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Important Announcement To Alumni
Will Mark Homecoming Day Nov. 17
Homecoming -Day on November
17, 1951, will mark an important
event in the history of Presbyter
ian Junior College. On that day
the trustee^ will announce to the
alumni the progress made and the
plans for the future in a program
ol advance at Presbyterian Junior
Coileg3. Efforts will be made to
invite all the alumni and it is
hoped a laige number will return
for the day. The usual activities
will be carried out, except that
the alumni luncheon at 12^ o’clock
will be the focus of attention. The
announcement by the trustees will
be at that time. The program for
the day is as follows:
10 A. M. Register at President’s
oflice in Administration Building.
10 A. M. to 12 A. M. Inspect
campus and meet old friends.
12 Noon; Alumni Luncheon —
Important announcement by trus
3 P. M. Football game.
5 P. M. Barbecue.
8 P. M. Homecoming Dance.
Meet The Faculty
Jtudents Advised
To Submit SSCQT
Applications Now
For this issue a very popular
student has been hit by the spot
light. Johnny Sloan, who comes
to P.J.C. from Aberdeen, North
Carolina, is a prominent student
and the subject of this column.
Johnny is quite a character and
as a result he has many friends,
mostly girls. Johnny has a witty
comment everytime you see him, ^
whether in class, on the campus,
on the football field or in the chow
hall. He is noted for his friendli
ness, courtesy, and willingness to
help anyone he can.
Johnny is first string quarter
back on the football team and he
does his part well. He scored the
only touchdown against North
Greenville and gave his best dur
ing the entire game. Johnny
seems to play hardest when the
chips are down.
He graduated from high school
in Aberdeen where he partici
pated in basketball, football, and
baseball. He was a prominent
memiber of his class and took part
in the class clubs and activities.
Johnny is majoring in textiles
and plans to continue his educa
tion at Catawba or Elon as soon
as he graduates from P.J.C. He
is a talented writer of themes and
letters (to his many girl friends).
Among Johnny’s hobbies, sleep
ing is number one. But he also
enjoys listening to the radio and
playing football. Johnny likes be
bop and semi-classical music.
Johnny is one of the neatest
and best-looking men on the cam
pus. He is always clean and neat
ly dressedi He keeps his hair well
combed in duck fashion. Johnny
has pretty white teeth, a baby
face, and the physique of Tarzan
or Charles Atlas.
Johnny’s body is here in Max
ton but his mind and heart are in
Greensboro where a certain girl
is enrolled at WC.
■At the age of 19, Johnny is met
with the problem of being draft
ed unless he keeps his grades at
a certain level. So far he has fair
ly good grades and he studies
when he gets ready.
As the “Spotlight” for this is
sue goes out, we would like to
wish a swell fellow the best of
luck in the future.
Applications for the December
13, 1951, and the April 24, 1952,
adminstration of the College
Qualification Test are now avail
able at the Selective Service local
boards throughout the country.
Eligible students who intend to
offer this test on either date should
apply at once to the nearest Selec
tive Service local board for an
application and a bulletin of in
Following instructions in the
bulletin, the student should fill
out his application and mail it
immediately in the envelope pro
vided. Applications for the De-
cemlber 13 test must be postmark
ed no later than midnight, No-
veinber 5, 1951.
According to Educational Test
ing Service, which prepares and
administers the College Qualifi
cation Test for the Selective Ser
vice System, it will be greatly to
the student’s advantage to file
his application at once regardless
of the date he selects. The re
sults will be reported to the stu
dent’s Selective Service local
board of jurisdiction for use in
considering his deferment as a
Scotties Clash With Chowan College
In Red Springs Park Tomorrow Night
Tomorrow night the P.J.C. j
“Scotties” will meet Chowan in
Robbins Park at Red Springs for
their first home game of the sea
son. Though this year’s team has
nothing but defeats on record they
are very determined to win this
game. For a change they will be
playing against a squad that has
no more players than their own.
This should be an enlightning fact
because so far this season the op
ponents have been able to send
in fresh reserves and to keep up
a fast, steady pace while the “Scot
ties” only became more and more
worn out. Even though our team
has been up against teams with
more reserves, larger men, and
Library News
more experience, they have never
given up. They still have that
fighting spirit.
We would like to urge every
one who can possibly attend the
ball game tomorrow night to do
so. A good crowd in the stands
would certainly make the team
feel good. We have a coach who
has worked untiringly with a
group of boys so small that many
coaches would have given up the
effort. We have a team that fights
.on, even when the chips are down.
We, then, should at least show
our appreciation by supporting
our team with our presence at the
game. We will meet you in Red
Springs tomorrow night.
hiirch Official
Chapel Speaker
The Reverend David M. Currie,
director of Christian Student Life
of the Presbyterian Church, U.S ,
with offices in Richmond, Virginia,
spoke to the students of Presby
terian Junior College at chapel
Mr. Currie chose for his topic
Our Chirsrtian Vocation”.
A conference was held with the
Ministerial Club to try to deter
mine the ways our campus can be
improved spiritually.
Homecoming Queen
Contest ^ Be Held
The annual Homecoming Queen
contest will be held Monday morn
ing. Voting arrangements will be
announced in chapel Saturday.
Pictures of the beauties entered
are posted on the main bulletin
Mr. John W. Walker is one of
the new members .n our teaching
staff. He is Direcor of Student
Personnel and Profjssor of French
and Psychology. Ve are fortu
nate to have a ma: of his caliber
on our campus.
