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No doubt you’ve already been approached by Bob
Hazard or another of Mr. Crawford’s super salesmen to buy
a ticket to their production of “Outward Bound.” If you
are a vet or anybody else for that matt^ you were probably
broke and merely promised to buy one. Thats OK^but
don’t forget to do it. Checks should be in by now so let’s
buy a ticket and see a really fine serious play.
To the family of Ray Owens, our most sincere ex
pressions of sympathy in their time of bereavement.
We have gotten the word that Mr. Martin, Business
Manager of P. J. C., celebrated his birthday on Monday,
March 28. Let us take this opportunity to wish Mr. Mar
tin a very happy birthday, and many more to come. By
the way, Mr. Martin, how many candles were on that cake ?
Let’s let a word to you wise sophomores be sufficient
—Although senior colleges are not as crowded now as they
were right after the war, they still have plenty of students
to keep them busy; so if you’re planning to send in an
application, you’d best hurry up.
We have noticed that since the last issue of the
“Sandspur’’ the unsightly garbabe cans have been moved
into the kitchen of the chow hall. That really improves
the looks of the place and Mrs. McCallum is to be congrat
While we’re passing out orchids we might send
“Rock” Rogers a few for the fine job of re-painting the
rec’ room he did. It sure brightens up the place.
A little bord tol’ us one student at P. J. C., Hugh
Russel, and one Betty Jean Watson of the fair city of
Maxton got themselves engaged^ last Saturday, March 26.
No diate has been set as yet for the wedding, so let’s just
fcay, congrates, Hugh and Jean—may you live happily ever
Around PJC
Goon ' -
Callie Baby seen leaving the court
trials in Maxton—interesting case!
Overbeard in Liberty Cafe. 15. S.
Wood speaks to Goon Johnson, “but
Gtoon, she’s so young and inno
cent.”—Wonder if he means the
young lady at the Karni??
Ken Ramsey seems to enjoy his
trips to Kockingham; better watch
those lips, Ram!
What happened Toney, did you
iose your touch? Heard you waited
1 long time but no luck!! Bet
Cisco was mad.
So many people are making the
Dean’s List; Pierce, Page, Baxley,
Woods, Lassiter, Faison, and Hill.
Everybody seems to be studying.
Bill Mangum still journey to the
farm, ‘‘What ya say, Bill?”
Wiley Steed seen hustling around
with Sally James. Can this tie
;OVe ? ?
Goon Johnson has fallen in love
igain. Could it be Louanne P.,
Goon?? Happens all the time
Tis a known fact that James
Toney and Bob Calhoun have the
cleanest room at P. J. C.
Somebody lost a class ring!!!
Rock Rogers and Harvey Baxley
seen heading for McColl. Funny
thing was they had dates
Support the baseball team. First
game is April 2nd.
Snake Harrison seen eyeing Nor
ma Lewis. One way to pass chem
Bill Marsh and Lena still gomg
Daddy Parrish visiting the cafe
every night to see Faye.
SS,y Faison, how’s about dating
the young lady. She’s crazy for
you!! . ,
Austin Gore seems to be givin
Bill Vaden a little competition.
What ya say Toney?
Wonder why Mr«. H. is worrying
about the safety of her husband?
Could it be because the Pembroke
bank has been robbed three times
in the past year Maybe the Max
ton State Bank will be next.
See ya at the beacb this summer!
BBKAKFAST WITH mellon. The colored man askedl
THE FACnULTY for a few minutes to decide. Hel
“No pancakes? Most unusual!” measured the mellon and ieft
The honorable faculty sits down While the men stood amazed, he*
to a. Monday morning breakfast, returned with yes for the answer.'
First comes the^ usual “dia-course”|Aiter eating all the mellon he
on weather. (The grapefruit fuin-explained that before he could ac-
ishe« the shower.y The headlines, cept the bet, he had had to and
along with the bacon and eggs,
fruish the piece de resistance.
At one end of the table on Ph.
