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    Scrc. • Taylot of Grocnvili,c,.'’j I!.
iiia's kdpyo’ of ■’:/r.^:].?;in£tori5’
c'.ricl, -.luiss. Boctrico B^o’th of '.Vilirdng-
-iva=/ AS. C. ■ I.!^e- MZjS'c.ij Jonp;4'
of 'alBingtbR, - vh.s to .'iacvo baen --ia-
itiatod' into 'nfeinboi'ship: c.p titv ,sc.m6
,time,-, but"*'-an pJ-ineso prc'^fcntcd!\ thi's.
pho 'rklll bo' r.dnit';.od Ict.or in 'fLh'o
. • ' '"r
: rJ -
I .-A""'' ‘.
Presiding c.t the coroihony we.s Uics
Eoryl Smith, president ox the local
chapter. Actin" ■..■it’.'A bur ’.;cro the
other members of the ' organlasiticn
and the faciLltj sponsor, Sidney
The State T-.,achorfi College of 3].iza-
beth City, N. G,, celubrated the fif-
t;^-second anniversary of 'ohe ;;jrant-
ing of her charti.r, hel.d impressive
Senior Day ceremonials in hioore Audi
torium on '.'.odncGday. i;.r,rch.3.
*..t nine in ‘ohe r:erning al]. members
of. the collt.:j;c ■ body, vqt in' \j,'eoro, Au-
'ditorium in conv^-cation. The S'..nior
plasp under its ' admipistrativ^. apon-
'scr,"’‘-'the •Dv.ari '.of- ’the j Gollk.f:6, •!Ir,
Sidney Williams, ' as pr...3i.ntud to Dr.
II. L. Trigg, the coUcgo,proqidont.
’Dr., Arirr' ads-inis'terud 'the C(i>lle;jo
o,"of allegiance to th^-;',’'pre-
*limip,ary to induG'c/in^-,, -ther" ..senior officers ana. cj:.hct s^.aior
clc.ssm:/6cs into the ■ ,dmini:;'orativo
and faculty '-esos v.hich they ^xro te
fill for the day. The oflicers
:-,nd the pt st ,:; f\.^y hi^ld ar^,. as
follav7Si hr. Frvjderich Flu 6c!':>-,r,
Fr^s., hr. Glifoon 'i/ood, Doan, hiss
Erama Ilr.sbury, R(.aistrar, hr..Robert
Pev.-hirk, Liud;>.t Ofiicer, and Mrs,
liarvr,ret E. 3ro':;n, Bursar.
F^llov’ing the induction, the first
year cl'ss '.r.s adninisterod tho
freshman oath'by hr. Fletcher. The
end cf the cererany is mr.rh^d by the
advancemient of .cl'.soes. Sonicrs rave
tc seats usually reserved for yaest
tc indicate their> readiness tc -;u
out into the -..-orldj juniars ve .in
to the scats vacated by the seaioi'sj
' s'-.phom^cres int^- those vacated by juu-
icrs, and freshmen intc t'l.,se vaca
ted by sophc nore's. The advancement
of'the, freshmen held a-particular
. sifjnifidence fqr .them, for if is
only " after'■ tliis seating- ceremony
that i'reshjjeh ^ are admitted
in'GC. all the ri.ghts and priviler&s
cf the generc.l student b>_dy.
All the activities of the college
'.'ere taken over by the seniors for a
school day of six hours. Seniors net
only .ran the administrative pest,
they ran the health service, the rec
reation programi, the dining rcon,
the after assembly, and all the
classreop* routines. Since .-Oharter
Day this year fell in the truaester
, exam, poriod, seniors prictored all
the exam.inations f>. r the day. A vis
iter to bho campus probably v;ould
not have noted any difference in the
conduct cf the’ institution, s. v^cll
did the seniors fulfill their respon
At six-thirty in tho evening the
college had as its h.aiorod guest at
supper hr. P.B. Y>:-ung, distingu-.shcd
, editor ox tlio Jlorfollc Jcurnal and
Guido, The day mas climia’ced by Lr.
Yeung's address to the college b^.uj'
in h ■: re Audit: rium ft 7;30, and tao
cro\;ning of tho seni:.r qu^en, hrs.
Dr.r. thy G. uncill, eh, sen by her
classmaaes as the s*jnior best ropri.-
s.^nting the ideals 0.I ^\ttainm^nt in
sch. larship,' character, and achiovu-
, i:;ont,
It ::as announced this aeeh that the
commoncement program fcr the-eollego
has been pxit into final f: rm. ho fun
damental change has b^on r.iade in 'clic
c rder of v^vents, though the cl. sing
activities have boon soravahat tcl^-
scvped. This is in hooping adth tiio
;^''a:oT'al accoleratod pr.-gram. uhic-
the e.llogc adopted at tho beginning
•-f the present college year.

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