He is a native Df Clarksville,
Tennessee, and as a high school
student there, recc.^ed honors in
French. His B. S. iegree was re
ceived from Austn Peay State
College in Clarksville, where he
was president of the Junior Class
and an active member of many
student activities.!
'He began graduate work at
George Peabody ^biiege, Nash
ville, Tenn., completing it at
Middlebury College Language
School, Middlelbury, Vermont
where he received his M.A. de
gree is French.
-Mr. Welker was very active in
extra-curricular activities during
his stay at Middlebury College.
He was a member of the French
Choir, Le Circle Francais and the
College Ski Club.
During World War II Mr. Wel
ker served with Military Intelli
gence and ^ Counter Intelligence
Corps. During the years 194i8 and
1,950, Mr. Welker was State Direc
tor of the Tennessee Junior Cham
ber of Commerce.
Mr. and Mrs. Welker and small
daughter, who are members of the
Protestant Episcopal Church, re
side in the house formally occup
ied by Mr. Silas Vaugh and T.
W. Hall.
Mr. Welker’s hopes now to be
able to take a group of students
to France next summer. He is a
very popular teacher because he
prepares his lectures from the
student viewpoint and is always
ready to meet the student more
than half-way.
We hope Mr. Welker and his
family will have a very pleasant
stay at Presbyterian Junior Col
lege and we hope he gets as much
out of his stay here as the stud
ents will from having him teach
Reserve books may be found
at the desk in the Library and
must be used there during the
day. They may be checked out for
overnight use the last period ^and
returned by 9:00 a. m. the follow
ing morning. On Saturdays fhey
may be borrowed at 12';00' noon
and kept until 9:00 Monday morn
ing. A fine of 10 cents for the
first hour a book is kept overtime
and 5 cents for each additional
hour or 50 cents per day will be
charged for Reserve Books.
Annual Reception
For Faculty,
Students, Held
meditation room
•If you would like to'steal aw;c''
from the crowd, from the busy
world, and meditate for a while,
to think quietly on divine and
spiritual thoughts go to the little
room provided for just that, at
the top of the stairs in your lib
rary. You will find there a Bible
and some commentaries. There
will be some personal daily devo
tion material and helps on the
Sunday school lesson. You may
find it a quiet place to rest both
mind and body while thinking on
higher things.
In concentration there we may
find more truth than when deeply
engaged in research elsewhere in
the library. If not discovering ac
tual truths, guidance and strength
may be renewed, a new path open
ed, or the old one better lighted
with more vivid understanding.
The annual reception for new
students and new members of the
faculty was held by Presbyterian
Junior College at the Maxton Com
munity Club on Saturday evening,
October 6. The reception was at
tended by the students and their
guests, members of the faculty
and student body of Flora Mac
donald College, and friends of the
college from Maxton and its vic
inity. An evening of dancing and
who attended.
The Flora Macdonald students
are planning a square dance for
the P.J.C. students. This dance
will be held sometime in Novem
ber. We look forward to it. ,
Anthony Baker Is
FresKman President
On Monday morning, October
22, the Freshman class elected
their officers for the year. These
officers are: Anthony Baker, pres
ident; Worth Dees, vice-president;
Joe liinnens, secretary-treasurer.
The Listening Room is another
inviting place in our library. Al
ready it is attracting students
who love music, who enjoy the
best that has been recorded.
Language students also may im
prove their ear for their favorite
language by listening to record
ings of it.
Fire Prevention
Week Observed
Famous Last Words’
K. D. Futch—Let’s go to the fair
tonight boys.
Herbert Gibbs—I’ll get you yet.
Charles Sweat—Cecil, is it a
noun or pronoun.
Harold Ross—Well, in Greens
Joe Elliott—Her name is Agnes.
Tommy (Robertson—They all
love me ('Editor’s note—What? )
Cecil Wilkinson—Bethune, two
and two is not six, it’s seven.
Mrs. Rousseau—^Punky! I’m
gonna paddle you before we leave.
Em. Morton—Her Buick rides
like a dream.
Chuck Mayers—ooh, it hurts.
(The women like my sore foot)
Mr. Darling—^Now we pause for
a few words.
Marion Vann—Women in Fay
etteville are better than those in
Bethune—^Oh! That BDWAIRIDS
Miss Cooper—Bethune! Burris!
Linens! Tweet, Tweet.
Congratulations “Crow ’
To Frank “Crow” Crawford we
would like to extend belated but
sincere congratulations on his re
cent marriage to Miss Louise
ton. After having met Mrs. “Crow”
we can see why you saw fit to tie
[the knot. We think both of you
1 made a mighty good choice.
Dean’s List For
First School Period
Dean’s List for first six-weeks
period, 19Sl-52i:
G. E. Carter, J. W. Dees, G. A.
Grissom, W. H. Johnson, A. Low
ery, G. B. Morgan, Rufus Gwen,
IH, C. E. Richardson, R. C. Ste
wart, B. S. Vann.
Fire Prevention Week was ob
served in style at P.J.C Mr. Ed
Carrowon, Chief of the Maxton
Voluntary Fire Department, spoke
to us on fire prevention. Mr. Reilly
and Bill Stephens outlined the
program of the Voluntary Fire
Department here at P.J.C.
Later in the week a fire drill
was held and both Mr. Reilly and
Stephens were very well satisfied
with the way the students carried
it out.
Lectures Given On
“How To Study”
The first week of this month,
Mr. Welker gave a group of lec
tures on “How to Study^. These
lectures were very interesting and
I am sure all the students receiv
ed much from them.
Miss Haynes followed Mr. Wel
ker’s lectures with two lectures
on the “Use of the Library and
What the Library Offers”.

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