D. is asking another where she
plans to spei-id her spring holi-
. . . , x: A 21
“Now you must hear my special'
dish. Rare. There was once a lit-;
days. “That’s a long time, April‘tle rabbit that liked to bite squir-
1-6. I’m, so afraid that my stu
dents will forget everything I’ve
taught them. I suppose I’ll have
to plan for a test as soon as they
get back.”
“Oh, don’t do that! The Annua'i
Spring Ball is the weekend after
they get back. You k«ow that,
phychologically, that it a bad time
for a test.”
I understand that they’re us
ing the Japanese Garden theme.
A lot of the girls have been work
ing ,oni the decora:tions, making
cherry blossoms, fans, and dra
“T head that they were getting
a band that was playing for the
governor two nights before. He
is from Salslbury. Henry Bern
hart, I believe.”
■'I think it is so nice; that they
are having a buffet supper rather
than a,banquet. It will be so much
easier.” . • -
A glEi'ce at th faces remindslsigkx each day!
one that the housekeeper is not
nooking forward to the occasion.
Mr. Coxhead- is looking avidly at
the almost empty platter. "If that
egg is going to waste. I’ll let. it go
to mine.” WJpon my word, a pun!)
Oh, have you heard the joke on
propensity? ’Two white men offer
ed a colored man $5.00 if he would
eat all-of this tremendous water-
Cheers to Johnny Wolfe, John Flaggagen, and Char
lie Edminsten for winning first, second, and third places
In the Time current events test that Mr. Crawford gave his
Dr. Wharton’s timely address to tTie PTA on Monday
night could well be applied to all of us. “Dreaming, then
working to carry out those dreams until they become a
Humble apologies go to “Stinky Powell” and his SKUNRS
for not mentioning their “smashing” victory over the
“rebels” in the intramural basketball loop the other week.
The victory netted them the championship. Other teams
in order of their standing are “THE REBELS,” “THE
prizes, each member of the “SKUNKS” received a cake of
LIFE BUOY soap. Rink said it didn’nt taste so good, but
the rest of the team enjoyed it very much.
“Are You Living Old Man’’ to Skeeter from Norma Lewis.
“Moonlight Becomes You,” to Callie Baby from Rink.
“I Ain’t Gonna Wait Too Long” to Christ from Toney.
“Somebody Else is Taking My Place” to Catherine Carter
from Bill Vaden.
‘Don’t Let Me Dream” to Betty Jean English from Hump
“I’ve Gk) My Love To Keep Me Warm’’ to Jean Kilpatrick
from Jim Warren.
“Wrapped Up In A Dream” to Margie from Hal Sharpe.
“Daybreak” to P. Jones, B. Calhoun, Bud Rink from the
Paratroopers at McColl Reservation.
“My Little Boy” to Ankie Rowe from Coach Doak.
“I’d Be Lost Without You” to Sarah Neil from Goon
“The Moon Wont Talk’’ To Sally James from Wiley Steed
“The Peanut Vendor” to “Hump” A. from Snake Har-
If someone gave you five thous
and dollars $5000.) on a radio quiz
program, what would you do with
it first?
Emery Chambers, Take a trip
up to Winthrop to see my one aihd
Jo Bishop, Buy some more
Bubber Galt, A small Harem.
B. L. Purcell, A farm.
B. C. McIntyre, A Chrysler.
C. L. Darling, Go to Cuba and
take up residence.
Hal Sharp, Buy Flossie Mac!
Harvey Baxley, Go to Florida
and spend my time at the beach.
Bob Stratford, Start out in the
hosiery business.
Connie Bullock, Go to Paris an
start looking for clothes.
Gene Daughterige, I’d wonder
where it came from.
S. N. Barker, A Cadillac and
gallon of gas.
Tommy Holmes, An automobile
and a “ring.”
Charlie Javens, Go out and whoop
it up.
Jack Martin, There’s a garage
:4>artment I’d like to build in
Skeet Loyd, A motor scooter.
