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March 2011
Anti-government protesters surround and stand atop an Egyptian army arnnored
personnel carrier near Tahrir Square, in downtown Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian activists
have been protesting for nearly two months.
Quality Enhancement Plan Celebrated
By Derek Baker
Elizabeth City State University
celebrated the Quality Enhance
ment Plan (QEP) on February 16.
In conjunction with ECSU’s radio
station, WRVS-FM 89.9, QEP
day aspired to inform communi
ties, both university and local, of
the QEP and the importance of the
actual plan.
According to ECSU’s website,
“The QEP is a focused course of
action designed to improve stu
dent learning in a specific area.
ECSU’s QEP will address aca
demic writing. The QEP slogan
is: Think! Write! Revolutionize!”
The QEP is a required step for the
re-accreditation of the university.
The reaffirmation of accredita
tion is done by the Southern As
sociation of Colleges and Schools
(SACS). In essence, the school
or public institution, is “worthy
of granting degrees and that the
degrees offered are valued,” the
ECSU website said.
The QEP’s basis is “Academic
Writing.” Academic writing is
the ability to write cohesive para
graphs using appropriate gram
mar and sentence structure. It is
the ability to integrate and criti
cally evaluate information from
reputable sources for exposition
(explanation) and description.
Additionally, appropriate docu
mentation and objective presenta
tion of information are elements
of academic writing.
Though many of the programs
at ECSU are currently accredited,
the university is required to be
re-accredited by SACS because
of funding, degree value and the
schools overall worth in the uni
versity community.
The day was celebrated with
on-going radio contests, with
prizes ranging from school sup
plies to High Definition televi
sions. The contest consisted of
questions geared toward informa
tion about the QEP, how it will be
implemented, and what effect it
will have on the school.
Journalist Under Attack
As military leaders tooe over the country, protesters continued to
unite for democracy, leaving journalists in dangerous positions
Post later reported that Logan was
_ _ _ back home with her children and
By Brittnee Exum , . . . , xv
planned to return to work alter
she recovered. ABC reported that
American press freedom was Mark Stassman, another member
wrangled as angry Egyptians at- of the CBS team, was attacked by
tacked reporters in the streets of rock throwing Egyptians,
downtown Cairo. The attacks Many reporters had to rely on
came on the day the tanks moved themselves and crew members to
in and dissembled several of survive dangerous situations. Af-
Egypt’s holiest shrines. ter being carjacked, ABC reported
At least 140 journalists were their news crew members were
threatened, beaten, assaulted or threatened by Egyptians to be be-
detained while trying to cover headed. Akram Abi-hanna, who is
the protests according to CBS. Lebanese and a veteran ABC cam-
CNN’s Anderson Cooper was at- eraman, used an emotional appeal
tacked by an angry mob of Egyp- to the angry Egyptians to escape
tians. According to the Herald their near death experience; Abi-
Sun, a newspaper in Durham, NC, hanna hugged and kissed an el-
Cooper said the attacks were, “... derly Egyptian,
pandemonium. There was really There was no doubt that the at-
no control to it. Suddenly a young tacks on joumalistt were aimed
man would come up, look and to repress coverage. According
you and then punch you right in to The New York Times, The
the face.” Washington Post’s foreign edi-
ABC reported that another CNN tor, Douglas Jehl, said “it appears
reporter, Hala Gorani, was shoved that journalists are being targeted
against a fence by the crowd and a by the Egyptian authorities in a
photojoumalist, Rajesh Bhardwaj, deliberate campaign of intimida-
was detained. ABC also reported, tion aimed at quashing honest,
PCX’s Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig independent reporting of a trans-
were hospitalized in Cairo due formation event.” ABC’s David
to vicious attacks. Many journal- Mur said that many Mubarak
ists struggled to get to posts away supporters claimed that the inter-
from the immediate danger. The national spotlight helped to bring
safety of these post areas proved their country and president down
to be questionable when security “the demonstrators see the jour-
officials busted into a hotel room nalists as being aligned with the
where Ashley Webster, from Mubarak government and are an-
FOX, was reporting about the gry at them for their support of a
protests from a balcony. repressive regime,” said Barbara
According to The Times of DeGeorge, and Academic Dean at
London, published in the United Northwood University, reported
Kingdom, CBS chief foreign in The Christian Science Monitor.
correspondent Lara Logan was The Obama administration re
punched and beaten by flag poles, sponded to the intimidation ploys
In addition. The Times of London with heavy disapproval. The New
reported: the angry mob ripped York Times reported that Robert
Logan’s clothes off and beat her Gibbs, a White House spokesper-
for 30 minutes leaving her cov- son, said the attacks were “com-
ered in red welts. CBS described pletely and totally unacceptable.”
Logan’s attack as a “brutal and Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary
sustained sexual assault and beat- of State, said, “It is especially in
ing.” Logan was rescued by a times of crisis that governments
group of women and approxi- must demonstrate their adherence
mately 40 Egyptian soldiers, ac- to these universal values.”
cording to CBS. The New York

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