what you said to me 4 Yes, I saw By Nathan EUis Contributor The manner in which human beings com municate with each other is one of the main things that sets them apart from all other life forms on earth. There are many facets and wrinkles of human interaction to be explored, and during the 1993 winter term at St. Andrews, students are given a chance to study two such areas: body language (ornonverbal communication), taught by Dr. Lee Dubs and the complex interactions of men and women, taught by Dr. Elizabeth Belford. Because of the interesting combinations the two classes ’ subject matter could enjoy, I came up with the idea to stage a joint session of the classes that would take place on Friday, Jan. 15. Each group would learn from and teach other about their respective subjects and then an open forum discussion of the classes' relationship and implica tions would follow. Dr. Belford’s class met first, and during this time engaged in a simple exercise that at tempted to “warm up” the students for the commg subject matter. The question “what do you think the opposite sex wants from you?” was posed by Dr. Belford, and each student was to discuss what he/she felt. A wide variety of answers were offered up, ranging from amusing commentaries to genu ine confusion and even denouncement of the oppo site sex’s behavorial patterns. In the context of college, some felt that males looked for temporary, less-involved relationships while females strove for more intimacy. Others thought that as f>eople become older, both sexes look for more commit ment, not just the females. However, the most common response was confusion: many had vague ideas or none at all about the needs and desires of the opposite sex. The only conclusion that was reached is that different people look for different things in relationships, and the trick is finding someone with mutual needs. This is not as easy as it sounds - barriers exist, specifically stereotypes and the pressure to stay within male and female “roles”. “Communication is very important” Dr Belford said. “However, our society and environ ment deter its development, and that causes a lot of problems” she pointed out. In essence, a big pan of the relating problem between the sexes comes from an overall discouraging of communication. After Dr. Belford concludedjier discus sion, she moved to antoher classroom to lecture Dr. Dubs’ Body Language class while Dr. Dubs took over hers. Dubs proved to be an energetic and provocative lecturer, employing several different exercises to underscore his points about the largely ignored world of nonverbal communication be tween human beings. In these activities, he placed two classroom volunteers opposite each other and asked them to recite the alphabet while expressing a certain emotion. The results were both entenain- ing and informative. With a useless form of verbal communication, the participants had to rely more on body language. For example, when asked to Continued on p. 8 Summer employment for all The fourth annual Summer Employment Fair was held on February 10, 1993 in the hallways of the Liberal Arts Building. Re cruiters representing 13 or ganizations talked to students about summer employment opportunities. All students were encouraged to attend. It will suffuce to say that the job fair was an oppor tunity that should not be missed. Here is a run-down of the job offers provided here: ACTION - VISTA - ‘The domestic peace corps.” Vol unteers are placed in an orga nization such as a literary council or homeless shelter for a year-long position. They receive between $550nd $639 a month, free health insur ance and defennent of stu dent loans (Raleigh, NC). CAMP CHERIO - A YMCA summer resident camp fully accredited by ACA - Chris tian values, horseback riding, swimming, cayak, canoes, disc golf, rifiery, skeet, golf,photography, nature study, drama, archery, arts & crafts, cheerleading, dance, etc (High Point, NC) VARSITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Division of Thomas Nelson Publishers. College students go into dif- tional books doorto door dur ing the summermonths. They are able to cam college cred its. The program allows stu dents to Icam about the free enterprise system by running their own business. YMCA BLUE RIDGE AS SEMBLY - Operates a con ference center that hosts 600- 900 guests per week. A sum mer sollegiate work study program includes rotating work department shifts, col lege credit course and per forming arts program. YMCA CAMP THUNDERBIRD - Co-ed, YMCA residence camp for children ages 8—16. Serves children from the US and around the world. Features water skiing, sailing, horse back riding, rollerblades, ten nis, gymnastics, archery, rifleryetc. 1:4 staff to camper ratio (Lake Wylie, SC) CAMP ROCmSH - Small group Christian camping for three different camps with a variety of programs. The camp is located just 15 min utes outside of Fayetteville (Parkton, NC) CAMP ROCKMONT - Pri vate Christian camp for boys located in the mountains for western North Carolina near Ashville (Black Mountain, NC) COASTAL CAROLINA GIRL SCOUTS - Operates two residence camps. One for troops using a core staff sports, physical fimess and equestrian. Will hire male and female staff (Goldsboro, NC) EAGLE’SNESTFOUNDA- TION - Summer camp and foundation dedicated to ex perimental education for young people promoting the natural worid and the better ment of human character (Pisgah Forest, NC) KELLY TEMPORARY SERVICES - Offers tempo- raiy assignments to qualified marketing, clerical technical and light industrial employ ees (Lumberton, NC) MEGA FORCE TEMPO RARIES - Temporary per sonnel services (Laurinburg, NC) NC 4-H CAMPS - Looking for camp directors, instruc tors. cabin counselors and cooks. Employment wiU be from June 6 to August 13. Resident camps are located in Rockingham, Richmond, Onslow, Stokes and Bun combe counties (Raleigh, NC) CdDiMffi fflnndl Snnn The St. Andrews Chorale is pleased to an nounce that membership for the Spring 1993 academic tenm (beginning February 3) will be open to all interested p>ersons. The ensemble meets Monday and Wednesday af ternoons, 4:40-6:00 p.m. in Vardelll04. If you are inter ested in singing with this out standing, mixed chorale en semble, contact Stephen Shearon, Director, at *5262. Jobs with class credit WASHINGTON D.C. - Dr. Mary Ryan, Ex ecutive Director of the Insitute for Experimental Learning stresses,”while you still have time to plan for the future, you want to take advantage of all the educational oppor tunities you can.” In a nar row, complex job market, the graduate who can bring some thing substantive to the table stands the best chance of land ing the job and succeeding. “In a tight job market, she adds, “you need practical, on site experience, because a background in the profes sional workplace gives you an edge in landing the right position when you graduate.” lEL is one of several internship programs in Wash ington D.C. The lEL program, called The Capital Experi ence, is academically based. Students generally can earn up to 17 credits through it. Designed to be a serious learn ing experience tailored to each student’s needs and goals, it stresses close collaboration among the student, the on- campus faculty advisor, lEL staff and on-site supervisors. Individualized placements are made in a wide range of gov ernment agencies, businesses, professional offices and non profit organizations. Students formulate their own learning plans to guide their intern ships spending four days a week at work and one day at lEL seminars, on-site visits, continued on p.8 Subjectivity I stare but what is it I see? an apple or a million tiny cells- the little quarks kind of dance in a way, I suppose I could just sit awhile and stare, ... . ^..J^•:i-JlJllli-iJJ-y;^.p maybe figure out just what the hell it is other than just being there I listen but what is it I hear? Hemingway is a giant, a hero he looks like a man with a bad haircut, I can’t help my fashions nor he his, I think I’ll just sit awhile at the pages unable to discern what is truly a treasure for all ages I read but what is it I learn? a shiny smooth black book with gold-leafed pages, don’t know who wrote it but I do know the poet, couldn’t see it or eat or hate it just know it’s there, I don’t know where I just know it is there, in so many’s soul that I share. I’ve seen, heard and learned nothing but confusion, chaos, my religon states simply fuck apples, Hemingway and God, for I am too trapped in knowledge ever to trod in reality and one in Winnabow, NC ferent areas of the country for gin scouts interested in selhng religious and educa-

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