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Letter From
The Editor
What^s The Purpose
Of Pre-registering?
I would first like to state, it is both an
honor and a privilege to serve as Editor-in-
Chief of our News Argus for the remainder
of this year.
Considering organizational changes and
an exceptional staff, I feel certain the
award winning collegiate newspaper, we’re
all been waiting for; is currently in the mak
In the past, the News Argus has found our
readers have not responded to articles or
editorials as we had hoped.
Therefore, in order to increase response
we found it necessary to define the purpose
of our editorials as follows:
The purpose of the News Argus editorial
page is to allow the public to state their view
and opinions on certain issues, whether
these issues involve campus, community,
national or international affairs.
It must be understood however, these
views and opinions are not necessarily ones
held by the Winston-Salem State News
I’d like to encourage not only students,
but faculty and staff to submit editorials to
the campus newspaper.
Also, to the campus faculty. It has been
brought to my attention that the News
Argus readership is unusually low among
faculty members. One of the reasons given,
was the paper was not substantive or dealt
with your basic Dick and Jane topics.
The News Argus staff has decided to
make a conserted effort to bring more
newsworthy information to its readers.
However, please keep in mind that a cam
pus newspaper does not function as a daily
Please submit all editorials to the News
Argus office, Suite 103 Eller Hall.
Again, I look forward to serving you.
Cheryl A. Lide,
Is This You?
Yes, I am doing what other students just
talk about! I am tired of the way things are
going on this campus. I feel something
should be done about the things I have listed
below before we loose any more students.
Sometimes in December before students
left for Christmas break, we found out that
the day we were suppose to return had been
changed and we lost three days of our vaca
tion. If this had to be done why weren’t
students notified in November. This could
be the reason why some students didn’t
return. And, considering they did require us
to return early, why were the rooms in
Browm Hall and other dorms so cold. What
were they trying to do freeze us?
Registration is one of the biggest pro
blems at WSSU. At the beginning of
registration they handed out cards with
numbers on them, but this got out of hand so
people started breaking in line and getting
packets earlier than they were suppose to.
Later they resorted to a color code and ig
nored the numbers which covered times
alloted to register.
Their is nothing worse than a student
looking forward to a class and then finding
it isn't open. What is the purpose of Pread
visement? Is it something to keep us busy?
When I finally got into the gym, I had to
stand and wait in another long line while
standing, I noticed people in the gym were
in there at the wrong designated time.
When I finally got in line to pay my money
By Angela C. Boone
The most complicated procedure for any
student in college is registering for a new
Many students wonder why registration is
so complicated when they pre-register.
Prior to upcoming semesters pre
registration was established to make
registration easier; But students at
W.S.S.U. know registration is the worst part
of college life.
During registration, students are faced
with a long hard day of turn arounds and
schedule changes. The reason being, that
schedules prepared during pre-registration
are of no use. When the time comes to
gather course cards, students realize the
time spent pre-registering was a waste.
Now students are asking what is the pur
pose of pre-registration? When students
spend two or three hours being advised and
only to find out later their classes are clos
ed, it can be very upsetting. Now the,
students are faced with the biggest problem
of registration and that is selecting other
courses and hoping that they’re open,
hoping that they’re open.
Students are finding pre-registration not
to their advantage. As being pre-registering
only aids those students who come back to
campus for the first day of registration.
Hopefully in the years to come pre
registering will be what students desire and
expect, and the students will get what they
paid for.
for the Spring semester ($1,185 it weni up
$20.00), I noticed some students, who ob
viously had a very nice Christmas, did not
have money to pay their tuition. Some of
these students are the sons and daughters of
prominent and well to do people yet they are
receiving financial aid.
After I finished registration next came
another headache. When I went to pick up
my books, I had to stand in another long line
for 1 hour. Only to find they were going to
close for lunch with about fifty people still
waiting. So, we all had to come back after
I am glad to see that the Cefeteria is im
proving, by staying open later at night.
However, something should be done about
longlines at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Only one side serves. Why not serve on both
Another problem in the cafeteria that
should be resolved is running our of food
and having to wait to long to get whatever
we want. It is awful for some of us who stay
on campus.
The washers in Brown Hall broke down in
November and haven’t been repaired yet.
Why not invest in some “HEAVY DUTY
WASHERS” and solve the problem
The student body complains there is
nothing to do on campus, but when we have
special events on the campus where is the
student body somewhere complaining about
nothing to do. The attendance of “A Salute
to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,” was low,
only 60 students. Where were the rest of the
students? Complaining!!!
The Origin
Of Black
Where did the term “Black Greek” come
from? Why do the predominantly black
fraternities and sororities choose to at
tribute their origin to the so called founders
of civilization. Through reading our history
books, we find that the Greeks were a
violent peole-savage by nature. Their
culture is nothing but a borrowed worn out
boot that was new in design only when it was
in Africa. The original boot was stolen from
the foot of our ancestors who inhabited
North Africa. You mean to tell me that you
didn’t learn this in your organization’s
history book or during your pledge period. If
you did, why do you (Greeks) lie to your
pledgees every fall or spring?
