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25 New Students Registered
Wedding invitations and an
nouncements have been the order
of the day in the alumni office
during recent weeks. Just in case
vou did not read about R. F.
iBill) Warren’s wedding in the
newspapers, _we want to repeat
that in this column. Bill and
Helen Frostick were married in
the Methodist Church in Maxton
in a lovely candlelight ceremony.
They are living in Hillsboro,
Hhere Helen teaches music in the
\ublic schools. Bill is in Carolina,
fen Floyd (’40) and Harold Sivert-
s»i (’40) were here for the wed-
^ ,Aobert D. Bevan was married
-ijn Ja-iiuary 31 to Miss Helen
Irene Kingsland, of Burlington.
After a period of service in the
Navy, Bob entered University of
North Carolina. At the present
time he is employed in the busi
ness manager’s office of the Bur-
Ungton City Schools.
Bruce Harris (’45) is to marry
Miss Mary Olive Walls, of Gun-
tersville, Ala., on February 18.
Clarence Edgar Stevens (4/)
and Miss Norma Ann Lewis^ are
40 be married on March 18 in
Bessemer City. After a year at
P. J. C., “Steve” entered State,
where he graduated in December,
1949. Norma Ann was Mr. Fer-
rcne’s lab. assistant fx'om Septem
Miss LU'Cill,e Penny, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Penny of
Angier and Mr. Archie Groom,
Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie
T. Croom of Savannah, Ga., were
married Feb. 4 in the Providence
Presbyterian Church in Johnston
Mrs. Croom is a graduate of
Cleveland High School and now
holds the position of secretary to
Dr. L. C. LaMotte, President of
P. J. C.
Mr. Croom is A native of Dil
lon, S. C. He served for 52
months in the Pacific area during
the war; later attending the Uni
versity of Georgia for one year.
He is now in his secpnd year at
Presbyterian Junior College and
is president of the student body.
Mr. and Mrs. Croom are popu
lar with faculty and students
alike, who wish Archie and hi*
wife the best of success and hap
piness in their married life.
Rev. T. Henry Patterson will
be ni charge I'f the sevrices start
ing February 20 at P. J. C. Mr.
New Faculty
Maxton, North Carolina, Jan.
Pattertr"[f from VeensbZ', 31. 1950. A new faculty member
all of next week. He has ^..nioo nnsition madp vacant
experience in dealing with young
people and take gserat interest
in them.
Mr. Patterson will conduct two
services each day Monday throu
gh Friday at 9:45 a. m. and at
7::00 p. m. His presence on the
campus will be beneficial to both
student and faculty alike, and
everyone is urged to take advant
age of the oportunity of hearing
Typing Students
At Demonstration
Are Passed By
PJC Faculty
The faculty of Presbyterian
Junior College in regular faculty
H JICO - . Inueting on .January I9th, drew
ber, 1946, until her resignation ini^p the following three resolutions,
January of this year. They bavel passed unanimously at the
asked Dr. LaMotte'to perform the ^.gguiaj- meeting on February 2nd:
ceremony. ' j RESOLVED, that for his long
and faithful service to Presby-
The typing students of Mrs.
Hellekson attended the demon
stration at Flora MacDonald Col
lege given by Mr .Hossfield, Un
derwood typewriting expert. Mr.
Hossfield typed at a rate of 150
words a minute, displaying ease
of movement and skilled tech-
nique of manipulation. This dem-liesort, famous in the half-century
onstration was given on Thursday,l\jgfore the War of the 1860’s, was
- • destroyed by a battle there in
;1862. Mr. Franck has published
'a review of ' this historical work
There are 25 new student.' en
rolled for this semester, their
home towns ranging from neatby
Laurinburg to far away Athens,
Greece. Of the 25, only three are
girls. They are Mmes. David
Moore, Mrs. Mary McMillan, and
Mrs. Mary Carolyn Ormsby, all
from Laurinburg.
The new boys are as folJcws:
Henry Alexander, Carthage, N.
C.; Paul J. Booze, Winston-Salem,
N. C.; E. M. Caldwell, Newton;
Wade H. Calhoun, Clio, S. C.; W.
F. Cashwell, Laurinburg; Edgar
M. Falls, Gastonia; James M.
Fraser, Burlington; H. D Her
ring, Fayetteville; Gus W Hud
son, Rockinghamj Hal B. Ingram,
Hamlet; Homer L. Jones, Clio.
Also H. Jordanoglau, Kavalla,
Greece; P. D. Mavramatis, Athens,
Greece; James L. McCaJI, Mor-
ganton; Donald Phillips, T-tocking-
ht'.m; Albert G. Robinson, Clinton;
|W. H. Rowland, Gastonia; Monroe
Smith, Laurinburg; W. H. Stanley,
Marion; M. F. Vail, Roseland, Va.;
W. E. Vereen, Latta, S. C.; and
R. L. Vickery, Rockingham.
cupies the position made vacant
by the illness of Dr. Wharton. Mr.
