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Despite many high rising ob
stacles and constant pressure from
many sources, it was confirmed
last week that Earl Hart, the little
man from Rocky Mount, N. C. who
has been a constant thorn in the
side of the administration since he
has been here, will be a candidate
for the office of President of the
Student Government Association.
Earl has been deeply involved in
the aflairs of the students on cam
pus.. He is currently the president
of the WSSU chapter of the Na
tional Black Student Union. Al
though not a class representative,
Earl has taken an active interest
in the business of the SGA this
Earl is basically a little man
but his voice has been heard
throughout the acreage of Winston-
Salem State University. He has
spoken loud and clear about the
needs of the students on this cam
pus. In his campaign speech he
Black University-
White Economics
From the time a Black male is pointed out that it was high time
united for the cause of making
this a Black University relevant to
the needs of the Black student and
community. He didn’t say any
thing about getting beer served in
the canteen or legalizing the bring
ing of alcoholic beverages into the
dormitories. When asked to com
ment on this he replied, “I really
ior who was about to be suspended I was not inactive because I was
by the administration. This inci-1 right there on the plantations front
dent brought up the question of porch. I believe the grievances
whether the said student should be' were made by the whole student
brought before the student body, body, but the one thing that
The student body was given juris- brought them all to light was the
diction in the case. Another issue curfew dispute which was initially
which was brought up at this time started in the freshman class and
was a list of grievances made by spread across campus like wild-
don't think that these are very im-1 the students. A question was asked fire. Again I was not the sole
Mr. Hart during his campaign originator of this movement, but I
speech concerning the curfew vvas confronted by representatives
hours established last year. Again of the freshman class and went
I'm not saying that we shouldn't, Mr. Hart replies to the question, with them to take the problem to
have them. I feel that the students i what part did you play in getting the administration. When the ad-
portant issues to confront the stu
dent body with. Maybe it would be
a nice thing to have socially and
first introduced to his own history
till his death he is cognizant of
the omnipresence of his female
counterpart. Almost everyone is
aware of how Harriet Tubman val
iantly led thousands to freedom
through the dark mists of slavery
times. Since the time of Harriet
Tubman and quasi-freedom in the
20th century, the white imposed
society has taught us to laud and
glorify the black female's exist
The accolades given to black
women are well deserved in some
respects because they do lead a
majority of our families. But when
ever history has called for some
one to leave the warmth of job.
security and home to lead the
that the students on this campus
on this campus should have every
thing that they want. That is one
of the reasons why certain people
in the administration are against
my running for office. However, I
will be devoted to the betterment
of the student body at this institu
tion until Earl Hart no longer
exists, no matter what the outcome
will be."
Last year Mr, Hart put his col
lege life on the line as he spoke
out in defense of a graduating sen-
the hours changed? “I was not ministration did nothing to ratify
responsible for getting the hours this problem it was brought before
changed. It was the majority of the entire student body and mat-
the students who unified in the ters were taken into their own
cause of getting something from hands."
the administration that they Hart's running opponents include
wanted. I have never seen the stu- --home boy” Toney Grant, also
dents here more together. They . ^ junior from Rocky Mount, N. C..
proved that they could get what and William Parker, a junior
they wanted from the administra- from Spring Hope, N. C. Mr. Grant
tion if they just stick together. I jg representing the Progressive
feel that it should always be that Party, while Parker is running on
way. However, during this incident the Student Party ticket.
I 8 92
marcn toward equauty, the black ment Association elections, will
man must come forth. As is the perhaps answer manv questions
case at the present, the older gen- ^
The upcoming Student Govern- j nothing policies of former admin-
iraiiciis. \ ers little iias ^ nanged in
the past few years under former
student councils, and for that rea
eration saw a necessity to educate
the black woman more extensively important will be the question of
than the man. Because this vvas just how our students feel about
surely not an economically feasible and react to certain situations,
thing to do, it surely must ha\e candidates, Wil-
been the result of the whiteman s ^ ,
brainwash. Parker, Toney Grant, and
Today, according to U. S. New's Earl Hart, have cast their hats in-
and World Report, 67% of all black to the ring and are waiting patient-
households are headed by women, ly for the final decision to be made
which means that there are two |^y students at this univer-
wonnen to every one man heading
a black household. In the face of j
this evidence it is difficult to under- proaches to solving some of the
stand why there should be four | major problems, and all three dif-
black women with college educa- ’ fgr radically on many views and
tions to every one black man. One
opinions. But the question is, just
could assume that it is the eco- . ... i . o
nomic expedient to educate black "'ho ''-''I students appeal to’
women twice their numbers (as, William Parker, probably the
family heads), from the ratio of ’ most conservative of the three, has
four black women to every black not really defined his position on
man in the black college today, j the most important issues, but will
Realistically speaking, one would hopefully get himself together be
think that society fears an ^ fore the ballot is cast. Toney Grant
educated black male. The black has defined and redefined his posi-
woman is above all a woman, and' tion, but because of his relative
despite her educational level will newness to campus politics, he will
pursue marriage, motherhood, and i certainly have to appeal more to
security. And as a result, much of' his voters than Parker. I would
the economic potential of our edu- rate Grant's chances of winning a
cated blacks is lost and perman
ently eliminated from the wealth of
the business and industrial world,
which usually recruits large num
bers of men.
