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High School Day Set For April I9, 1952
Left to right, George Grissom, Tommy Robertson, Edward
Phi Theta Kappa
Initiates Four
May 9 Set As
Junior-Senior Date
At 8 o’clock in the evening, on
Saturday March 5, 1952, the Zeta
Upsilon Chapter of Phi Theta
Kappa, National Junior College
honorary fraternity, initiated four
new members who were chosen
from the student body for their
outstanding achievements in scho
larship, service, and character.
The initiation service was private,
performed in an impressive set
ting of candles and fraternity
The new members are Edward
Richardson, Tommy Robertson,
George Grissom, and Glen Carter.
Edward Richardson comes from
Thomasville, North Carolina, and
is a freshman this year. He is tak
ing a straight college course here
at P. J. C. and plans to go into
Engineering in a senior college.
He is very active in both curricula
and extra-curricula activities.
George Grissom is a native son
of Gastonia, North Carolina. He
is a pre-ministerial student and he
is undecided concerning the sen
ior college that he will honor with
his presence. He is head monitor
in the domitory and is active in
athletics. He plays both football
and baseball. He is a sophomore
this year.
Tommy Robertson is from Law-
renceville, Virginia. He came to
us from Hampton-Sidney College
in the summer of ’51 and has de
cided to graduate before leaving.
Tommy is taking a combination
of general college and business
courses. Tom has participated in
two sports and is an active mem
ber of our leading clubs on the
campus. Tom’s future is pretty
well planned by Uncle Sam if he
fails to keep his grades up to par.
Glen Carter is from Rocking
ham, North Carolina. He entered
in the fall of ’51 and is taking a
general college course. He is a day
student but this does not alter
the fact that he is active in the
campus activities.
- ■ Rev. and Mrs. C. H. Maury of
Yadkinville visited friends at PJC
last week. Rev. Mr. Maury is a
former member of the faculty and
Mrs. Maury is the former Miss
Beulah Haynes, who served as
librarian at the college for two
Due to conflict between the
Sandspur and the former date set
for the Junior-Senior a meeting
was called of the Student Activity
Board to change the plans so as
both student events could take
place. The first date set for this
annual event was May 2 but the
Sandspur sends representatives to
Washington and Lee University
on this date to the Southern In
terscholastic Press Association
meeting so as to have a better
student paper in the future. The
date was changed to May b so
everyone could take in this big
The Student Activity Board is
going to begin decorating the
Gym on the first of April and need
a lot of help to make this event
a big success so as it will be re
membered by all in the future.
Anyone with helpful ideas on de
corating the Gym will be wel
comed to come out and share this
task. Plans are being made to
have a name band, but no definite
band has been chosen though
many have been discussed. The
date is set, plans are made for a
big time, so let’s all get our dates
and help make this a big success
for everyone.
College Staff Adds
New Member
Mrs. Dolphus Allen, Jr., Dr.
LaMotte’s secretary, is probably
the youngest assistant on our
campus. Mrs. Allen was born in
March of 1930 at New Bern, N. C.,
but she is a native of Kinston, N.
C. She attended the Kinston
schools and was graduated from
Southwood High School in May
of \948.
■While in high school Mrs. Allen
was Very active in student activi
ties. '6he was a member of the
glee club, mixed chorus,^ dramatics
club, paper staff, cheering section,
and in\1948 she won the Lion’s
award f^r her essay on “How to
Strength^ the United Nations.”
She wa^ a member of the River-
mont Chutch in Kinston where
she sang % the church choir.
Since she has joined her husband
in Maxton, She has been singing
in the choir it the First Presby-
( Contimkid on pafe  )
Sandspur Will
Send Five To
Press Meeting
The Sandspur is planning to
send a delegation of five members
to attend the Southern Inter
scholastic Press Association meet
ing hel^ May 1 through 3 at
Washington and Lee University,
Lynchburg, Va.
The delegation chosen to attend
are Bill Sizemore, Jim McCall,
Joe Elliott, Frank Spurrior and
Emmett Morton.
This association calls this meet
ing every year to judge the work
done on the school papers and give
instructive criticism. At this meet
ing there are banquets and dances
so as all may have a big time as
well as learn more about journa
Last year the Sandspur won an
achievement award and this year,
under new management, hopes to
obtain a higher award for the
school and the paper.
Glee Club News
The Glee Club is going “great
guns” even though it has a smaller
membership than it had last
semester. We, the members of the
club, would like to have some help
in our work. We would like to ask
the members of the Student body
to give us a helping hand.
Here is a bit of conversation
heard at the last meeting of the
Glee Club.
Miss Dixon: Where is Brock?
(our “cassanova,” favorite pitcher,
and tenor)
Feagin: He’s dating.
Miss Dixon: Why isn’t he here
for rehearsal?
Philosopher: You haven’t seen
his date, I take it.
Miss Dixon: (blushingly) Let’s
turn to page four, please.
Feagin: Yea, Play the bass part.
Tolar: I’se “regusted.”
