North Carolina Newspapers

    Volume 1, Number 7
March, 1949, Maxton, N» C.
Baseball Scotties Play EMI Today
Members Initiated Into Phi Theta /Cappaf"-'-"
Nine new members were initiat
ed into the Zeta Upsilon chapter
of Phi Theta Kappa Society here
at P. J. CJ. on Monday night,
March 28, in an impressive can
dlelight service. The new mem
bers are: Miss Sarah Neil Hamer,
Garnet Fawcett, George Fawcett,
George McIntyre, J. D. Lewis,
John Dwyer, James Yates, Tom
Templeton, and Gene Lehman.
The service was conducted by
Charles Javens, President of the
P. J. C. chapter. Aiding him were
other charter members; Alfred
Thomas, Buddy Powell, Morton
Jarret, and Ankie Rowe. Also pre
sent at the service were Dean O.
W. Ferrene, advisor to the group,
and Dr. Louis C. LaMotte.
After the initiation ceremony
which lasted about an hour, a
meeting was held. Dr. LaMotte
made a short congratulatory ta,lk,
and other pertinent matters were
discussed. It was decidgd what
type of keys the meiWers wanted
to order. When the keys arrive
they will be presnted to the mem
beis in a chapel service.
Phi Theta Kappa is the. recog
nized National- Junior 'College
Honor Society. To be eligible fox
membership one must be in the
upper ten per cent of the student
\ upper ten per cent of the student
t>oiy and lia-ve a scholastio aver
age of 87 or over. He must also be
passed on by a board of faculty
and memlbers of his school’s diap
er with regards to citizenship,
leadership abjlity, and other
qualities. To rmaiii in the organi
zation he must maintain a “B’
average until he finishes his jun
ior college work.
The P. J. C. Chapter, Zeta Up
silon is still very young, and this
was the first time any new mem
bers have been taken in since the
formation of the chapter and the
iitiation of the five charter mem^-
bers. The membership now stands
at fourteen.
* ^ . In Released
The students were entertain,
ed last Saturday by Jesse “Zeb”
Jarks and the P. J. C. String
Ensemble otherwise known as
the Hillbilly Hogcallers- The
group consisted of Dewey Jones,
Charlie Smith, a n^d Berlin
Brown. Several very appropriate
numbers were rendered (?), in-
cludtng “Cigarettes and Whus-
key and WUd, Wild Women.”
“Where Ciould I Go But To The
Lord,” (dedicated to Mr. Craw
ford), land “When My Blue
Moon To Gold Again.” One of
the selections was dedicated to
John Johnson and Sarah Neal
We certainly hope that this ag
gregate of highly trained musi-
cias will conduct !the Chaiiel
services .again some Saturday
in the near future. We also
hope that their “unsuual alto,’
Sid Carraway will be in voice
for the next presentation.
Time Magaiine
Contest Won By
B PIC Students
Highway Crash
The Deans list at P. J. C. con
sisting of students with an aver
age of 83 or above has been re
leased by the Registrar’s office.
On the Dean’s list are Mrs.
Madeline Brady, Lauribnurg; J.
W. Brock, Red Springs; J. A.
Dwyer, Whiteville; T. G. Fawcett,
Mt Airy; R. A. Hager, Ronda; T.
C. Holmes, Fayetteville; M. P.
James, Maxton; Charles Javens,
Mt. Dora, Fa.; E. H. Lehman,
Roanoke Rapids; R. D. Lovin,
Ellerbee; Mrs. E. H. Lyles, Maxton;
J. H. McIntyre, Maxton; W. I.
Overby, Chatham, Va.
H. D. Powell, Covington, Va.;
H. A. Pritchard, Biscoe; R. W.
Schmidt, Endicott, N. Y.; B. H.
Smith, Morganton; J. E. Stowe
Gastonia; M. H. Startford, Greens,
boro; L. B. Talbirt, Concord; T.
B. T£mpleton, Mooresville; A. E.
Thomas, Wilson; S. D. Tyson, Lum-
berton; J. D. Watskins, Faison; J.
Yates, Danville, Va.
Ray West Owens, 21 a student
here at P. J. C. was killed in an
automobile wreck which happened
just in the early morning of
March 29 o«i the highway leading
to Hamlet. Also in the accident
was another P. J. C. student, Tom
Mullins, of Huntersville, and two
local men Joe Kincaid, the driver,
nd Otto’ Wilson. All four were
rushed to the Ham'let hospital
where Owens was pronounced
dead and the other three occu
pants of the car were treated.
