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April 1984
Elizabeth City, NC
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The COMPASS Salutes The Inauguration
Of Chancellor Jimnty R- Jenkins
Poussaint To Speak
1984 Commencement Speaker
by R.J. Walker
Another academic year has
come and gone; it’s now time for
graduating seniors to bid
Elizabeth City State University
farewell. The years spent here at
ECSU are memorable ones that
shall be cherished in the hearts of
all of us forever.
We have seem many changes
during our stay at ECSU. Some
were considered good others not
so good, but through it all we
stuck it out. Some times the
going got rough and we felt like
giving it up, but with the support
of many we held our ground and
worked things out.
The closer we approached our
final semester, everything
appeared to become more
complicated. I mean classes got
harder, instructors became less
tolerant, campus life became a
bore and of course the price of
tuition increased rapidly.
Through all of this, we
illustrated our Viking Spirit and
hung on in there. Now it’s time
for our-long awaited reward.
Graduation. May sixth is a day
that means more to many of us
than anything in the world at the
present time^^a day that we can
take all the knowledge we have
acquired here and put it to use in
the working world.
This is a very special part of
the semester for seniors. We
have senior week coming up.
Many things will occur this week
such as, the Chancellor’s lawn
party, the Senior Talent Show,
trips and a host of other things.
The most important happening
that week will be
Commencement Exercises.
Everyone is looking forward to a
beautiful day with everything
nmning smoothly and a well
known speaker. This year’s
graduation will be the first held
in Roebuck Stadium. The
speaker for the 1984
Commencement Exercise is
Alvin Poussaint, MD.
Mr. Poussaint is Dean for
Student Affairs at Harvard
Medical School. He is also on the
staff of the Children’s Hospital in
Boston, where he is a member of
the Family Support Center staff
and is active in research.
He is a best-selling author of
Why Blacks m Blacks, 1972,
and (with Dr. James P. Comer)
Black Child Care.1975. He has
written dozens of articles for lay
and professional publications.
He has served as consultant to
the Department of Health,
Education and Welfare and the
Congressional Black Caucus.
Born in Harlem, he attended
Columbia and received his MD
from Cornell in 1960. He took
postgraduate training at UCLA
Neuropsychiatric Institute,
where he served as Chief
Resident in Psychiatry in 1964-65.
At UCLA, he pursued research in
the use of drugs in treating
childhood bedwetting.
He has also worked alongside
such civil rights leader as
Stokely Carmichael, Martin
Luther King Jr., Andrew Young
and Jesse Jackson. He is
currently a member of the board
of directors of Operation Push.
Mr. Poussaint has a host of other
achievements and awards.
This year’s graduation should
truly prove to . be a memorable
one as ECSU welcomes to its 1984
Commencement Exercises Mr.
Alvin Poussaint, MD.
SGA President
Bids Farewell
Bids Farewell
Dear Fellow Vikings,
It has been a very complicated
and pleasurable year for all of
us. It has been educative, as well
as painful, but through it all we
managed to come together as the
true VIKING FAMILY that we
are. We must forever remember
that the students are the
backbone of this university
Being the backbone of this
university, you must demand
respect and demand that you are
heard. You need to be aware of
what is happening around you.
You should not take anything for
granted, and ask questions if you
do not understand, You should
take time each day to reflect on
the goals you have set for
I feel that if you want change
you must ,stick together^ and
remember that any change must
start at the bottom and work its
way up. It was an honor and a
privilege for me to serve as the
Student Government Association
President this year. I feel that we
have accomplished many things,
and I sincerely wish you the best
in the future.
Together VVe Did
Make A
Finally, with the words of our
College Hymn’s last stanza I
close because I feel “Together
We Made A Difference.”
“With courage and convictions
Thy hollowed walls we’ll leave,
To take our place in life’s great
To make and set the pace,
’Gainst ignorance we’ll wage a
great war.
The light of learmng well
spread far.
With faith thy honor, well
defend. „
Ne’er will our love e er end.
In the Viking Spirit.
E. Renee Anderson. President
Student Government
Association 83-84
Finally, I have the opportunity
to write my farewell note. As
Editor-in-Chief of the COMPASS
I’ve had many good times, but
where there’s good the element
of badness is not far away.
