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With this issue of. the COLLSGS VAiS
LJTTxJl the general plan of the publi
cation undergo as a change. Under
tbo. ne’v plan,it is hopod not only to
bring tho various Alvnni chapters
closer to each other, bv;x, to brii'ig
tho iil\iiiini closer to ":ho prt.sent. .'?;on-
^ration o:’ colic'’c students and its
many ac^ ivi ties on ohe colie-g
ca-r.nus. This now plan seems to offer-
an oi'ioortiinitj' to give all elenents
of the institutional' family a comiiion
bond of interest in the college arid
to cenent the rolftionshiT b./V.-'con
those vho ?re ovt in th-c; '''orld and
thos;: still sheltcr(;d ''-ithin tb;.,so
The h^'Vo tnrny
can tefch the colle ;u
thinr^s to say and to tell,
they ^i].l fool free to use
."tL'jir or---:r.n -of coc:>ression,-
thiP'^s t'''e’;'’
foil', i;:any
u ho'icj
this fs
At tb
hrvc a r sponsibilit^' to the /^Ivrrni-
and '■■
i''tli fi'lfi.
th>:i ri, srsonsil'ility o:
in? thij iiltmni inforr'ea on colle;;e
act: vities;
;UJ- hi-v.r. the r:;sponsi-
lulity of or„3ent"ng op_portuniti^.s
for the iilir;i'';i to ongrin sorre o,i
those- activitiv^s in a very r--,;:.l
sinsc;-and finally, the^'- I'^av.. the
"•re; t r.js-oonsibility of promoting k-
li' orido in thedr ^-1* a ; ater.
This is yovr or ;.n,,
This is your or M.n,
L'S’. it.
r'A-r '')'^rs of the
■iont coll'..;''o ~enerc :io:
("?he folio Ing p-ragri3h from ^ 1 t-
ter to Pres. H. L. Trigg emphasizes
one WEtv in v;hich \io hope the ilEiS
L:3rT.iiR" will be of value.)
"Dear President Trigg:
Ue, the Eroolilyn Chapter of the
STC Alumni, rc:ceived '/ith great en
thusiasm the KE./3 L.3TiiR you sent
us. That was the first correspond
ence wo have had directly from the
school since vjo organized. However,
v-ic are looking fon/ard to hearing
from our Aina Later botn froCjUently
and regularly,.,.."
The Brooklyn Chapter of the SiC
Alujnni Asso. of jiiz. C., N. C., is
looking forward v.dth much interest
to a Yulotide Tea to A?e given at tho
home of Krs. Rome Cross', 325 Hancock
Street, Brooklyn, Docemoer 20, 19-42.
Dr. G. L. Franklin, Gen'l Pros, of
Aluiiini Asso, of \/irginia Union, and
pastor of ■ th.^ !ut, Lebanon Baptist
Church, Brooklyn, r'ill be the guest
sp..aker, krs. Layola Terry I. vrrell
is president of tho Brooklyn Chapter
of ' STC Alukai, Lrs. Ariel : Houston
Larshc.ll is Suc'y, and Attorney C.C.
■ Knight business mrnagor.
On '/*a1. ''ov. 25 Statu T:,ac’:ers Col-
le.^u and^ ^.izi.beth City v'cre treated
to"an outstLnding program of symphon
ic lu.sic by the Kry Symphony Orches
tra of CliXCc go, vJi-iijr ■jfiij e^ir'^ction
of th'^ -"'mous conductor, Bohunir
hryl. Thu pro gram, was in two parts,
the first of "hich consi;:t...d of
scores from th'.; o^ns oi i.ozart,j.homo
and Schubert. This,' h^; vy p^'rt
of the
ro f^ram
a hard t;:st cf
--,,5 i -V rrr. f, ;'.ut

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