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Extra-Curricular Activities .
It is true that the main objective in going to college
is to become better educated but that doesn’t necessarily
mean that you should spend all of your time with your nose
stuck in a textbook. If you fail to take part in extra-curri
cular activities you lose an excellent opportunity to become
better educated. Extra-curricular activities are not design-i caii school spuit weii, for the
, benefit of those who may ask me
The Roving
This question has been puzzling
me since the “Scotties” opened
their football season in Laurinburg.
“Why haven’t the students turned
out at the pep rallies and the
I think the majority of the stud
ent body does not have what is
commonly known as “school spirit.”
Some of you students may ask what
ed wholly for the benefit of the school as many people seern
to think but primarily for the benefit of the individual
Participation in various activities enable a student
to better express himself; and if he is sufficiently .interest
ed it becomes a pleasant pastime. Activities help to promote
friendships amang students with similar interests who
might not ordinarily have a chance to associate with each
other. Activities teach co-operation and the ability to work
with others is one of the most important requirements for
There is a place for each student in the wide variety
of extra-curricular activities sponsored by PJC. After
becoming a member of an organization comes the hard
part. Don’t just join an organization to be able to take
part in its socials or to get your picture in the annual but
stay with your organization and help it to accomplish some
thing. You will find that you will profit by gaining initia
tive, co-operativeness, and above all SCHOOL SPIRIT!
We would like to take this opportunity to point out a
few of the advantages of the college’s new library. It is one
of the most comfortable buildings on the campus, well heat
ed, well lighted, and well furnished. It is quiet and affords
an excellent place for studying. The library contains a
wide variety of books and new ones are being added all the
time. You can catch up on the latest news in the large
selection of newspapers and magazines to which the library
■subscribes. We are very fortunate in having Mrs. Skinner,
whom you have all met in the course of her talks in chapel,
as our librarian this year. We are sure that you will find
]^'s. Skinner willing to help you in any way that she can,
so step across the street and broaden your horizons, won’t
what it is, I will try to give my
School spirit, as I see it, is dis
played when students turn; out to
participate in s'ports and to take
honors in school work. Then those
who can’t play on the teams should
support them—in the cheering sec
tion and let the team know that
they are behind them all the way
Frankly speaking, we, the editors of the Sandspur are
quite Put Out over the many things we find lacking, to
name a few, co-operation, interest in school affairs and
general school spirit. The failure of the student body to
back the homecoming dance and the failure of some of the
students to have their pictures made for the annual anc'
the failure of college students to take interest in something
as imporant as a national presidential election, to mention
a few specific incidents. We believe that our student body
could just about take the cake as the most self centered
disinterested group of individuals to be found anywhere
Perhaps a pool taken to find just why so many people are
attending this particular school when they for the mosl
part appear to be so disinterested in any of its activities
would reveal something helpful.
We have asked ourselves what we can do to improve
these conditions, we apparently have failed, now, if you are
interested. You tell US!
A Sermonette
By Alfred Thomas
A Word To The Wise . . .
This year P. J. C. has a new form of student govern
ment. It is headed by a student council, made up of seven
democratically elected members, which tries all cases of
students charged with any wrong. That has a bearing on
students charged with any wrong, that has a bearing on
amazing thing about this student council is that it really
works! or it will work if .you’ll give it half a chance. In
other words, somebody has finally gotten wise to the fact
that as long as a board of faculty members tries students
charged with acts that really reflect on the student body
and not on the faculty, there’s going to be conflict. Now,
if and when you get the tax, you’ll have no gripes coming.
You’ll have known before hand exactly what you can’t do
and if you’re caught doing it, you know what the punish
ment is. That doesn’t mean you’re expected to act like a
bunch of monks. It only means when you have your fun,
pay attention to those little clauses you find here and there
in the constitution and meet all they ask! As for'the few
who cannot abide by those rules, it is advisable that they
apply for entrance into some state supported institution
that is not quite so strict on certain matters as is P. J. C.
There you can get looped every night—of course,
you’ll probably flunk your courses, but who cares about
that as long as you’re having a good time!
