PAGE FOUR THE COMPASS OCTOBER, 1966 157 Made Spring Honors Although it is late, here is the Spring Semester Dean’s List and Honor Roll. The COMPASS particularly congratulates those individuals who made the Dean’s List that are now Alumni of ECSC. DEAN'S LIST SENIORS Betty J. Ashe 3.57' Carol V. Ashe 3*75' Annie Boone 3.83 ' James B. Dickerson 3.75 ' Barbara L. Dildy 3.75^ Evelyn C. Dixon 4.00•" Piccola O. Etchinson 3.50' Andrew W. Hamlett 3.97' John Hazel 3.71^ Laura Hopkins Britt 3.57'' Lenora B. Javis 3.50 ' Andrew Littlejohn 3.50' Elbert Moore 3.60' Glorious Moore 3.52 ^ Portia P. Perry 3.75 ^ Melvin E. Powell 3.79'' Mary J. Smith 3.67'' Sandra Trotman 4.00 ' Evelyn E. Sutton 3.57'^ JUNIORS Iris Bunch Albert 3.58'' Heddy A. Basnight 3.81' Edna F. Brown 3.65' Grover T. Eure 3.71 ' Shirley A. Murphy 3.74-' Curtis D. Turnage 3.59^ SOPHOMORES,/ Thelma Bynum 3.62 ' Avon L. Chapman 3.57"^ Vonnie Sue Moore 3.69 ' Willie L. Newell 3.71'' Charles Singleton •3.53'' Lila G. Smith 3.54 - FRESHMEN t/ Wilbert Hawkins 3.71' Freddie Mitchell 3.53^ HONOR ROLL Peggy Avent .3.00 Emma I. Bonner 3.36 Joseph S. Brown 3.00 Mabel L. Butts 3.14 Peggy L. Bynum 3.14 Shirley C. Johnikins 3.21 Patricia Greene 3.00 Fannie P. Harris 3.45 Mary H. Pace 3.40 Doris Holley 3.00 Carroll Hurdle 3.00 Shirley M. Jefferson 3.00 George E. Johnson 3.00 Helen M. Johnson 3.25 Shirley M. Jones 3.00 Rochelle Lockhart 3.25 Maxine Moody 3.04 Gloria Moore 3.28 Murdly C. Mjore 3.04 Katherine O. Kelley 3.25 Peggy J. Perry 3.00 Vernon M. Perry 3.40 Della M. Porter 3.25 James B. Powell 3.35 John Richardson 3.17 Wallace Riggins 3.40 Mary E. Slade 3.00 Frederick Smith -3.00 Carolyn Taylor 3.08 Ronald Thorpe 3.00 Alexander Thweatt 3.00 Magaline Turnage 3.15 Barbara B. Via 3.40 Julia M. Whitehurst 3.00 JUNIORS Almeta Atkins 3.16 Joyce E. Barclift -3.14 Ruby O. Best . .' 3.00 Ann G. Bond 3.00 Betty F. Boone 3.U0 Magnolia Brown 3.18 Geneva Bryant 3.00 Lula Campbell 3.0O Judy Congleton 3.2I Gwendolyn Davenport .... .3.07 Linda Davis 3.06 Barbara O. Fearing 3.00 Diane D. Felton .3.07 Carl D. Fennell 3.00 Eleanor Foreman 3.00 Ansol E. Graham. 3.04 Soloman Graham 3.00 Robert T. Graves 3.10 Benny O. Hodges 3.33 Florence Holley 3.00 Willie N. Lamb 3.37 Leevon Lansden 3.00 Carol V. Lassiter 3.20 Barbara Leary 3.00 Jessie A. Moore 3.31 Glennie B. Mumford 3.00 Kenneth E. McKiver 3.00 Geneva B. Peanort 3.06 Thelma C. Peele 3.00 Willie C. Peele 3.00 Bettie L. Rasberry 3.00 Peggy L. Riggins 3.00 Mary L. Roseboro 3.31 Ernestine Rountree 3.19 Shirley A. Sauls. 3.25 Butler Sharpe 111 3.18 Delma M. Skinner 3-19 Joan C. Smith 3.30 Sarah J. Smith 3.09 Andrea Taylor 3.08 Marjorice Thomas 3.17 Vivian Thornton Armstrong. . -3.17 Lawrence Tucker 3.38 Eula M. White 3.06 Jethro C. Williams 3.13 Wilhemina Joyner 3.38^ Shelley Willingham -3.12 Maggie Wilson 3.47 Izola Young 3.17 SOPHOMORES Randolph Arrington 3.00 Celestine Ashe 3.00 Yolando C. Baker 3.00 Booker T. Bond 3.00 Joyce A. Brinkley 3.29 Jerome Chance 3.05 Frances Deloatch 3.35 Ingrid Y. East 3.17 Thomas Evans 3.31 Charles Freeman 3.38 I Harry J. Ghee 3.12 Velvora Harris 3.00 Raymond Hyman 3.00 Lillie M. Kinney 3.00 Jerry T. Lawrence 3.33 Harold V. Lawson 3.15 Yvonne L. Manley 3.40 George Mason 3.36 Joyce Mills 3.00 Betty J. Myers 3.16 Carolyn McCloud 3.00 Leo McNeil 3.44 Arlease G. Salley 3.47 Tarlton R. Small 3.38 Virgin Whitehurst 3.29 Tyree Wilkins 3.17 FRESHMEN Gwendolyn Hall 