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Winston-Salem State University
December, 1983
Where Will You Be
On “The Day After”?
Devonne R. Neely
Will any of us really be here to ex
perience “THE DAY AFTER”?
The movie “The Day After” left a big
impression on the people of the United
States. The students at Winston-Salem
State University especially had a lot to say
about the movie. Many students said they
hope that they are fortunate enough to be
deceased. The reason for this attitude was
the observation of the long term suffering
that the survivers of this experience will
have to endure.
On the other hand, many students said
that they would like to withstand the actual
happening of a nuclear war. They for some
odd reasons, feel as though they would like
to see the end results. Maybe the ex
perience would in some way benefit them.
Some students said they did not watch
the television episode. The reasons varied,
but a few students said that they simply
did not take the time. Others said that they
were just not interested in watching
something that destroyed human life.
Religious individuals felt that that day
would be judgement and that all man-
made things would be destroyed while the
things made by God would withstand this
Surveys were taken nationwide and
among the top three shows watched that
particular week, MASH rated number one,
while Dallas rated number two. “The Day
After” came in third and that was a great
surprise. Critics expected more reactions
but as it turned out many people just
weren’t interested.
The thought of a nuclear war frightens
not only the students of Winston-Salem
State University but people from in and
outside the United States. If something of
that nature was to happen where would
people go for protection and what pro
cedures should they use in getting to these
shetlers? This was the question most ask
ed after the movie was concluded.
We all sometimes fear that Russie or
any other country has in mind in case they
have to defend themselves in a nuclear
war. In fact we all know that the defense
mechanisms of each country is very ad
vanced. The biggest question is who will
press the button or buttons first? But, until
we find out more precautionary measures
and shelters, maybe we’ll escape what
America witnessed through television as a
day of Hell on earth.
Junior swingman Troy Russell slamming home a hoop in last week’s Schlitz Basket
ball Class. See page 10 for the story
SGA President Accomplishing Goals
By Ann Hawkins
Mr. Karl Menefee says that he is just a
nice guy. He feels great about himself. He
loves his ability to get along well with peo
ple. He doesn’t believe in violence. He is
very cordial and courteous. Most of all, he
shows people respect.
Karl is the president of the Student
Government Association. “When I began
college, I had five personal goals and when
I graduate I will have accomplished
them.” His five goals were to be freshman
class president, to be a second lieutenant
in the U.S. Army, to be a member of
Omega Psi Phi, to be S.G.A. president, and
to graduate. Although these personal goals
are fine for right now, his overall goal is to
have a sound financial future, provide tor
“someone’s daughter” and have a family
of his own.
He is very popular and this opportunity
often comes between his personal relation
ships. Sometimes he finds it hard to be
alone. Although he has lots of friends, he
feels that women are very special. He likes
spending time alone with a woman while
enjoying jazz, wine, and most of all, her
company. He loves meeting people and
having a good time, but he appreciates the
chances he gets to mellow out and get
away from the crowd.
While in office, he hasn’t run into many
conflicts. He contributes that to the fact
that he puts God first, he strives to get
along with everyone and be the best person
that he can be.
Karl wishes that there was more student
involvement and student pride in the
school. There was a meeting held pertain
ing to mandatory class attendance where
an estimated fifth of the campus popula
tion participated. Since this is such an im
portant topic to everyone on campus, there
should have been more people present.
The students that do participate need to
express their feelings more. There also
should have been increased p?Tticipation
in Black College Day and Homecoming
festivities. Karl would like students to
become more involved, be aware of what
is going on, and voice their opinion. “Stop
sitting back. I see a lot of students with lots
of potential but they don’t get involved.”
Karl said that he loves being a member
of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. “I feel that it
is one of the best moves that I have ever
made.” His involvement doesn’t interfeie
with his office. It worries him that a lot of
people have misconceptions about Omega
Psi Phi. “They see the step shows and the
jams, but people don’t see or hear about
what we do for the community. For in
stance, Omega Psi Phi has done various
jobs at the YMCA. They have bought food
and other necessities for the poor. They
also shovel snow for the elderly.
Being SGA president has been one of his
goals since he was a freshman. Some of the
rules that the officers must follow are that
they maintain a 2.0 average, have a high
level of respect on campus, and be willinp
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