Mullins was rather badly hurt,
but Kincaid and Wilson sustained
only minor injuries
Police said Kincaid apparently
failed to make the curve at the
intersection of routes 74 and 38
inside Hamlet, and his 1949 Olds-
mobile struck a pole. Owens was
thrown from the car which rolled
on some distance.
Owens was the so*i of Mr. and
Mrs. B. H. Owens of Fountain, N.
funeral services for Owens
MAXTON—Presbyterian Junior
College’s baseball season will opeii
officially on Saturday, April 2nd,
when the college squad meets Ed
wards Military Institute at 2:30
o’clock in the afternoon on the
home diamond. Today will also
be the annual observance of High
'school Day at the college.
Student Drama
April Tvfelftit
Three students at P.J.C.
All high schoo’l seniors in mo-
tori ngdistance of the college are
invited along with their instruc
tors to be guests of the college at
the opening baseball game and a
supper in the college cafeteria
immediately following the game.
Guests tickets are being prepared;
in the president’s office in the Ad
ministration Building and ar
rangements are being made to
conduct th geuests over the cam
The college band directed by
Richard Harrison will play for
half an hour immediately before
the game.
The college's baseball team un
der the direction of Coach R. R.
(Peanut) Doak, has been in s^pring
training for two weeks with a
practice game schedule with Safie
‘y*’ Mills of Rockingham on Wednes-
day. Tom Comer of Davidson is
ithe student assistant coach.
j Probable starting line-up for
Isaturday’s game with E. M. T. will
1 be Shai-p, 1st base; Woods, second
,1 On Monday morning, l^rch k
\\ 7, a group of armed bandits at- U
IVane’s play Outwaid Bouna, vtl ttacked and robbed tlve stu- Lgi.y. out
was announoed today by Profes-i dents and d.irlng jCoiieshy, pitchers
have T th« direc-; services tuid made away wl^ _a
were held Wednesday at 3;30 p.
at the Presbyterian church
Fountain, N. C.
Bandits Attack
PJC’s Dramatic club goes into!
lUC »
"oes intol '^n moiiuay Ibase; Snipes, 3rd base; short stop,
thP final rehearsals of Suttonl 1, a group of armed ban^ts at- WaVbert, catcher, Stewart or Us-
Outward Bound, itj ttacked outtleld, TiontieU. Steed, Mc-
- sor Leland Crawtford, the
won awards in the Current Affairs^^^.^
Contest sponsored by Time Maga-. outward Bound is the first ser-
zine. John Martin Wolfe, Cha,rlotte, drama ever presented by the
The play will be present-
Marches, Spirituals
Are Chapel Program
The Roibeson County Training
School gave a Glee Club and band
musical recital in th PJC audi
torium on the morning of March
17 at ten o’clock.
The Glee club started the pro
gram by singing a group of relig
ious scores, after which time the
band played a few jiopular mar
ches. “Military Escort,” a well-
known march, was includd. The
Glee club then sang sevral more
spirituals, at which type of
music most Negro singers excel.
Althoug'h the Training School
band is only two years old, they
showed talent and interest in
music by the grat improvement
they have made in the past year.
Applause was out of place for the
religious i^umbeis, but the student
body s*howed their appreciation by
their applause after the band had
played and at the end of the pro-
was in first place and John A.
Flannagan, Franklin, and Charles
Edwin Edmiston, Morganton, tied
for second and third place.
As a prize John Wolfe was award
ed an inscribed volume, F. D. R-
His Personal Letters by Eleanor
and Elliott Roosevelt and a pla
que bearing his name. ,
John Flannagan received Lees
Lieutenants by Douglas Southall
Freeman and Charles Edmiston
received Look Homeward, Angel
by Thomas Wolfe. The contest was
held in all social sciences classes
in Presbyterian Junior College in
group. . „
ed at Skyline Theater, Laurin-
iburg-Maxton Airbase, April 12, at
8:00 p. m. The entire production
is for the benefit of the Presby
terian Junior College Dramatic
cluib and Band.
Richard Harrison and his band
will furnish the intermission mu
sic for the play. Mr. Crawford is
assisted by Professor homas W.
