North Carolina Newspapers

December 1982
Vol. 44 No. 2
Dr. Jimmy Jenkins,
Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
by Lee Bowser
Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins
holds the title of Vice
Chancellor for Academic
Affairs and Dean of the
Faculty. In the structure of
things here at the University,
his postion is directly beneath
that of our Chancellor, Dr.
Marion Thorpe.
According to Dr. Jenkins,
the structure is comprised
thusly; Dr Marion D. Thorpe,
Chancellor; Dr. Jenkins, The
Vice Chancellor for
Academic Affairs; Mr. Roger
McLean, Vice Chancellor for
Fiscal Affairs; Dr Harry
Ghee, Vice Chancellor for
Student Affairs; and the
director of planning whose
title will soon be changed to
Vice Chancellor for
Each person named plays a
very inportant part at ECSU.
They are in positions where
they have great respon
sibilities. They are the
“chief” and his four
“lieutenants,” the highest
ranking officials of this Ad
In speaking with Dr.
Jenkins, one is easily im
pressed. His job as Vice
Chancellor of Academic
Affairs is to be responsible for
all Academics. That includes
all classrooms, grading
policies, academic buildings,
faculty and a long list of other
When the Chancellor’s
away. Dr. Jenkins is
responsible for running the
University on a day to day
basis. His position carries
with it the second in com
mand status.
Though he would like to get
out of the office and meet the
students, he is often just too
busy. His work week consists
of going through tunnels of
mail from both persons who
are associated with the
University, such as Depart
mental Chairpersons, as well
as persons outside of the
University, such as former
students. He also has to go
through mail that conerns
new program proposals,
instructions from the
Chancellor, and General
Administration as well.
“ That’a a very heavy part
of my job and it keeps me
often times locked behind
that door there where people
really don’t get a chance to
see me.” His job is, without
question, a demanding one.
“ I have quite a few
meetings with faculty
members who have concerns
they wish to express about the
way the University or their,
classes are being runned. He
has more than enough
meetings to keep him busy.
The meetings that will
probably interest students
most are those concerning
grades. If the students reach
Dr. Jenkins in their pursuit
for a justice they feel denied
them, there is little doubt
they have a grim situation.
Dr. Jenkins feels there is a
great need to show support
for both students and faculty
on his part. He attends social
events to show his support,
and believes other top ad
ministrators should do so as
well. He felt that the students
put a great deal of effort into
the Coronation Ball, and they
deserve to be recognized for
it. He also feels that Honor
Societies, Fraternities, and
other Social Organizations
have a place at the Univer-
stiy, and feels he should show
his support.
ECSU is home to Dr.
Jenkins. It is his Alma
Mater. This is where he
made his beginning. He feels
a great honor in serving the
University . He attained his
Masters Degree and Doc
torate Degree at one of the
most renouned Universities
in the nation, Purdue
University. He returned to
ECSU as a faculty member
and administrator. To reach
the level of administration
that he has, “Was more than I
could have asked for or
His future aspiration is to
serve E.C.S.U. to the best of
his abilities. The answer is
stated simply, but it is im
pressive. So is Dr. Jenkins.
by Lynette Gvtridge
If playing to a standing-
room-only audience for the
three nights of a play’s
production is considered
“success,” then “Hot L
Baltimore” was exactly that.
The play was a hit for at
least three reasons for sure:
Shawn Smith the new
director, the entire group
involved with production,
from the actors to the people
behind the scenes, and the
support offered from the
University and community.
There were no signs of the
many problems that plague
any production. The stage
setting looked true to life; the
actors showed
professionalism; and the
audience participation en
couraged the cast with their
Don’t miss out twice. Be
sure to go to the University
Player’s spring production
Bus Stop.
Dr. Jimmy Jenkins relaxes in
his office.

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