Red Crabtree, I’d probably buy
my girl a nice present.
Henry Pritchard, Get married.
Forrest^ Hill, I would take all
mine for doctor billS because I’d
probably have a heart attack.
Gene Rains, Buy a good steak.
Ankie Rowe, Spend it.
KenRamsey, New wardrobe.
Bud Rink, Count it.
McConeghy, Invest $2,500 and
with the rest buy a car and golf
Austin Gore, Go wild.
Sarah Neal Hammer, Lipstick
remover for Goon Johnson.
Jim Warren, Marry Jean!!
Calhoun, A stopper for Toney.
Toney, Take a trip down South.
Gene Williams, Buy Jack Collins
the V. F. W. farm in Florence.
Boyce Melton, Get out of debt
Lib English, Buy gorgeous
Tom IT'aison, Never having had
five thousand dollars before, I
wouldn’t know.
Mr. Hall, Put in bank—then draw
checks like mad.
Mr. Crawford, Travel.
Mr. F*rrene, Build a home.
Pinkie, Pay tax!
Macrae, Wouldn’t believe I had
eat one the same size.”
rels’ tails. His mother could not
make him stop. As a last resort ^
she threatened, ‘If you don’t stop!'
I’ll get your fairy godmother to
change you into a goon!’ To this
the frightened rabbit replied.
“Hare today and Gooti tomorrow!”!
Mr: Coxihead then asked one of
the diners; Now that you have'
drunk your teea, would you care’
for a cup of coffee?”
“No thanks, I nexer’ mir my'
Coming to her rescue, another
comforted, “That’s all right I like
mine straight.” ’ - i
“What do you think about the
tea room now? Since Kay arrtl
Fran have taken it over, it is al
most a ‘jive joint'. I don’t knowi
what cp*l«g« is coming to be.”
“And then the girls complain
aboiut not having time to read the .
two hulfidred pages of work I as-
Frona the other end of the table;
came»,the following:
J pi, just thought of something.
You know, when I was teaching
in a boy's co'llege one time, I was
perhaps a little too dramatic when
I was describing the destruction
following the Thirty Years’ War.
I said, ‘A«d wolv«s ravaged the .
city.' - And tliose boys just
Now after their diet of French, i
historv, English, jokes, and the
collegfi, gossip, the upstanding fac
ulty stands up and joyfully un
dertakes the tasks of the day.
The P. J. C- Scotties will play eighteen games this y£ar.
They blow the lid off officially against E. M. I. on Satur-^
day here-in Maxton. The schedule is as follows:
March 30—Safie Mills at Rockingham ’
April 2—E. M. I. at Maxton
“ 5—Campbell at Campbell
” 7—Louisburg at Maxton
’’ 9—Oak Ridge at Maxton
” 11—Belmont Abbey at Belmont Abbey
” 12—Belmont Abbey at Belmont Abbey
” 19—Wingate at Maxton
” 21—Pfieffer at Pfieffer.
” 23—Davidson at Maxton
’’ 26—E. M. I. at Salemburg
” 28—Louisburg at Louisburg
” 30—Safie Mills at Maxton
May 4—Oak Ridge at Oak Ridge
” 5—Pfieffer at Maxton
” 7—Davidson at Davidson
’’ 10—Campbell at Maxton ,
” 18—Wingate at Monroe (night).
Applic«tion made to be entered as *ecton class matter September 27,
1938, at the Post Office, Maxton. North Carolina, under act of Con
gress, August 24, 1912. Published Monthly (9 times a year) by the
Student Body of Presbyterian Junior College for the Alumni Associa^
^ditor-in-Chief Gene Lehman
Business Manager Bill Marsh
Associate Editor Jim Warren
Managing Editor Forrest Hill
Sports Editors Bob Hazard, George Fawcett
Featur# Editor Hal Sharp
News Statif •: Rock Rogers,
James Toney, Ken Ramsey, Jerry Parrish
Prof. James H. Edmonsoa . Mrs. R. E. Hellekson

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