Hall of the French Department
faculty. Stage settings will be un
der ./le direction of Paul Green,
with C. J. McNeill acting as stage
SirpriseWTday Party Honors
0. W. Ferrene; 6ym Is Dance Scene
outtleld, liontieU, Steed, Mc-
Rowe, McTn-'
Salmons, Johnson, Raines
direc-f services and made away with a
total of $11.41. by Betharte. Other squad mem-
•‘Lucky” Hazard, .Jesse ‘‘Bed the Lg,.g Carraway Parrish, Prit-
Rat” Parks, C. “Fingerslf
McNlell, Jim “Muscles” I>onneU,
Humphrey “Umey” Arniistead,
and Dave “Baby Face” McDuffie
looted the ^rroup. The »noney
was nsed for the partj’’ given in
honor of Mr. O. W. Ferrene on
his birthday.
bars are Carraway Parrish, Prit
chard, Mangum, Moss, Cashion,
Garcia, and Powell.
Only six men are back from last
year’s team and they are Wood,
Ussery, Steed, OcConegy, Rowe
and McIntyre.
Alumni News
interested in
Mr. S>- W. Ferrene, well-liked
registrar and Dean of Instruc
tion here at PJC was honored at
surprise birthday dance giveti
on th night of March 19 in the
'o’llege gymnasium at eight
o’clock. The dance was given by
the student body. Music for thej^peciany
of the faculty and student body.
The gift was an engraved sterl
ing cigarette lighter and case
combination. After the presentat-
tion and applause, Mr. Ferrci'c
was called on to sing. He obligat
ed with “Silver Threads Among
the Gold,” accompanied by Dewey
Jones. It was very well received,
that Be-'Bop , endin
Are you
a copy of the Sandspur each
month? Government postal rules
will not allow us to mail copies
unless alumni subscribe. 'To con
form to government regulations we
have included in our 1949-1950 cata
log the following paragraph:
‘Included in the amount paid by
each student for fees each first and
second semester is a subscription
to The Sandspur, the student news
paper. Fifty per cent of the ad
receiving dent for each of two years. Thus
in two years the student subscribes
to THE SANDSPUR for four years.
An alumnus must pay the sub
scription price of $1.00 per year
after the expiration of two years
after graduation.”
Alumni who have been away
longer than two yea,rs subscribe at
the rate of $1.00 per year. If con
tributions are made to the Living
Endowment or to the Scotties Fund
you will 'be counted a subscriber
vertised subLription price of $1.00|if you use the subscription form
per year (9 issues) is applied to below,
cover the subscription for the stu-
• V, v.\r Those nresnt also had th privilege
locaUsT Refreshments were furn-{some Valley.” It was^ell. it was
Ished by Mrs. Ferrene and Y^Th'r crowrwas made up both
faculty wves. Warton of faculty and students and in
^ade be™uUful’ presentation of the opinion of all observers, every-
te gift to Mr. Ferrene cn behalf one had, a fine time.
Living Endowment: In consideration of the gifts of others and for the
object designated, I hereby pledge the sum of_
J annually until fiirther
notice, to the College Endowment Fund, as Living Endownment.
Scotties Club: Unde the regulation set up by the Alumni Association
for the Scotties Club, 1 liereby give the sum of
Garland Barker Jerry Par|;ish
Ankie Ruwe
Garnet Fawcett John Johnson
Dollars ($_
Total enclosed .1! — • ,
Iiiclused in the above amount is a payment of $1.00 foi a y^.irs
subscription to The Sandspur.
.-Vddress _
Henry A. Brotherton, formerlof address in order that -wt can
football nlaver in '48 from .Springicorrect mailing list.) ^
Hope N C„ wrote recently to James M. Edwards (Wadesboro,
reaL’st copies of all editions ofl’37) is now an Attorney at Law m
the Sandspur since he withdrew in Tampa Fla. After •
Ijanuary to accept his former cap- J. C. for one year James trans
itain’s commission in the Army.jferred to Wingate Junior College
Henry’s new address is Senecal Norwood M Cole recently se
Ord. Depot, Romulus, N. Y. (Notejsome interesting ^rsonal m
We wish all alumni were interested mation in a 'etter. He '® P
'enough to contact us with changes'! Continued On Page 4,,

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