Franck is in charge of all Spanish
A graduate in modern lang
uages at the Univertdty of Illinois
in 1938, Mr. Franck has had grad
uate work in Spanish at the Uni
versity of Illinois and also in the
University of Mexico, Mexico
City. In various trips he has
travelled considerably throughout
the Republic of Mexico.
During the war Mr. Franck was
a Coast Guard ensign and assign
ed to Communications, and lateri^owiaim,
[was with Navy Japanese Laurinburg; W. H. Stanley,
juage School at Boulder, Colo. Vn •
During 1946 through 1948 he
was an instructor of Spanish at
the University of Idaho, Moscow,
Idaho. From this position he re
signed to take over an historicall
research position for the restora
tion of Fauquier White Sulphur
Springs near Warrenton, Va. This
Dean's List
iFeb. 16.
Among P. J. C. alumni to
graduate in January from senior
colleges were Warren Deviney
T48) from Clemson, George
Montgomery, Odis McNeil, and
Randolph Terrell, from P. C.
P. J. C. Alumnus William E.
Wyche has recently been appoint
ed vice-president of Southeastern
Factors Corporation. Bill came to
P. J. C. from Albemarle, attend
ing during the 1932-33 and 33-
'34 session. He has been a resi
dent of Gastonia since 1944,
where he has been connected v.'ith
Volt Rubber Corporations textile
division, and Coleman and Com
pany, New York factors.
The following release from
Public Information Office, Head
quarters First Air Force, will be
of interest to alumni:
“Appointment of Colonel Ernest
H. Beverly, a graduate of the
Armed Forces Staff College and
the Command and General Staff
School, as Deputy for Material of
the First Air Force, has been an
nounced by Maj. General Glenn
O. Barcus, Commanding General,
at his headquarters, Mitchell Air
Force Base, L. I.
•‘Colonel Beverly, who previous
ly served as commanding officer
of the 26th Air Division, a First
Air Force unit, at Roslyn. L. 1.,
succeeds Colonel Robert T. Zane,
v\ho retired last December 31 af
ter 32 years of military service^
After attnding P. J.
34 ’33-’35, he entered N. C. btate,
leaving in his senior year to at
tend Air Force Flying School. His
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin
Bt’V6rly, liv6 in Laurinburg.
Garland McBryde. who attend
ed P. J. C. in 1943-44. writes
from Richmond: “I’m hoping _to
be in North Carolina on a hunt
ing trip soon and not too far
from Maxton. I intend to stop
bv if at all possible to say heUo.
I would like to stay for the sum
mer terra . . •” , , .
Bob Cruse, high school graduate
(Continued oh Fage 2)
terian Junior College, for his
friendliness and counsel to faculty
and students alike, and for pro
fessional efficiency, Dr. Robert L.
Wharton be thanked and highly
commended by the entire faculty
of the college; and be it further
RESOLVED, that the faculty ex
tend all possible good wishes for
a speedy recovery to Dr. Wharton
and for him to become strong and
well again and to have many more
years of effective service with us
Miss Norma Ann Lewis
Siudenis Aliend
First Conference
The following students i .
resented Flora MacDonald
College Christan Association at
the first Ecumenical Conference
ever held in North Carolina, at
Chapel Hill Saturday, February.
4: Evelyn Boyd of Burlington;
Elsie May of Farmville; Emily
Nan Grier of Charlotte; Amanda
Betty Jo McMillan of Selma;
Betty Gray Melvin of Kerr;
Dorothy Willi.Tims of Indian
Valley, VirginE; Jo Pearce of
Corpus Christi, Texas; P.itricia
Maxton, North Carolina, Feb.
,4, 1950. The names of students
making the Honor Roll and Dean s
iList at Presbyterian Junior Col-
a review m i,.• v.. -Nlcgo have been i#WWI»rprT,r‘ v.--
lin the January 1950 issue of The office as follows;
[Virginia Magazine of History and Honor Roll: W.'^ D. Cherry,
Biography, published at Gastonia, N. C.; J. H. LaMotte,
mond, Va.
Mr. Franck has had consider
able interest in music, is himself
a pianist and will have charge of
the student orchestra and a glee
club at Presbyterian Junior Col
terian Junior College, for her
friendliness to faculty and stu
dents alike and for professional
efficiency Miss Norma Anne
Lewis be thanked and highly com
mended by the entire faculty of
the college, and further
RESOLVED, that the faculty
e.j;tend all possible good wishes
tor health, wealth and happiness
to Miss Lewis on the occasion of;
The praty was accompanied by
Dr. Marshall Woodson, Flora
MacDonald College president,
and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Bullock.