I would now like to thank all
who have made my duties as
Editor go a lot easier than
sometimes anticipated. They
include Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins,
Dr. Anne Henderson, Ms. Robin
Beamon. Mrs. Diana Gardner,
Dr. Harry Ghee, Mr. Roger
McClean and of course the
COMPASS staff. There are more
to whom I owe thanks, but if I
listed you all, that’s all this
newspaper would consist of; so
now I say thanks to everyone who
has helped me in any fashion.
I feel quite satisfied with the
issues we have produced. Each
one of them appear to reflect the
goal I dreamed of reaching with
the newspaper. I feel the
COMPASS has been a positive
reflection of ECSU and I hope all
of you feel the same way. We’ve
tried to cover every aspect of
campus, but naturally
everything can’t always go into
the paper. For the things that
•were omitted that you felt were
news-worthy I now extend my
apologies to you.
From working on the
COMPASS I have gained
valuable experience as well as
worldly knowledge which I hope I
can use constructively in the
working world. One goal I have
is, not only to make myself
proud, but all those who have
been affiliated with me in any
manner as well. I feel as though I
am a spark that ECSU has
ignited; now it’s my turn to shine
upon the world.
Elizabeth City, North Carolina _
1891 1984
Events of the Ninety-Ninth
1 984
•Commencement Sunday, May 6 - 10:00 a.m.
Carrie M. & Sant Roebuck Stadium
Speaker; Dr. Alvin Poussaint
•BAND and CHOIR CONCERT Sunday, April 29 - 8:00 p.m.
Moore Hall .Xuditorium
•CLASS NIGHT PROGRAM Wednesday, May 2 - 8:00 p.m.
Moore Hall .AuiUtorium
CHANCELLOR'S DINNER FOR SENIORS . . . .Friday, May 4-4:30p.m.
Outdoor Classroom
BRIEFING SESSION Friday, May 4 - 6:00 p.m.
Wiliams Hall (Ivmnashini
ALUMNI MEETING Saturday, May 5 — 10:00 a.m.
(iraduate Center
ALUMNI RECEPTION Saturday, May 5 — 5:30 p.m.
Graduate Center
ALUMNI AWARDS BANQUET Saturday, May 5-7:00 p.m.
Graduate Center
•RECEPTION Sunday, May 6 (Following Commencement)
University Center
•KINDERGARTEN COMMENCEMENT. . . Wednesday, May 2 -7:30 p.m.
G. U. Little Theatre
•The public Is Invited to attend.
Third Annual
Fair Held
by R.J. Walker
A, Science Fair contest was
also held and the participants
were Junior and Senior High
(School students. The awards
Empha^s Placed
eight winning students. The
On itnrr bonds were made possible by
\0Otnp%nerS various businesses in Elizabeth
w/mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm City and surrounding areas.
Elizabeth City State University
and Northeastern North Carolina
Tomorrow h^ld their Third
Annual Regional Technology
Fair on April 19-21 in the Robert
L. Vaughan Center.
The fair was composed of
exhibits from the local, regional
and state level. Contributions
were also made by the North
Carolina Department of Natural
Rescources and Commerce
Development, Department of
Commerce and Marine
Rescources. ECSU also had
contributions representing the
thirteen departments of the
The vocational and educational
portion of the fair was
contributed by students
throughout the region, the
industrial representation
consisted of material from local,
state, county and community
The co-chairmans of the fair
are Dr. T.V. Beasley and Dr.
Bishop M. Patterson. The
purpose of the Technology Fair is
to provide an overview of the
economic rescources of
Northeastern, North Carolina
and to showcase technologies
which would advance future
development and enhance the
quality of life for the region.
The four years I have spent
here have been the best years of
my life, academically and
socially. Accompanying my
feelings of happiness upon
graduation are also feelings of
sadness, for I shall be leaving
many people whom I have grown
to love. I now know what it
means to be part of a University
Working together, sharing, and
caring are the main ingredients,
and ECSU surely has a lot of it.
For those who view ECSU
differently, maybe you’re
looking for the wrong things.
In conclusion, I only hope my
brothers Steven and Victor, who
will be here next semester, can
experience the goodness I have
and enhance the magic of ECSU.
Wherever I am or whatever I do,
when asked what university I
attended, I shall reply with my
head up high, Elizabeth City
State University. I am proud to
be an eternal VIKING!!!
Newsly Yours,
Robert J. Walker

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