A STUDENT PUBLICATION OF FLORA MACDONALD COLLEGE VOLUME 1 RED SPRINGS, N. C, MARCH 3, 1953 NUMBER 4 Around The World And Back By Ellen Williams President Eisenhower has an nounced that he will meet with Stalin or anyone else if it will mean peace in Korea. Addor Chosen Deuice Queen The president has taken his first week-end trip outside Wash ington area since he took office January 20. He left Washington February 24 for a long week-end of golf at his favorite course, the Augusta National in’ Augusta, Georgia. He traveled both ways aboard the presidential plane, newly named the Columbine. Senator Byrd of Virginia be came the only Democrat to re ceive a permanent congressional chairmanship under the new Re publican administration when he was unanimously re-elected chairman of the committee on reduction of non-essential feder al expenditures. —* Field Marshal Karl Gerd von | Hundstedt died February 24, at the age of 77 due to ill health. He served under Hitler and di rected Germany’s major military campaigns of the second world war. The allies respected him more than any other general ser ving under Hitler. The United Nations opened its seventh session February 24 with a welcoming address by Presi dent Eisenhower. The President expressed his hope that this or ganization would do much toward establishing lasting peace. How ever, he did not mention the As sembly’s debate on the Korean situation. Charles E. Bohlem has been accepted by the USSR as ambas sador to Russia. The forty-eight year old Harvard graduate is a top expert on Russia. Fracis White, a Yale graduate, has been nominated ambassador to Mexico. The University of North Caro lina will replace its present quar ter system with the semester sys tem beginning the school year ’53-’54 and will therefore have classes on Saturday. The decis ion was reached by the Board of Trustees after a three hour de bate on February 23. The Reverend Charles M. Jones, pastor of the Chapel Hill Presbyterian church, has been discharged upon the seven to one vote of the Orange Presbytery Judicial Commission. This de cision came after an eight month church wrangle which began June 13, 1952, when an investi gation of the Chapel Hill church was begun by a commission ap pointed by the Orange Presby tery. Charges were made that Rev. Mr. Jones beliefs differed from the main body of the Pres byterian theology. The House Un-American Ac tivities Committee will have $300,000 to use in its search for communism in schools and in its other investigations. The first public hearing since the new Congress came in started Febru ary 26 on communism in educa tion. I. R. C. Celebrates Eighth Party On February 11th at 6:40 p. m. the International Relations Club members had their eighth annual birthday party. All the club members had looked for ward to this day with a great deal of anticipation, and their desires for fun and a good time were richly awarded at the oc casion. Upon entering the right front parlor, the members had very little time to sit around and chat because this very room was to be the scene of many~and var ied games. Delanie Boney, Bet ty Lou Lamb, and Ellen Williams did an excellent job as the pro gram committee. The first game was particularly enjoyed by ev eryone. Each person present was given a piece of paper with a name on it. Then the fun real ly began. Each one had to find the ither.half of his or her heart. There were such distinguished persons at the party as George and Martha Washington, Anthony and Cleopatra, and Louis XIV and Marie Antionette. Such comedians as Maggie and Jiggs and Blondie and Dagwood were also there. After finding the other half of the heart, the coup le sat down to make honey moon plans. A huge map was placed on the curtains, and one member of each couple was des ignated to pin their place of des tination on the map. The only catch to the whole thing was the fact that the person had to be blindfolded. Many of the honey- mooners strayed away from their chosen paths. The members were then divid ed into groups, four or five to a group, and each group presented a popular song for the benefit and pleasure of the others. Most of these groups were quite good. Behold! of all wonders there was even an art exhibit. In re cognition of the birthday of Abra ham Lincoln, each group was ask ed to draw a picture of Lincoln, and told that at the end of a certain period of time the pic ture would be judged and the winner would be determined by the applause of the audience. Each group set to work diligently. The decision, as to which group had drawn the best picture of Lincoln, was a hard one to make. However, the audience firmly expressed the fact that Phyllis Leggett’s group did the best work. After so much laughing and singing, the members present had used up all their energy and were ready for food. Their wish es were well-rewarded. In the back parlor each person was giv en a lovely serving of ice cream, cake, mints and nuts. Joyce Sweat, president of the club, cut the cake, and the officers assist ed with the serving. All were very happy to have Dr. Woodson and Dean Morrison as guests. The club says “Thank you” to their sponsor, Miss Rob ertson, for such a lovely party. GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY Spiritual Week Is Inspirational Reverend John McMullen spoke to the student body February 17- 19 in a series of interesting mes sages on the topic, “ I Am A Christian—So What?” Speaking each day in chapel in the audi torium at 10:10 and at evening vespers at 6:40 in the rotunda, he chose six striking titles for his informal talks. Beginning at the logical point, “Mr. Mac” first led a considera tion on Tuesday morning of the question, “Am I Christian?” Em phasizing the difference in being recorded on a church book as a Christian and truly being a Christian, he pointed out that one must begin where he is, ex- cercising the principles of the Lord he professes in his daily relationships with others. That evening after an outdoor supper and bonfire marshmallow roast, the first informal sing and vesper meeting was held on first floor under the rotunda. Through a talk on the appealing topic, “Falling in Love with Je sus” the speaker showed that the same three simple principles ap ply in the human realm of court ship as in the spiritual experi ence of