So, let’s all bapk up this student council now that
we have it. Let’s make it work! Make the slogan of the
week read, “Come kiss me mama. I’m on the wagon now!’’
Some of you may say it doesn’t
cast a reflection on you. No, it
doesn’t reflect on the individual
but it does reflect on the team and
the school.
Maybe I’m wrong im attackin;
you this way, but I definitely am
sure about two reasons why I think
the school spirit could be improv
1. To begin with, I think most
of the students have become dis
couraged in witnessing the “Scot
ties” suffer defeat after defeat. But
I ask these students to recall that
most of the boys that are on the
team are inexperienced, and that
they are decidedly showing,improve
2. Mr. James has been consider
ate enough to set aside one night
a week (Friday) for us to have
pep rallies and to eliminate study
hall on that night. Once again the
student body participation has been
low, and, as usual, it is only ?
small number, twenty-five to be
exact, who attend these rallies, anr^
believe me, they do a swell .iob!
I know some of the students date
girls over at Flora Macdonald, bu!
can’t you set that date a little
later during that night? The per
rallies do not last long and it wil)
help the morale of the jjlayers r
lot to know that we are behinnJ
T have aimed these attacks a*
those students who haven’t taken
time to participate at the games
or rallies. To those who have par
ticipated in these events, well done
and keep it up!
Once agam. I may be wrong in
my statements, but to let you heai
both sides of the question, I have
been roaming around and .asking
the faculty and student body theit
opinions on this question. Ready??
Here come the answers.
Mr. Ferrene: The school spirit
as a whole, is much better than
last year. The main trouble is, the
students do not follow the cheei
leaders in yelling. Fertaining tc
last week’s game, I believe the rea
son why we had so little student
participation was that the six
weeks test were over, and most of
the students went home.
Rev. Parrish: We are confusing
success with the winning of games
We should enjoy a good cJeAn game
and stay behind the team whether
they win or not.
Coach Doaks: The students .are
doing fine at the games in usiR.""
the cheers.
Richard Harrison: “Not worth
the gun powder to blow them up.”
Well, fellows, there you have the
story and the way some of us feel.
It’s up to you to turn out at these
events. Besides who wants a date
on the night P. J. C. has a home
game ???? It costs only a little toj^ion,
see a good game, but it costs morei
when, you have a date. Need morei
be said???? |
Pruden Gravley
“I am the way the ti^th, and
the life.” John 14:6
Jesus was talking to His dis
ciples and conforting them. He
said that He was going to prepare
a place for them; then He would
come again and receive them
unto Himself. Jesus said also.
"Whither I go ye know, and the
way ye know.” Then Thomas said
to Jesus, “Lord, we know not
whither thou goest; and how can
we know the way?” This is when
He said that He was the way, the
truth, and the life-
Truly Jesus Christ is the only
way to eternal happiness. We
see great scholars ■■and political
leaders trying to solve the pres-
ent-day problems in legislative
halls. Great men from all over
the world are meeting together
to form a compromise which
might insure peace- Scientists are
searching for keys to the creation
of life, and also for the destruc
tion of life in the form of the
atom bomb. Why don’t we suc
ceed? Do we think that we can
settle these problems without the
help and guidance of God? If so.
that is where we are wrong. All
these leaders are wise and
thoughtful men- They intend to
do good. But they are lacking in
one thing—the spirit of God. He
wants to help us and to serve us
if only we will accept Him-
By translating faith into action,
we can succeed. A combination
of faith and works is more power
ful than any atomic bomb which
might be created. If only the peo
ple will see the real facts and face
them with the courage of a spir
itual dynamo, they could solve
this turmoil in a short time.
Just because we witness gigan
tic buildings going up and see
the great industries at full blast,
we conclude that everything is
done by our hands and power;
therefore, let us get off our ped
estals and admit that we need
God’.s help- We aren’t too good
to follow someone else as a leader.
A little humility is good for a
person. It reminds us that we
aren’t perfect in any shape or
manner. So look to God for all
the answers and abide by them.