College Building
Fund 1949’50
Since June 1. 1949
493. 75 has betri contrbuted
„ . to the Presbyterian Junio
lier forthcoming niarriage. iCollege Building Fund out of a
Rev. C. H. Maury
RESOLVED, that for his devot
ed and faithfuPservice as Director
of Religious Education, teacher,
preacher and friend, for his
tributions both spiritual and scho
lastic to the life of this college
both faculty and student body,
the Rev. Charles H. Maury be
goal of $50,000. and' in the past
two years the contributions have
reached only $14, 000. this-means
that $36, 000 more needs to be
secured. I am sure that anyone
familiar v/ith the College Sceeyn
cran eralize the need ofimprove-
ments. Efforts are being made to
interest friends who are interes-
ine rvev. . ,i intert
commended by the entire lacu y Christian Education to
and offered our most sine i donations to this needy
thanks and appreciation^
Maxton, North Carolina, Jan. 31
1£)50. Music will be taught at
Presbyterian Junior College the
Fecond semester by Mrs. May
Kareis Darling. Each Friday
from 2 until 3 o’clock a class in
Harmony and Theory will be
taught. Practice pianos are avail
able at the college and individual
instruction in piano will be given
there . Credit will be given by the
college to qualified students who
register before Feb. 21.
Mrs. Darling has prviously
taught piano, glee club, harmony
and theory, and German at Pres
byterian Junior College for two
years. She is a graduate of the
School of Music of Carnegie In
stitute of Technology with the
Bachelor of Fine Arts degree m
piano and music education. She
won the first prize, a silver lov
ing cup in 1948, awarded by the
Federation of Junior Women’s
Clubs in North Carolina for choral
composition. Her entry was Be
hold the Lam of God ” for mixed
Maxton, N. C.; and R. A. White,
Maxton^ N. C.
Dean’s List: J. W. Brock, Red
Springs, N. C.; R. F. Brooks,
Schoolfield, Va.; W. F. Craven,
Bishopville, S. C.; Sara Lee Dun
can, Maxton, N. C.; C. T, Fields,
Carthage, N. C.; J. A. Flanagan,
Franklin, N. C.: L. L. Galt, Spar
tanburg, S. C.; Sarah Neal Hamer,
Maxton, N. C.; G. F. Hobgood,
Buffalo Junction, Va.; W. M. Lee,
North Vernon, Ind.; Mrs. E. H.
Lyles, Maxton, N. C-; George M.
McIntyre, Maxton, N. C.; M. L.
McMillan, Laurniburg, N. C.; C.
A Perkinson, Littleton, N. C.; O.
L. Quinnelly, Birmingham, Ala.;
h C. Rogers, Coral Gables:, Fla.;
B H. Smith, Morganton. N. C.;
C. E. Starnes, Wilmington, N. C.;
J. R. Stewart, Carrollton, Al^;
J. E. Stowe, Gastonia, N. C.; H.
M Thompson, Walterboro, S. C.;
R.' K. Wilson, Aldan, Clifton
Heights, Pa.; and D. R. Young,
Richmond, Va. ,
The honor roll consists of the
names of students who have aver
aged “A” for the previous semes
ter; the Dean’s List consists of
the names of those who have aver
aged “B.” No student who re
ceives a “D” on any subject is
eligible for the dean’s list or the
honor roll. Students carrying less
than fifteen hours are not eligible
lor either list.
TT 1 ,-,ri Wprman ern Association of Colleges will
Florence Hellekson and Herm p j ^ judge if our
J. Preseren, Secretaries of ^oUege is eligible for member-
Resolutions Committee. Uhip in this Association. The
Ibuildings must be in good con-
jdition to be approved. Donations
to this cause will be gratefully
right away. In April or May a
committe representing theSouth-jvoices. Several of her other choral
■ ~ ind instrumental compositions
Wendell Corey is the son of a
Congregational minister and can
trace the family tree back to U. S.
Presidents John and John Quincy
Adams. His paternal grandmoth
er was an Adams.
Crates of vegetables are com
pletely buried in crushed ice in
refrigerator cars.
For the best in entertainment
come to the Maxton Theater and
.=ee the big fight and bloody fight
every Saturday night and don’t
forget to come and see the Rocket
Man every Wednesday afternoon
at the same old time. Bob Os
borne in charge of cleaning up
dead cowboys and bloody Indians.
have been performed by religious
and civic musical organizations.
Mrs. Darling is a member ot
Sigma Alpha Iota National Pro
fessional Music Fraternity.
Presbyterian Junior College,
Maxton, N. C.—The home of the
boy who danced with Ava Gard
ner. ,
Do you want your boy to be
The Things with the girls? Send
him to pJC and let him take per
sonal love les.sons from this favo
rite. Small rates.
iVlusic Appreciation
A new course in music appi’c-
ciation is now being offered at 1.
J C. with Mr. Franck as the in
structor. This course, one of sev
eral short courses being given the
first 18 weeks, is primarily for
students at the college but anyone
who is interested in doing so may
attend without charge. .
Its main function is to acquaint
the student with works oi many
masters; these include thf classi
cal and semi-classical songs. Many
masters of paintings will also be
brought out.
Classes began Tuesday night,
February 14, and will continue to
be held on each Tuesday and
Thursday at 7:00 p. m. until 8.00.

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