HTtR TO lEARN. DEPART TO SEBVE She VOL. IX, NO. 5 WINSTON-SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY, WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA January 31, 1976 Project Strengthen Receives Grant Dr. Wilveria Atkinson, Director of Project Strengthen at Winston-Salem State University, has announced the receipt of a grant from the Minority Bio- Medical Support, Division of Research Resources, National Institutes of Health. The $58,508 grant will support continued faculty research and the training of students in bio-medical research. Project Strengthen at Winston- Salem State University is a program designed to provide research opportunities in bio medical sciences for both faculty and students. Its specific aim is to offer participating students better insight and background for careers in the health related sciences. The program is funded by the Minority Bio-Medical Support Program of the National Institutes of Health and the Kate B. Reynolds Health Care Trust Fund. The basic concept is that an atmosphere of scientific curiosity, which research engenders, is a critical ingredient for a successful career in medicine, dentistry or the teaching profession in higher education. Students in this program interested in attending medical school can spend their senior year in cooperating medical school, receive the bachelor’s degree on completion of that year and continue for the medical degree. Research investigators on the staff are: dr. WILVERIA ATKINSON, Immunologist and Director of Project Strengthen DR. GERALDINE HARRIS, mircrobilogist DR. NATHANIEL HEWITT, geneticist MRS. ADA M. HARVEY, research technologist. Current projects providing developmental and research opportunities for students are; Dr. Atkinson, “Identification of Surface Antigens on Thymus and Lung Cells as to Molecular Nature and Biological Function.” Dr. Harris, “Isolation and Identification of Uncharacterized Growth Factors Found in Cultures of Certain Mouse Lung Tissue.” Dr. Hewitt, “Enzyme Profiles in Drosophila and in Mammalian Lung Cells.” BEOG Grants Available The SGA and Scholastic Achievement Program will present Shakespearean actor William Marshall on February 11. He will perform the role of Frederick Douglass in “An Evening with Frederick Douglass” in the Kenneth R. Williams Auditorium, (related information on page 3) The Basic Educational Opportunity Grant applications will be available in the Student Aid Office beginning February 2- 20, 1976 for all currently enrolled students. However, all students receiving BEOG awards for the 1975-76 school year will automatically receive an appbcation from the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Further, BEOG applications are available in all high schools, post secondary institutions and public libraries. There are several students that completed 1975-76 BEOG applications and were awarded a grant but declared ineligible for the grant by the Student Aid Office because they had entered a post secondary institution before April 1,1973. This stipulation does not hold true for the 1976-77 school year. It is longer a restriction in terms of who may apply for the bas'C grant. A New Section A new section (F) has been added to the application. This section must be completed by all applicants. It seeks information concerning the following areas: (a) all non taxable income (b) veterans and social security benefits (even if reported in section D and E as non taxable income) (c) gives HEW permission to release your BEOG record to all State Scholarship Agencies; (Ex: In case of a N.C. student, HEW would release your BEOG record to the College Foundation who handles the N.C. Student Incentive Grant program for the state of N.C. one parent must sign the certification statement which is found in item 50. If section (E) is completed, only the applicant must sign the certification statement. Under specific conditions, it will be permissable for a third party (high school counselor or financial aid officer) to sign the application in lieu of the parent. T^e conditions are as follows: (a) Both parents are out of the country (b) Both parents are deceased (c) The current address of parents is not known (d) Parents are declared mentally incompetent Parental information and signatures must be provided when an applicant checks yes to any questions in Section (C). This year for the first time, all classes are eligible to apply for the BEOG, (freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors). Eligibility All students from . North Carolina are eligible to apply for the North Carolina Student Incentive Grant. Those students that received a grant this current school year will automatically receive grant applications from the College Foundation. The procedure for processing the NCSIG will be changed somewhat this year in that the application will be sent directly to the College Foundation by the student rather than to the Financial Aid Office to be processed first. Sign It In order for an application to be processed, both the applicant and Complete Fully In compietmg the Family Financial Statement, all students applying for the NCSIG must indicate that a copy of the CFAR be sent to the College Foundation. The code number for College Foundation is 0742. For the 1976-77 school year, if all of the proper documents are not on hand in the financial aid office, no consideration will be given in terms of financial aid. Students applying for the North Carolina Incentive Grant for the first time may pick up applications in the Student Aid Office. Financial Aid Policies APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL AID PROCEDURES; To be considered for all forms of assistance offered or administered by the Financial Aid Office as well as other Federal and State aid programs, each student must file the following applications for the 1976-77 academic school year: 1. 1976-77 Winston-Salem State University Institutional Application for Financial Aid 2. 1976-77 Family Financial Statement (mail to ACT) 3. 1976-77 Basic Educational Opportunity Grant Application (BEOG) 4. 1976-77 North Carolina Student Incentive Grant Application In order to assure that every student on campus receives the necessary forms to apply for financial aid assistance, staff members of the Financial Aid Office will conduct instructional sessions, issue financial aid forms to students and hold consultation meetings at the following locations; Monday, February 2, 1976 7:00 P.M. Moore Dormitory; Tuesday, February 3, 1976 7:00 P.M. Colson Dormitory; Wednesday, February 4,1976 7:00 P.M. Atkins Dormitory; Thursday, February 5, 1976 7:00 P.M. Dillard Dormitory; Monday February 9, 1976 7:00 P.M. Pegram Dormitory; Tuesday, February 10, 1976 4:00 P.M. Bickett Dormitory; Wednesday, February 11, 1976 7:00 P.M. Brown’s Dormitory; Thursday, February 12, 1976 7:00 P.M. 3rd Street Dormitory; Monday, February 16, 1976 10:30 A.M. Hauser’s Student Union, 2:30 P.M. WSSU Campus. Applications may also be obtained from the Financial Aid Office in Blair Hall betweert the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. IMPORTANT DATES: February 2, 1978 - First day for issuing Financial Aid Applications to students currently enrolled at WSSU. February 20,1976 - Last day for issuing Financial Aid Applications to students currently enrolled at WSSU. March 1, 1976 - WSSU Institutional Applications must be returned to Financial Aid Office on or before this date. A Special Note of Interest In a meeting Wednesday, December 10, the Winston-Salem University Board of Trustees passed a resolution commending the School of Nursing for its contributions made to the medical community. In a report to the Board, MRS. MARY ISOM, Dean of the School of Nursing, pointed out that of the 354 students who have graduated smce 1957, 312 graduates have passed the State Licensure Board Examination and are practicing professional nursing. Upon hearing the Dean’s comments on faculty qualifications, student-faculty ratios, faculty service loads, facilities, and areas needing improvements; the Board endorsed the School’s continuing efforts to increase the services available to its students. How do nursing students on campus view the situation? Vonzella Scales reports on page 2. 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