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    We Can Rebuild It..
Welcome to The Lance in its new online format. We’re one of those cool e-zines that you’ve heard about in
the news! Our staff is ready to take on to take on Wired in a best-of-three steel cage match for the hearts and
souls of the whack audience that makes up our core demographic!
The Lance has been moved online for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s much faster this way. Previously, it
took a minimum of two weeks to print an issue of The Lance after all the articles had been turned in and
edited. Worse, just to get to that stage, there had to be a minimum number of articles to fill space. This meant
that in order to print a paper, previous editors felt that they had to include articles that would otherwise be
shot on sight. If the writer made a mistake that slipped through (or if the editor screwed up) it wouldn’t be
caught until the paper was printed and nothing could be done about it.
Having the paper on the web will allow us to correct those problems: We don’t have to let suck through the
gates, and when it does sneak by, we can kill it. If the suck doesn’t stop, then you can kill us!
The staff of TTie Lance is proud to announce that we plan some new innovations made possible by being on
the web:
Movie reviews that come out before the movie goes to video!
School information that is up-to-date!
School information that is only slightly out-of-date!
More than 2 issues per semester! (Not valid in some semesters.)
During my stay as the editor this semester, my views on what makes a newspaper work have changed. My
first motto was: "This will not suck!" Simple and direct, this eventually changed into "My writers had better
write something!" I was naive then, and later my motto once again changed to "If one more administrator
delays this paper, people will die!" Now I’m back to "My writers had better write something useable!" and
Fm a much better person for it.
Likewise, my goals have changed. Once, I planned to get out a paper. Now I feel proud creating the
framework oiThe Lance for future generations to enjoy. I will occasionally look back at it to see if it evolved
a sports section or similar gland. And then I’ll read The Onion instead.
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