belief. First, there is the period of acquaintance and dis covery. Second, comes the joy of shared experiences, so vital a part of any friendly relationship. Finally, there is con^plete self giving if the relationship is to be one of full significance and permanence. Further, this com plete giving of self is manifest in continued growth. Wednesday morning “Mr. Mac” asked the assembly of students and faculty, “Are You Growing Christians?” Taking a verse made meaningful to him in Mof- fatt’s translation, he spoke of Omri, the king of Israel about whom it was said, “He was worse than all the rest” because he was no better than his father before him, simply repeating their weak ness and apostasy. With the priviledge of belonging to God’s family comes responsibility for seeking stronger development of one’s self. Christianity is not a passive state reached when we publicly express our faith but a continuing, evolutionary process carried on within the individual as he grows. The evening topic was one with vivid connotations as many girls recalled the white-dressed angel- and-killer standing by with a loaded penicillin gun during these days of flu epidemic. As he spoke on Vaccinated Christ ian,” “Mr. Mac” warned that vaccinations of a little religious experience in the spiritual realm can serve to permanently im munize one against the real thing. One must not assume that he has had a thorough case sim ply because at some time or oth er he has been innoculated with one small dose. Thursday morning Mr. Mc Mullen spoke of the various things that ■ rise to torment in dividuals. From the story of the man possessed by an evil spirit who cried out, “I beseech thee, (Continued on Page 3) BILLIEGENE ADDOR (Photo by Bill McGougan) Campus Helps In Holland Drive International news came to the F. M. C. doorstep on Febru ary ninth when the sponsor for the Flora Macdonald Interna tional Relations Club received the following telegram from Dorothy Arden Lyne, Executive Secretary of the association of clubs with headquarters on Long Island, New York: Miss Carol Robertson: Urge Undertake Im mediate Campus Appeal For Funds For European Flood Re lief Thousands Homeless Starv ing and' Freezing Need Is Urgent. Send Contributions to Holland Flood Relief 72 Wall St New York British Consulate General 350 Fifth Ave New York Belgian Consulate General 630 Fifth Ave New York or Aric. Members of the I. R. C. on the campus are contacting stu dents and faculty for contribu tions to this striking need. This is an opportunity to express un derstanding of the nice, big term “Brotherhood” in concrete fash ion as some coke money is sent to help those who in this sudden crisis are seeing much of what they have worked a lifetime for swept away. To F. M. C. comes the challenge, “Meet the Need”. fi CAN YOU EXPLAIN THIS? Mary and Lawrence are bro ther and sister. Mary’s mother , and father are Lawrence’s aunt and uncle. Lawrence’s mother and father are Mary’s cousins. Lawrence’s grandmother and grandfather are Mary’s great aunt and uncle. Lawrence’s grandfather is Mary’s father’s uncle. Mary’s mother and father have been married seventeen years, but she is twenty-one. Lawrence’s parents have been married 25 years. Lawrence is three years younger than Mary. They are full brother and sister. O PRAYER As Thou dost fill the earth each spring with new life and fullnes. Dear Lord, revive in our hearts Thy life-giving peace and renew within us a greater love for others and faith in Thee. We pray that Thou wilt always guide us and use us in Thy King dom, In Thy Son’s most holy name we pray. Gore Plays In Dining Hall Highlighting the Freshman- Sophobore Dance Saturday night was the crowing of Billiegene Addor as dance queen. Annonce- ment of the winner of the title was made during the dance fig ure just before the intermission and Mr. David Meese, sponsor of the Freshman class, did the crowing. Billiegene is a sophomore from Addor, North Carolina and was chosen queen not only for her beauty, but also for her lovable personality. The selection was made by secret ballot during a joint meeting of the Freshman and Sophomore classes prior to the dance. The dining hall, the scene of the dance, was beautifully and appropriately decorated for the theme, “Tropical Paradise.” A- bout fifty-five couples attended and danced to the music of Hal Gore. Committee heads for the dance were Sara Cashwell and Betty Jane Ashburn, chairmen; Linda McNett and Billiegene Addor, Decorations; Doris Mozingo and Shirley Thornton, Invitations; and Shirley Fitzgerald and Peg gy Hammet, Refreshments. Ev eryone is agreed that the dance was a great success and that the chairmen did a fine job in plan ning it. Dr. Vardell Honored On 93rd Birthday Friends and alumnae from far and near, faculty and students of Flora Macdonald College, gath ered in the college parlors Thurs day afternoon, February 12, to do honor to Dr. C. G. Vardell, at a reception given by the college honoring the venerable President Emeritus on his 93rd birthday. Two Red Springs alumnae, Mrs. E. H. Alexander and Mrs. G. T. Brooks, greeted the guests at the door, and Misses Mary McEachern (alumnae-trustee) and Jean San- difer, student body president, pre sented them to the receiving line. The personnel of the receiving line included Dr. and Mrs. Mar shall Scott Woodson, Dr. Vardell, and the members of his family present, who were Dr. and Mrs. Charles G. Vardell, Jr., Mrs. Mary Linda Vardell Smyth of Blacks burg, Virginia, and Linda McNett of Philadelphia, a granddaughter. Mrs. Leslie Perry and Anne Buie poured tea in the south par lor, where the candlelighted table was centered with the two-tiered birthday cake. The cake was made by members of the home econo mics department and decorated by Mrs. Woodson, the president’s wife, with a dainty bird bath and trellis, surrounded by pastel shad ed flowers, in reference to Dr. Vardell’s well-known love for birds and flowers. Members of the student council assisted in serving. Faculty and staff members re ceived throughout the four par lors, reception hall and rotunda. Mrs. P. P. McCain, Dean of Stu dents, was chairman of arrange ments. During the afternoon, Dr. Var dell received a number of gifts, including one from the faculty (Continued on Page 4)

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