3.00 Edna l^argrove 3.00 June Hicks 3.35 Fannie L. James 3.00 Ann Parker Jenkins 3.17 Yvonne Johnson 3.07 Felton Keyes 3.00 ‘ James E. Lyons 3.41 Lee Etta Miller 'f. 3.06 ChatiOS NiiLCiicll 3.23 Mariea Montague 3.00 Brenda Pearson 3.00 Terry A. Quinlan 3.12 Angenette Ruffin 3.39 Carolyn Saunders 3.00 Georgia Ann Scott 3.18 THINK! INTERNATIONAL WEEK LIGHTHOUSE COLLEGE CENTER ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION NOV. 14-18, 1966 EXHIBITIONS GUEST SPEAKERS COLLEGE -CHOIR MON. NOV. 14 Dudley O. Sims Department Modern Languages ECSC TUES. NOV. 15 International Tea-Films WED. NOV. 16 College Assembly Dr. Wm. Whitehurst Dean of Students, Old Dom inion College; Public Affairs & News WTAR-TV "Dr. Whitehurst Reports” FRI. NOV. 18 Costume Ball "All Nations” THE ECSC MARCHING VIKINGS The Elizabeth City State College Marching Vikings got off to a good start this year with a Band Mixer held Septem ber 16, 1966 at 7:30 P. M. in Hugh Cale Mall. Dr. E.L.Davis, chairman of the Music ^depart ment, welcomed twenty new freshmen to the campus and to the Band. Saturday, September 24, the band accompanied the football team to Portsmouth, Virginia, where the team played the Nor folk State Spartans. Mr. D. W. Williams, ECSC Band Director was adjudicator for High School Day at Frank D. Lawrence Field, Portsmouth. The High School Bands who participated were I. C. Norcom of Portsmouth, Virginia and Huntington High School of Newport News. The Vikings are filled with enthusiasm and look forward to a very successful season. Victoria Wilson-Reporter Meet The Majors The first meeting for the year of the Health and Physical Education Major’s Club was held October 3. The organization made sev eral proposals for the new year. They are as follows: (1) A recreation night should be held in the gymnasium once a week. (2) Rules and regulations gov erning the use of the gymna sium shall be set up. (3) The organization will start making preparations for the Homecoming events. (4) A scholarship program will be initiated wherein the members will strive, to make their organization the most scholarty on campus. Officers of the Health and Phys ical Education Major’s Club are: President, Butler Sharpe 111; Vice Pres., Charles Singleton; Secretary, Edna Hargrove; Assistant Secretary, Delois Byrd; Treasurer, Minnie Rascoe; Parliamentarian, Thomas Evans; Reporters, Edna Hargrove and Eric Keyes Club advisors are Mrs. G. L. Jknith and Mr. J. Turpin. OBITUARY Miss Viola McNair of Mount Vernon, N. Y., died September 11. She was the maternal aunt of Dr. Louise Sutton, Professor of Math ematics. Mrs. Ada Matti son, mother of Miss Ruth Carr, recreation aide, Lighthouse College Center, died September 4. The Rev. Jones Williams, father of Jethro Williams, Student Council President, died September 24. Mrs. De Vera Edwards I Highlights Charm Course MRS. DEVERA EDWARDS “GOD AND YOUTH” IS SUBJECT OF VESPER MESSAGE by Alexander Jones “God and Youth” was the inspiring subject of the initial Vesper Hour address delivered by the College Minister, Dr. R. Irving Boone. After the rushed moments of registration and classroom adjustment, new students, as well as returning ones, assem bled in Moore Hall Auditorium to meditate and to reflect upon that Divine Being who made th ese educational processes possible. The sounds of the organ lingered in die hearts of the audience as Mr, Leonard Ballou, college organist, keyed "More- cambe” as the evening’s pre lude. The hymn tune was ar ranged by Mr. Ballou. As the glorious voices of the College Choir echoed the strains of "Now is the Days of Youth”, the attention of the audience was quickly focused on the purposes in Life as College Youth. The speaker, in his message, "God and Youth,” very vividly lifted from the Holy Scriptures the story of the youth who shar ed his "five fish and two bar ley loaves” with the multitude in order that God’s purpose may have been fulfilled. This ques tion was proposed to us as the new breed of youth; "What do we have to loan to God for His continued work?” This was only the first Ves per; there are many more to follow. Are we as youth guilty of misplacing our values in life? Must we be compelled to worship, or do we feel it nec essary to sacrifice just an hour twice a month, to renew our strength and rededicate our lives to the cause of Brother hood. THINK ABOUT IT How you do is more hnpurlarit than u'hal you do. fool and his rrio/icy arc al ways f)of)ular. The Women’s Government Association and the Junior Counselors sponsored a Charm Clinic on September 30 and October 1, 1966- The speaker for the Clinic was Mrs. De Vera Edwards of New Jersey. She is working with Pharmico Incorporated of New Jersey. She is cclnsidered a charm con sultant of the company. She is responsible for traveling to various colleges consulting young ladies on how to dress, walk, and how to use makeup. She also presents television shows for the company. Prior to working with Pharm ico Incorporated, she worked with Ebony Fashion Fair for five years, training models. The attendance at this 9c- casion was exceptionally good. Friday night Mrs. Edwards cli maxed the show by giving prizes. This occasion proved to be very helpful to the young ladies at ECSC. MORE PRAISE continued from page 2 as a member of our faculty approximately I3 years, teach ing Education and Psychology. She has established the E. M. Spellman Award here, to be given annually to the student who has made the most out standing contribution during the year to our COMPASS. In recent years Mrs. Spellman has been honored at a Testi monial Banquet, which was sponsored by the Civic Assoc iation of our city. In I960, she was honored at a "This Is Your Life” program at which approximately 600 people were present. The program was given by the Men’s Day Committee of her church and was a real sur prise to her. A good number of news ar ticles have been written about Mrs. Spellman and many recent ones have given an account of her being appointed to Gov. Dan K. Moore’s Beautification Committee. We would like to say "Congratulations” to her and we are sure that she will fulfill the duties of her new position in the finest of ways. We are proud of Mrs.Spellman for the wonderfully inspiring reputation that she has built. We hope that through even greater assistance to her, she will be encouraged to carry her burning light of guidance higher and higher. Look for ihc job with less present and more future. Trouble comes in threes, present, past and future. Take each one at a time and you will oreri ome them nil- THE COMPASS Volume 28 No. 2 October, 1966 Elizabeth City State College Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909 I'. S. Postage Non-Profit Organization PAID l-’lizaberh City, N-C. Permit No. Return Request-ed

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