Because most women go into
education upon completion of their
college life, the entire situation
takes the appearance of a white
scheme to avoid competition from
blacks in business and industry,
while boasting of how it educates
its blacks. Therefore, it is an
amazement to me why Winston-
Salem State University is building
another women’s dormitory in the
midst of the business and industrial
wealth of this area.
Joseph Lightsey
lot better than Parker’s.
Earl Hart represents the radical
element in the campaign. He has
been actively involved in campus
affairs throughout his college ca
reer. To many of us, some of his
views seem unrealistic, but we
have to admit that he takes his
stand and sticks to it. I somehow
feel that Earl Hart may be the
spark to some tremendous changes
at WSSU if he is elected. He has
already proved a thorn in the side
of the administration, and I’m sure
some of our faculty have felt his
In the past, students have not
participated in student government
elections, probably because of do-
son, this election is very important.
The party that will assume office
will reflect the people that put
them there. If the conservative
candidate wins, then it will be be
cause conservative students put
him there, and likewise for the
other parties. If many common
problems continue to exist on into
the coming semester, it will un
doubtedly be because the student
body wants it that way.
I am the first to admit that
Winston-Salem State University is
far behind other universities of this
size as far as social, cultural and,
academic development is con- ]
cerned. Because of this, 1 place j
all blame on past student govern
ments. They have not lived up to
needs of Black people in general
and Winston-Salem State Univer
sity students in particular. If this
were not so, then why aren't Black
courses in the curriculum, why is
there such a gap between faculty
and student, and why are we con
fronted with so many problems and
diversified views in the current
My solution is to re-evaluate our
selves while re-evaluating our
candidates. Listen intently and ob;
jectively to w'hat each has to say,
and most important, watch your
fellow students in the next few
weeks. Read all information con
cerning the election and the candi
dates and find out just where they
In essence, take this election at
heart, because it is very important
to those of us who will have to be
here for the next two or three
years. W'hatever changes will be
made during the next campaign
will no doubt, affect you tremend
ously. Finally, and most important,
Terry Howard
Reflections On A
As I look back over the past
year, from that day in May when
I was elected, to now as the time
approaches for me to step down, I
have both fond and sad memories
of my year as your president. I
now look back over my campaign
speech and reflect on the things
that were actually accomplished.
Although some of the things we
needed were not accomplished, I
feel that we have made great
strides toward becoming a better
institution. We have managed to
increase and to enrich the social
life at the institution more than
100^ while also making academic
continued to take an active role in
I policy making decisions by having
! students seated on all academic
committees. These things were
; done because we felt that students
I should help to decide policies under
which they are to operate. Even
though students are appointed,
they have not been responsible, be
cause on many occasions the stu
dents didn't attend their respective
committee meetings. If students
are to be instrumental in deciding
policy they must attend the various
meetings and have a voice, either
pro or con. in the decisions made.
In reference to the non-classroom
academic affairs, on lyceum and
speaker series, we've brought a
nrmber of noted sneakers to the
campus. We also were able to
donate money to the WSSU band
! to help in their uniform drive.
These are the things that stick
j most vividly in my mind for these
are the good things, but as the
poet once said, "into each life some
rain must fall." I can say that
we have had our share of rainfall.
; Because of the problems we have
encountered I would like to make
the following recommendations:
1. The candidates for Miss WSSL^
should come from the senior
class and that of Miss Home
coming from the junior class.
This should be done with the
approval of the classes in
2. That voting machines should
be used (when possible in all
campus elections.
3. The constitution for the SGA
be studied and reviewed and
all ambiguous portions be
omitted or re-worded.
4. That the representation in the
SGA council be reduced to
three members from each
class, and that classes require
their representatives to attend
the SGA council meetings.
Upon three unexcused absen
tees that persons affected be
asked to resign from the coun
cil and be replaced by their
respective classes. I feel that
with these revisions and addi
tions, the S.G.A. will continue
to function as a representa
tive body for all the students.
I would like to take this time to
We were successful in helping to j thank you. for the opportunity to
acquire additional library hours so
that students could make better
use of its resources and materials.
We were able to seat four students
on the Board of Trustees to serve
in an advisory capacity, thus be
coming the first state institution to
do so in North Carolina. We have
represent you and for your sup
port. I close by saying if I had
it to do over again I would not do
it at all. I know most of you will
approve. Remember in “unity
there is Strength, in division De
—Leslie Kimbrough

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