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    PAGE 6...THE COMPASS...DECEMBER 15, 1971
I RELATE TO YOU The Man Is My Oppressor
And Then
I relate to rapping
I relate to violence
I relate to brothers
I relate to mothers
I relate to beauty
I relate to God
I relate to Black Achieve
I relate to jive
I relate to ghetto niggers
I relate to upper Ghetto
I relate to downtown
I relate to creativity
I relate to whitey
I relate to reasons
I relate to actions
I relate to sounds
I relate to movements
I relate to pain
I relate to hips
I relate to thighs
1 relate to madness
1 relate to sadness
I relate to gladness
I relate to love
I relate to Man
I relate to Bad Breath
1 relate to meditations
I relate to vibrations
I relate to flowers and
I relate to bullshit
1 relate to Duo Niggro
I relate to Hands off
I relate to relate so re
late sisters and bro
Yes I relate to you!!
Wonderful One
You’re the bread upon my
You’re the sweet wine that
1 drink.
And when I’m out and just
not able
You give me strength to
carry on.
You’re the sweet air in the
You re a beam-light from
the sun.
You make my life com
plete, darling.
You’re my wonderful one.
You’re my heaven on this
A life filled tenderly
You awake my soul with
With a kiss that’s hea
You’re my candle in the
The loving grapes upon a
With one kiss stolen in
the dark
I’m so glad you’re mine.
You’re my wonderful one,
My sweet, sweet, wonder
ful one.
A love for you so true
You’re my wonderful me.
Mathieu Blount
I had a friend
He was kind and
He gave me everyttiing
but self-government.
I hey found my friend
stabbed in the back
They arrested me
’cause I was Black
The man is my oppressor
and I will always want
He forces me to lie down
in slum gutters
He leadeth me to piercing
He negates my soul
He leadeth me down the
paths of Racism for his
Profit’s sake
Yea though strung out I
run hoping for the sha
dow of death
I will fear all evils for
he will chase me.
His dog and his sleers will
taunt me.
He preparest the laws
against me in hope for
victory of mine ene
He encircles my neck with
My blood spilleth over
Surely the hatred and tor
ment shall follow me
And I will dwell in the
damned U.S.A.
Eve of the Revolution:
The Ice Man is here and
The Crab man Cometh
Jimmy Copies
Junkie, Junkie., He's Around
Junkie, Junkie he’s a-
round. I’ll be damn my
jones is coming down.
Snot running out of my
nose, covering my toes,
twindling my thighs.Can’t
you see man.... I’m in
need. Mr. Pusher...Mr.
Pusher who’s around
can’t you see this junkie
needs. I feel, I feel so
high, sohighitevenmakes
my woman walk away
from me. But I’m a junk
ie man with pride, snort
ing, shooting and feeling
high. Man...Can’t you see
my old comes running
after me, I just push him
around because I feel, I
feel so high, so high that
I sell that old man of mine
short. Thenhe walks away
from me only because I’m
feeling high.
My mother comes
walking up to me saying
son....son it just can’t
be. But I’m just leaning,
nodding, feeling high, to
shame to realize my mo
ther looking at me. When
What Has
Happened To
Ch ristmas?
Will someone please tell
me, explain if you can ... International Week ...
What has happened to
Christmas throughout
this our land?
she leaves, I steal ev
erything that’s in my
sight. I got to feel so
high, so high, because it
brings me to my insides.
People, people are
walking away from me,
thinking I’m going to get
them like me. When I
walk, walk the streets, I
feel as though people are
looking at me.
My brother came run
ning after, after me be
cause he wants to feel
like me. Mr. Pusher is
around but I pushed him
away from me because I
don t want my brother to
be like me. Mr. Pusher
don’t spread that shit a-
round because his arm
nor skin isn’t so deep.
Man, man...youcansatis-
fy my needs but destroy
his needs.
Please Mr. Pusher,
leave me alone.
by Ella Barnes
clothes and with food
and the like.
Alma Jenkins
For somehow in the hus
tle and bustle of time
It seems that dear Christ
mas, we lost in the
People don’t stop to think
of that most holy night
When three wise men de
cided to follow a light
To follow a holy, a most
sacred light
Despite the harsh cold or
the threats of the night.
For there in a stable,
amongst donkeys and
The wonderful counselor
lay, tiny and meek.
Without whom, the world
would be doomed to die
But no. He would give us
all another try.
But people don’t stop to
think of these sights,
They’re too busy with
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gree in Urban - Environ
mental Studies from
Rensealear Polytechnic
Institute in Troy, N.Y.,
centered his speech
around unity and harmony
in international relations.
On the same evening at
8:00 p.m., Miss Cynthia
Wade of Washington, D.C.
was presented in concert
in Moore Hall Auditor
ium. Miss Wade’s repor-
torie included Latin,Rus-
sian, German, and Amer
ican compositions. Miss
Wade is a recent grad
uate of Howard University
and past president of
Howard University
The final aspect of In
ternational Week was the
Internatiopal Ball, a
yearly treat, held in Will
iams Hall Gymnasium.
Music for the Ball was
furnished by a dynamic
soulful band.
Brothers and sisters,
check me out!
When I am hungry for a
crust of bread.
Or cold and nearly naked
in the damp.
Are we not brothers then?
When I am lonely for an
ear to hear.
My soul cries out for
some spark of com
And all around me peo
ple rush and run.
Are we not brothers then?
Can we sit down and speak
to one another.
Make an attempt to touch
each other’s souls —
To feel each other’s
needs, each other’s
And not quiver too much
about our own.
But lose ourselves within
each other’s caring?
And then, after the
“touching of the souls,”
Arise as newborn babes
to greet the morning.
Yes, then are we truly
brothers and sisters.
-Alma Faye Jenkins
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20. I Want To Be A Part
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Arthea Franklin
James Brown
Sly & The Family Stones
Jackson 5
Eddie Kendricks
Isaac Hayes
The Chi-Lites
Honey Comb
The Chi-Lites
A1 Green
Four Tops
James Brown
The Dells
Johnnie Taylor
Rufus Thomas
Brenda & Tabulations
I Relate To You

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