Tolar and Johnson have become
an inseparable pair and seem to
be very successful as a team. You
are invited to come over and
watch them perform. It is a pity
that we do not have more mem
bers in the club of the same cali
Be sure to see and hear the Eas
ter program.
See ya next issue.
Radio Club News
Students Attend
Meeting On
Christian Work
Six representatives from Pres
byterian Junior College attended
the three day “Christian Vocation
Conference” on March 14-16 at
Union Theological Seminary,
Richmond, Virginia. The students
attending were: John Stephenson,
Larry Parrish, Stewart Arnold,
Glen Patterson, Robert Tolor and
Dolphus Allen. Each reported a
most interesting trip.
Among the many speakers were:
Mr. John Ryder, head of an ad
vertising department in New York,
Mr. Gerold Monsman, a Baltimore
lawyer, and Dr. John Bright of
the Union Theological Seminary.
Each man is doing great work in
his own field with a Christian
attitude. The speakers expressed
the need for more Christian lay
men. Behind each thought that
the speakers brought out was the
idea that men are called to voca
tions other than the ministry of
The students were extremely
impressed with the harmony of
Christian fellowship.
Meet The Faculty
Plan Full Program
For Annual Affair
Our V. P., A. P., I. N. S., W. E.
W. O., W. P. P. J. C., and B. S. N.
S. are somewhat out of order so
there is very little news for this
issue, but I shall attempt to carry
on alone.
It seems that the well-known
philanthropist who was to have
the “bite” put on him had skip
ped out before the delegation of
bugs could approach him.
Hope to have more news next
issue. Until next time, testingl,2,3.
S. S. B.
Mrs. John Crabtree and little
son, John, III, have returned from
a visit with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Eugene Brown in Raleigh.
Mr. Milton A. Reilly who heads
our business office is a native of
Jersey City, New Jersey. He re
ceived his education from Mount
Herman School for Boys, Green
field, Massachusetts; Vanderbilt
University, Nashville; and Pea
body College, Nashville.
Mr. Reilly has had experience
in the Public Schools of Nashville
and Memphis, Louisiana State
University, Simpson College, and
The Citadel. During these years
Mr. Reilly specialized in finance,
Business Administration, and Ac
Mr. Reilly and Mrs. Reilly have
five children. Their oldest child
is a sophomore in Maxton High
School, and their youngest chil
dren are a pair of twins, Milton
and Michael. The Reilly family
lives at the old McKinnon home
stead which is on the air base.
There are five pleasant hobbies
in Mr. Reilly’s life: his family,
classical music, reading biogra
phies, traveling and lecturing.
High School Day will be here
April the 19th. This is a day set
a side for the purpose of showing
students who are interested in
P.J.C. what advantages our school
has to offer them. Activities for
our guests start early in order to
allow those who wish to attend
regular classes to do so. During
these visits to our regular classes,
students get first hand ideas of
what our academic life is like. It’s
much more impressive than mere
ly reading about classes and
classrooms. Our chapel program
will be arranged to inform and
entertain our prospective students.
It will include a student talent
show which in itself promises a
After chapel we shall continue
our regular classes, which we
hope will have enlarged for the
occasion, until 12:30 and luncheon.
Everyone is invited to dine and
enjoy dinner prepared and served
by our gracious dietition, Mrs.
McCallum. Time will be taken in
the lunch period to introduce our
President, our deans and the stu
dent body president who will ex
tend a hearty welcome to our vis-
1 iting high school students.
Starting at 1:30 p. m. a movie
of the school will be shown for
all who wish to attend. It shows
the campus from the base to Pat
terson Field and many other color
ful and interesting scenes.
At 2:30 a treat for all, and es
pecially the athletic minded, will
be enjoyed on the baseball dia
mond. In our first baseball game
of the new season, the Scotties
will go to bat against Pheiffer Jr.
College. This contest should prove
interesting because of Pheiffer’s
reputation in sports and our re
putation for beating them.
Beginning at 10 a. m|, visiting
students will be offered the bene
fits of the College Testing-Service
under the direction of Professor
Welker. Preference and aptitude
tests will be offered those students
who wish to take them. There will
be no charge, and the morning
program will be repeated in the
afternoon at 2 p. m. for those who
do not wish to attend the base
ball game.
Throughout the day exhibits
will be on display in the Chemis
try laboratory, physic’s labora
tory, the library and in class
rooms. These will be available
for study to those who do not
wish to attend our regular classes.
More than eighty guest-stud-
ents attended our High School
Day last year which was very suc
cessful. This year we expect to
have as many or more to observe
us and our school in action.
P. J. C. asks and urges each
student to invite one or more high
school students to be his guest
throughout High School Day.
has had ever since he came to
PJC is to make this campus one
of the prettiest in North Carolina.
He also believes that an education
should be the heritage of every
The students of PJC are very
thankful to Mr. Reilly for the co
operation he has given them in
trying to make their campus life
An ambitioon which Mr. Reilly better.

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