State Teachers College News Letter I ^ liiliiine 16 I'lli/alu'ti! Fc!)ruar>', I S. 'I'. ('. Observes [{elii^ioiis )\\ eek Ilia. .1 " I u • I i ! o} I 111 LIK ‘ t» I Iiu a* lu ! i \\ ‘lie’I \\ a- III \sa' t'li- tillin'.' i^iiipluisis ■11 !aii;iar>' H)- 1. l^. 11( irliM'son, ])astor Slrt I t (]1 iiiifli, Ndilolk, in'iii'-U i laiiir^ !'. l^aiiks, iliri'ftor [idvisory Budget Gr;nip |i,'c0mm?cls $47,0(H) for Improvem > ITk* Ad\'i or> BuJ'^v'l Ct ininiss.t Illic StuU- Ilf Xoi'tli C,'aol'ii.i lias v Iiiiiiu'mk'.l tlicit v’lT ();) ) l:c L'ju n K’H/LilK’th City Stale 'I'caclicis (ail- |;i' lor iinu'h iicetU-Ll iin]>r(i\ iii''n’s iils pliysical plant. II tin' AsseinliK ^proves ihr rccoiiiiii "iKlalioii, |(Jwill be 'pent tuwai .ls ri llIn ; 1.1.,, ptkr Hall lur me n .sluit-nts. It i--'rl(. ^(Kvtal tliat IIti' Irllowing inniKi.c- 1 [ lirnts l)c niaclc: I I. I’aintiiig the ciitiK- inlt-rinr li Kipladng all doors aiiil Instal Jig new locks |i Suiidiiig and rclinisliing al Jkirs 4. Ki'placliig all turnitnre aiul pro ^ riJiiw S(inu‘(‘(niipiiicnt tor ri-Lriation : . .1 Jp„rposes. i r:; , I A «),mnitt.v of male stud.-ots has (--'I-"'' Ik 1 1 . r *1 IJ - 1 . ' nl Liu- ('oriKT Sloiu' ( ImirIi wIk) was ptn tonm-d lo conlcr wUli rresuK nt ;/’ -i i i i \n u n- j .• . J l)V llic lM.i> l; i l. iH). Williams relative' Id somm- ol ; i i Iddaik If tlu. prc-sont plans ar,-!A. S. M. Knklan 1, l ost Mout, Bntlcr Hall will ho on,.|\--' ' '' |.l tlu. outstanding dornntori.s of ,1„. ; was^.roM niod hy tho I'ntu.v h.u-h,.s *'.impus. I A sum of fifteen thousands dollar: ^ lbs been proposed for the pnr|)ose ol i-Sil'*’"! purchasing nuieh needed ei|oipnienl I l.i tt(i oi„ani/.a IWthelnfinnary. Gynmashno and the, '•* iSdenee Buildin''. Funds \\(nikl 1)1 IIS-' > to complete the equipment of tl... ^ Very inspinii. reli.UKi rs actisitios N'linilic'l' 1 i. liv, oiis, ga\e the \ esjier ss iL'e oil S 111 lav uliernoon. I>e”inn- ^ ■_ on M(jiiJa> dnrini; tin- Asseinl)l> ' ■() 1 Dr. Ihn.lerson ad.lre^sed 'lu- iils and stall. I'roin fi: >H to 1 :()() in \|.|iiii'4 de\otioiis were loii-lueted u ilh eaiiipiis 01 jiani/ati/in^ as sponsors. 1'ollow in'^ the ilevi^.onal [^iiiod, a j'C^olfce Hour” in S.Miiera ! I.ill. the i '{u reation I lall and the honu- ol the ilr, sM. nt allowed time lor informal ! ihstaissions j^rowin'-^ out ol the thenu I as inti rpreted l)> sisiting speakers. i .\pprenlices at ork ! .Student teaehers an- auain pultin I into [iraetiee iIk* the\ ha\e 'reamed and worked lor. I his (piarter ' they are ser>int; their apprentieeslup in three se hools—P. \\ . Moore, Hank S.reet, and the 'I'raininji Se!iool. Se.entetn I’rlmary teaehers are l>Lu e.l as lollows: I’. W . \loort'— .Mar\ lUrum, ('.he.,tina iMisipie, .