The only significant contribution the
Greeks made to our fraternities and
sororities is the, excessive use of violence
and physical punishment inflicted on the
neophyte. Yes, I mention neophyte because
the word is older than Greece itself. The
early secret organizations required that the
aspirants know the disciplines of
astronomy, astrology, mathematics,
science, architecture, medicine, music,
philosophy, etc. These disciplines were used
by the neophytes to help their fellow man.
As a matter of fact, the so called father of
philosophy Aristotle, learned the disciplines
of the Mystery System, the forerunner of
our fraternities, sororities and masonic
lodges in North Africa (Egypt and Nubia).
Plato the teacher of Aristotle, had come in
contact with the Mystery System also. How
is Plato going teach Aristotle something he
himself has no knowledge of? So there goes
the myth of Greek philosophy. The Greek
cultur came from the libraries of Alexan
dria including everything from the first
calendar, the pythagorean theorem and the
numbers one through eight. If you don’t
believe me ask Alexander the Great. He will
tell you how he invaded the libraries of the
land, later called Alexandria, and forced
the black intellectuals to teach a relatively
uncivilized people its own culture. This is
not new information, you should have learn
ed this during your pledge period.
If we as Black Greeks (supposedly) took
time out from slandering one another, try
ing to outpledge our outstep each other we
would know a few things concerning our
common heritage. If the pledge period con
sisted of some history lessons aspiring
brothers and sisters would know that the
concepts of brotherhood, sisterhood and
principles thereof originated in North
I had the opportunity to have an informed
pledgee of a Greek fraternity tell me that a
particular fraternity doesn’t pledge hard
enough. After he went into detail on what
pledging meant according to that particular
organization, I asked him where he got his
fabrications. It wasn’t his fault he was ig
norant of that fraternities history. He was
only repeating the myths that have been
repeated by the ignorant membership of our
fraternities and sororities for many years. 1
always hear individuals make reference to
“the burning sands and how hot they are.”
These burning sands make no reference to
the pledgeship endurement by the pledgee.
This term may very well have been coined
by the Greeks because I am sure that they
were extremely hot and tired from stealing
all of this knowledge and crossing the burn
ing desert sands of Egypt back into Greece
with an entire culture in the back packs.
Therefore, in actuality, burning sands must
make reference to the Greeks and their
stolen secrets. Is this new to you? It should
not be. You learned these facts in your
pledge period. Remember?
These organizations (early fraternities)
were composed of people with a common in
terest who felt a need to collectively attack
the problems of their day. The foundation of
the North African Fraternal System was the
uplift and advancement of its people. To
day’s fraternities and sororities may have
common interests and aspirations, but their
aims and goals are not in accordance with
the principles of the first secret organiza
How many times have you heard a Greek
use the expression “so and so ain’t gonna
walk into the frat if I can help it.” (This ap
plies to sororities as well). After a “Greek”
pledge period it’s a miracle that pallbearers
are not carrying new members into their
The black fraternities and sororities on
the undergraduate level have strayed from
the path of advancing our people through
education and love of self. We have instead
remained on the crooked path of humilia
tion, Brotherhood and sisterhood in con
junction with unity is preached to the
pledgee but as soon as these words have
passed through our lips, we have the inno
cent pledgees doing headstands in the mid
dle of campus.
After four-hundred years of mental and
physical slavery in America (and this
slavery still exist in America) plus the
humiliation that goes with it, there isn’t any
way brotherhood can evolve from pledging,
I would want a true brother or sister, not a
lifetime enemy.
I am always amazed to hear fraternity
and sorority members who lay claim to the
premise that the totally ridiculous humilia
tion sometimes seen in the pledge period
made them more confident and self
assured. This can be accomplsihed by
reading a good book or making good grades.
If all it took for the people making this
ridiculous statement was silly stunts in
order for them to gain confidence, it should
be apparent thatthese qualities must have
existed all along. If all a pledgee can gain
from the pledge period is confidence
through acting out asinine stunts then he or
she is wasting his or her time.
I believe prolonged periods of debasing
oneself can be detrimental because if one
doesn’t respect himself or herself, he or she
surely won’t his or her fellow human being.
Instead of gaining self confidence, the
pledge picks up many insecure feelings.
Anyway, confidence is a state of mind.
Our fraternities and sororities are suppos
ed to be a family unit. Therefore, let us
behave as one big happy family and not as
one big Greek organizations.
In writing this, it is not my whish to bring
forth our shortcomings as black men and
women. This editorial is food for thought so
that we may become enlightened fraternity
and sorority members. Thus, we will bring
ourselves and our respective fraternities,
sororities to plateaus of success never
before ascended.
Carter H. Cue

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