‘Go ye therefore into all the
world and preach the Gospel-”
The Ministerial Students met to
out some of the things they plan
organize their club and to map
to do during this year. Lawrence
.'^vent was elected president; Joe
Stowe Vice Presilent; and Thurs
ton Fox, Secretary Tieasurer.
The club this year is composed
of boys who are planning to be
ministers, prison chaplains, mis-
5ionarie3 and chaplains in the
irmed service- It is the desire of
the club to be of help in any way
that it can- The members are
eady to take part in any activity
3f the school or outside organiza
tion that desires their, help. We
rust that we can come to know
everyone on the campus and have
a year of Christian Fellowship to
S. C. A.
The SCA. an organization of
which all students are members,
has gotten off to a good stait
tor the year- The regular Vesper
Services are being conducted each
Thornwell was the speaker at the
first meeting; Mi’- Simonis at the
second; Joe Stowe at the third;
■and Alfred‘Thomas at the fourth.
The attenance has been good, but
there is still a lot of room for im
provement- We invite all of you
to come out and make these Ves
per services a success- The S-C-A
is also sponorng the Dormitory
Prayer Services- Your cooperation
in this will be greatly appreciated.
The S-C.A Council with the di
rection of Rev Charlie Parrish
is looking for a man. whom we
think most of the boys would like,
to hold our services during Re
ligious Emphasis Week. Any sug-^
gestions that you have should be"
turned over to Mr. Parrish.
Also any suggestions about the
improvement of the S.C-A. will be
appreciated and the council will
try to see these improvements are
made. Remember YOU are a part
of the S.C.A and your help is
needed to make it a lively organi
zation. With your help the S.C-A
can accomplish a lot of important
Thursday evenmg
fishing permit costing 00 cents in
addition to regular fishing license
requirements- Special permits will
'ie on sale in Hoffman, and from
^ommissio'i e.nployees living on
the are'a.
Oi'tboar'’ motors may not be
used except those of the electri
sally operated type which may be
used for trolling- Fishing hours
will be from sunrise to sunset
each day the lakes are open.
at 6:30. Dr. things and have a successful year-
Melton: Who was that blond I
saw you with V/ednesday and
Javens: That wa.a the brunette
I was with Monday and Tuesday.
“Call for Mr. O’Brien! Call for
Mr- O’Brien!”
“Vait a minute, boy. Vat iss de
initial, please?”
“What’s the matter, don't you
love me any more?”
“Sure, I’m just resting.”
Although it may seem that this paper is rather radi
cal in some of its viewpoints and unduly critical of certain
organizations and student groups I should like to state here
that the pui'pose of this criticism is not to cause dissention
but rather to be of help. We feel that constructive criticism
will justify itself in the long run and if you cuss is now, who
knows you may bless us later.
Application made to be entered as second class matter September 27,
19S8, at the Post Office, Maxton, North Carolina, under Act of Con
gress, August 24, 1912. Published Monthly (9 time a year) by the
Student Body of Presbyterian Junior College for the Alumni Associa-
Seven lakes totaling 249 acres
of some of the finest fishing
waters in North Carolina were
opened to public fishing on Oc
tober 20. according: to Clyde P.
Patton. Executive director of the
N. C. Wildlife Resources Commis
sion when Broadacres, McKinney,
Kinney, Cameron. Scotland Gum
Swamp, Crawford’s and Crappie
lakes in the Camp McCall area
were removed from a wartime
ban on fishing.
Fi'.hing in the Sandhills lakes
v/iil continue through November
30. Persons fishing in the lakes
will be required to have a daily
Gene Lehman
Boy Kay
NEWS EDITORS, Howell Sharpe, Ken
Parrish, Bill Marsh
Pruden Gravely
Bob Hazard
Ramsey, Jerry
Bobby Calhoun, James Toney, James I. Yates
Steve A. Conally
Jimmy Elliott
Laurinburg Representative
Professor J. H. Edmondson — Mrs. R. E. Hellekson

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