\niiie I'o/.eniore, Cdi'iNtine I lohnoiul. .\ni\ Uiriis an,I llorteiise Speneer; Haul Street — H,inline Artis, 1 here>a I' ah monds, and I la/el l)a\is rrainm;4 _ Mattie Seward, \lildre.l Tmner, (ireta Wilkins, I’als) .Morion I Jean W'hitlield, MahU' Oasis, I'Nsie l.on^; and Mary Hasninht. In till' Crammar grailes: Hank Street — Hilda I'aison. Hettse BriiiMin, Ha\- mond Heddriek, .lames Johnson -and I.> Ilia Brown; Training St hool—A'J:iies Canada, Joe W'ard, I'aul Marlin, Heat- riee Kenan, Floretta Sutton, Mehing White, Doroth) Smith and Dorolln Hell. PIHAII S ( APIAIN’ DKAl IKl) liV Pi'.OS ;1( I:;? of Ameriea: and He\eiend A. Cuth- riell who siioVe on behalf of the Smi- 'held Coinplctinj; ReiuiienuMils In Winter, 1954-55 I'rhnary Pauline Futrell Artis. Hoiite I, Ho\ 75) W', N. C.- Hnhy Mae I'ere- hee South Mills, N. (:.; Katie Mae j W \ irginia horn, he has made tie j.mus I). Cheer, standing (i' •') tall and weighing l‘)0 pounds, has been dr.ifted h\ one of the top h ams ol the .Nation,il I'liothall League, The Cle\c- laud Browns. He aws also gi\I'li llon- Cr.dile mention on the Pittsliurgh .(.'ouriers ,\ll-,\meriean ti.‘am 1)\ had ing sporls editors ol that ne\vs\)aper llnlinii |Thi> Cymn . ,1 1 ■, I ' wi'ie esperii iK-ed tlirou,iJ,hout Heli.g :irv, prniiardy 111 the kitchen i'”*' ' I . lasiuni funds would he used 1 l^mphasis Week III provide Venetian hlinds, a enrtaiu ! I'liid seats lor the Little Theater. f I llic Science Building e.viienditure^ 1 ^"'wild iueltide, with Venetian liliii'!' 1 : wliere needed, eiiuipment lor a te.ieh- , ji'tsrest room and teaehin,g e(piipment. lliis would iiH'lnde a snhstantial ;i- i lnuvint of mueh needeil andio-\ isu il | I''iliiipiil'.'nt lor the specific use of tlu stieiici' department. ' Wliile the aho\e funds are now |liU'rcly rceonmieiidatioui, there is I I'Vi ry reason to feel that, hased u!!on pjst I’vpcriences, the Cl ^'cral .\ss( nil); . 1 ^' "ill pass the bill pro u'i lor I'l' „ funds. ■m. Hieh, Hoiite 2, Ho\ oM, (dinton, N. t:.; llorten.M- Spencer, Hoiite 1, Ho\ | LS-4, Seraiiton, N. C.; N'erluie i'di/a- beth Williamson, Houte 2. Ho\ 2(),'>. Cdinton, .N'. (.. C'.ramniar Craile Dorothy Hosell Bell. P. >. Box 221, l',asl\ ille, Va.; Tallie Welch l' Itoii, !«)f HrooLs Ave., Lli/.abeth City, -N. C.; M.iry Lillie Ciatling, P. O. Bo\ LM, llarrellsMlle, N. C.; Nannie Kli/- abeth .Miller, lioute 1, Box l(>7, Ke- nanSMlle, N. C.; t'stella Hall Simons, I'.oute 2, Hox 299, Caderaiii, N. C., Deloriee Hebecca d'avlor, Houte I, .1 I , I lo\ U).5-A \\Dodlaud, N. ( Nh hin '""":il!e;r'diU * simuel White. Honte 2, Hox .