. I also thank evryone who contributed stories, letters, and useful information. The Lance has been very close to my heart despite the numerous problems. I have held myself to a very high standard, and strived for professionalism and honesty in this journalistic endeavor. I leave it to you to hold the next editor to standards that are just as high. , So Long...goodbye. Letters to the Editor... Dean's Actions Questioned Dear Editor, This past weekend an inci dent occurred that gives us and several other students reason to question our pro tection on the St. Andrews campus. The basic facts concerning this incident concern three former St. Andrews students. On Sat urday afternoon, these three people broke into a student's dorm room, and began rifling through the room, throwing the contents of the drawers and closets onto the floor. This process was performed with the intent of stealing a particular Item. During this process, the occupant of the room walked in and caught them "red-handed." The occupant of the room then reported the incident to the R.D., Dean Greer, and Campus Security. Dean Greer spoke to the guilty parties, and each member clearly stated that he/she broke into the room with the intention of stealing. After a four hour waiting period, the occupant of the room was told that the three persons were to leave campus and would not be able to return for the remainder of the weekend. Now, this would have been a fine decision on the part of Dean Greer, but she did not enforce this decision, and these people were allowed to be on campus. As a result of this, the occupant of the room, who is required by contract to live there, did not feelsecure or protected by the Dean's decision. Wefeel that she did not uphold her title as "Dean of Students" because of her refusal to protect the rights of the stu dents. As students con cerned with our own protec tion and security, we at tempted to discuss this mat ter with Dean Greer. Her response to our atten:ipt to discuss this was a blunt "This is none of your busi ness." As students here at St. Andrews, we feel that the safety and security of our community is the responsi bility of us all. With her re sponsibilities as Dean of Students, Dean Greer should at least explain to all concerned students why this blatant violation of the saltire and N.C. state law was ef fectively ignored by her. We are openly calling for her to publicly explain her actions. We are also urging students to express his/her opinions about this matter. The bottom line is: the rights of St. Andrews stu dents are not protected by our Dean of Students, Cyn thia Greer. Charles Wally ivlann Robin L. tvlurzynski Meg Anderson Affordable? In response to the Business Club's T-shirts bearing the logo "St. Andrews College-lf you haven't heard of it, you probably can't afford it," one is tempted to inquire as to the intent of the statement itself. Is it that the Business Club is simply just perpetually occupied with money; is it intending to focus on the rising cost of higher education in general; or per chance, is it that as ourtirsi impressions ledustobelieve, that it is an elitist statement going far beyond the simple pride of educational acquisitions? individuals do not supporttii minds behind sue statement, and feel it negat the spirit of the St. Andrew community. Mary T, Jamey D.

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