ot ‘N’ Spicy Dining At Casa Gallardo by Joyce Standfield If you’re looking for great Mexican food, at prices college students can afford, you should visit Casa Gallardo, located at Hanes Mall near Firestone. Casa Gallardo has reduced prices on the lunch menu. The lunch menu consists of great Mexican dishes such as: Taquitoes, Flautas, Chimichangas, Burritos and Tacos. These dishes come in beef and chicken, and are served with your choice of rice, refried beans, mixed vegetables or green beans. What would a Mexican restaurant be without nachoes? At Casa Gallardo nachoes are available with cheese, cheese and beef, cheese, beef and beans, chicken and cheese, seafood and cheese. For those who would like to stay on this side of the border, Casa Gallardo also has cheeseburgers, hamburgers, steaks and the best smothered chicken breast in the Pied mont area. All of these delicious dishes are available morning, noon and night at Casa Gallardo. Casa Gallardo also has a bar for those who care to take advantage of it. The bar serves any kind of drink you want if you’re 19 years old or older. The restaurant also features happy hour Monday-Friday from 5:30-€:30 p.m. Happy hour is when people come to the bar for free shrimp, pizza, baby back ribs, corn on the cob, swedish meatballs, nachos, potatoe skins, and many other different kinds of food. So if you like Mexican food or if you are just looking for a different place to dine, stop by Casa Gallardo ... You will be glad you did! Eating Fast Foods! (Watch Those Calories) newswof^ courtesy of The Winston-Salem Journal McDonald's Calories Hamburger 255 Chicken McNuggets 314 Filet-o-Fish 432 Big Mac 563 Sausage biscuit 582 Wendy’s Calories Pasta Salad 134 Chicken Sandwich (wheat bun) 320 Taco Salad 390 Broccoli & cheese potato 500 Cheese-stuffed potato 590 Single burger 350 Burger King Calories Bacon Double cheeseburger 600 Specialty chicken sandwich 690 Whopper 670 Hardee’s Calories Chicken filet sandwich 510 Bacon cheeseburger 686 Arby’s Calories Roast chicken breast 254 Broccoli & Cheese potato 540 Mushroom & cheese potato 510 Chicken breast sandwich 584 Sausage & egg sanwich 530 Roast beef sandwich 350 Skin Care By Men On Upswing More health conscious men are making personal care part of their daily fitness routine. They are watching their diets, exercising their bodies, and investigating skin care prod ucts like never before, to in sure a totally “fit” appear ance. The Award-Winr Call JANICE: 784 (For Appc Quality S A Discoi Magnifice 616 Monmouth Street $S Off Any Service With ling Hair Stylist! ■4908 or 784-4909 )intments) ervice At jnt Price >nt Sam’s Winston-Salem, NC A Tues. Or Wed. Appt.) RELAXERS (Retouch) Reg. Price - $30.00 Discount Price $25.00 1 SAVE $5.00 ! (Must Have Coupon, Exp. 11-21-85) rOLDWAVES Reg. Price - $55.00 Discount Price $45.00 SAVE - $10.00 (MUST Have Coupon, Exp. 11-21-85) [ CELLOPHANE 1 or JAZZING (Holr Color) 1 Reg. Price - $40.00 i Discount Price $35.00 1 SAVE $5.00 ^ (Must Have Coupon, Exp. 11-21-85) SHAMPOO/BLOW/CURL Reg. Price - $17.00 Discount Price $1 4.00 SAVE $3.00 (Must Have Coupon, Exp. 11-21-85) Many men today won't settle for uncomfortable skin after a shave. A man’s facial skin in par ticular has special needs. Shaving can make it feel un comfortable. Resourceful men are find ing new or improved toiletries that provide multiple skin functions such as an emol lient-based skin care product formulated to soothe freshly shaved skin. One that smells good and soothes razor scraped sensitive skin is call^ AFTA» After Shave Skin Conditioner and it’s made by Mennen. Here are a few additional skin care tips: • Apply a skin con ditioner before and after sports, as well as after each shower. • Use a sunscreen in both hot and cold weather outdoor activities. • Drink an ample amount of water, about eight glasses a day, when playing or work ing-out strenuously. • After exercising, take a tepid, lukewarm shower to safely and gradually reduce your body temperature. Poet’s Comer Time by James Hyman Time, what is time? Some say that time can be indicated by a clock. But, can it? Who said a clock is a correct indication of time? Some say that time just passes by. By why? Why can’t time stand still?- Especially the time we spend together. Why can’t the beautiful moments we spend together be frozen? Why do such times have to pass? Well, I guess these good times have to pass in order to make room for more good times. I certainly hope so. But, then, I guess I’ll have the answer to my own question - In Time. Mental Pictures by Jonathan Hunter Mental Pictures: Every time I close my eyes I see a picture postcard perfect vision of your innocent face, I’ve seen a lot of pret ty faces in my life and not like most. I’m no sucker for one, I’m more into personality and sincerity. You see I have an upset stomach from a broken heart, and a migrain headache that won’t go away. But I think you can remedy all that. Just let me serve and protect you, show you my world and make you laugh. I put people in a casual mood because I always let my world be free and if there’s any doubt in your mind, look into my eyes they are the windows of my soul and you will find that I’m not a phony. Karla’s Korn* by Karla Barksdale News Editor Health and Beauty Tips If you suffer recurrent bouts of acne, here are come tips: • Keep you face clean, but don’t overdo it. A couple of washings a day will usually keep the pores of>en. • Try an over-the-counter preparation containing benzoyl peroxide or sulfur and resorcinol. These m^ications do work if us ed properly. • Keep your hands off your face. • If you take an oral contraceptive and find your acne flares monthly, ask your gynecologist about an alternative. • If your problem persists, consult a der matologist. Many effective treatments, in cluding antibiotics, such as tetracycline, have developed in recent years. For ages dermatologists pointed an ac cusing finger at the fatty, sweet and .salty foods you pigged out on. He also promised, “You’ll grow out of it.” But acne has tagged along throughout high school and now has come to college with you. Even faces that didn’t have a single pimple are breaking out. Why? Is it something you’ve been eating or drinking? Years ago your dematologist may have said yes, today more are saying no! Most have thrown out the dietary link to acne, insisting what you eat and drink makes no difference. There is no evidence that diet makes acne better or worse claim many top der matologist. Those who claim diet is not a factor in a bad complextion hold the most weight. Studies in the 60’s and 70’s inflicted megadoses of chocolate on suspecting par ticipants with or without acne. Neither group showed any significant reaction to chocolate. According to top dermatologists, there is not concrete evidence that says a good diet will make acne improve. Studies conducted during the 60s and 70s, subjected par ticipants to megadoses of chocolate. Some of the participants had acne problems, some didn’t. Neither group showed signifi cant reaction to chocolate. So, if you order large fries, some greasy, spicey chicken, a large Pepsi and a thick slice of chocolate cake, don’t be swayed into thinking the breakouts will take over. Take your cues from your skin and take control over acne where you can.

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