^5, Lden- ’i AVLHS lNC()Hi ()!5ATi:i) , Pnl SLNT JUI.ll'S Cl.ASAK” 1 IIm Lxceiim Committee ol State 'T, a(h. rs College pr.M-nted the Play- Ineo of Washington. I). C. ;„.re WechK^dax, l'\brnar> K'- js h a k e s p e a r's masl. rpiece luliiis ' (!ae:-ar 'li.ll' and the a idieiie- showed then ipj)n t showers ol i. J I One-Act Play Festival Hehl ppl.iiise. 1 ton, N. C.. A 't I r: • 1 T1 . ' - 'Ik* twcnts'-lourtli annual ()m*-A( I I Festival was held ul S*atf 'rcai-li- C()llr;4e Tluirsday, [‘'('!)ruar\ 1^- ■ 1955. ' .' 1 I'tit’ seliools and tin* iiain ■* o' t'r"" ' I pl'iy Were as iollowM IvU nton, "llisin'j; . Sclimidt- I :-r • ‘ ■' • X. -V M r^. 7 u>:-: : i: ilii.le’ Pcnpi'mans. " ■ Sax'a'.fe; '1'. ,S. (aion r “Ite'en ! |'’f-ct Hitched”, llenvy H. L. \ aim I 111'' Sliriii'’, Pax'ou- H'mmIoiI " I 'i' S'lall '>ass’. Wilso'i W "' ! ^'I'rcv, ’liri.rlit I . I", ” '' h ‘ ">'^ton Co'-iil,-. ■■||i-rh W I''''' Bethel. “Thi I"-'- BriwJ-.>-. ■■ , eiit" I’. \\ ' '' ill llc.stiek’ I Miss Ktdit I- “I’,c'^ncdcH(' Al I * ■ Moore, “T'k' !>i'':to ) MiKinnrll. ia I). AiuK'i'lOii, l)iM ' *. -■ Jr. J. .9! •' V mciidous [irogress iii the luld ol spoits since his graduation ill 19 19 lioni Douglass lli'j,h Siho'ol, 1 luiitington \ irginia. Staituig wilh his livst \i-ar in col lc',^iate eompelitioii- he starn'd oii ken tucl> State’s Hask. tball team, ln’in.L- the iirsl freshmau c\ er, Irom th - II.line d college, lo make the -Ml Mid- ^ W'esI I cam 19!9-.')t>. In his iiossessioi | now is a niar\eloiis siKer troiihx ^ j whieh he riai'ised as a result ol bein' ' rieeted to the All Mid-W est Team. I In the lall of U).'j1, Cheer jouriieye, lo this college and lalir participate in H.isketball and I'ootball. L)nrm his lour \ear ,>ta\ here he has helpe. lo iiiake histois lor this school m tir worl 1 ol siairls. lleing ou the Champ ioiiship te am lor three strai.Ldit >' ai all 1 ha", ing ma le ihe Ml I’. I A . t‘,;ui, I olh in lootb.ill and basketbal ew r jiiiee his sta> on the eollcgi Aca leinic alK , ( a-eer is an a\era”, sludciit. an,I his hr.crite siibjeet i Xnthnielic. ionalb he is in . eliiie.l, when not i ii'Aa' e.l in sport- low .u l the nio\ le. .\t tunes, he like til 1 e al()ii ‘, H'.it nio-.t ol all he liki Ihe ( omp.m\ ol a c.-rlain \oung la ! w'li is known hi'dds lor her sw e person,ilil> and .ibdit\ to im.lcrstan ;(n I gel along with hmi as well I p'cdiel, "wed hng bells sooi —Caidlri Bl ers. "I Drama at N’irginia State (ailh I’l'lersl iiidge. I’lirg. \'ii...inia served as erilit — Mars ( ^lllin • ■ X . anm \i. \ir.i;TiN(. rhe ,1111111.ll mcctlli'^ ot tiu' ( olliui.' . Si hol.islii' I'less Assmi.iliou will I held at Caihimbi.i l ui\eisit\. Man 10-12. Ihe Newsletter Stall will 1 represented al this ineetiim.

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