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Mt. Zion Baptist Church,
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Students Keep
Dream Alive
LaLa Cool” and Tammy,
No one could ask for two more lovable,
charmingly, and sweet god-daughters!
Victor C„
■iTo my very special friend, a wonderful
Valentine’s Day.
* m
ichele Todd,
To my very special lady, a Happy Valen-
' tine's Day.
Love you,
/' i
' iddie.
[Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy An
niversary. I love you.
Your Wife,
Happy Valentine’s,
'Vonda, I’d like to take this time to thank
you for all you have done. I hope you realize
that your a very special person in my life.
You Know
Happy Valentine’s,
!|Ms. Pink & Green, I’m just obsessed with
your obsession. Perfect Combination.
6 Blue & White
I wish my first time had been with you.
jHappy 5th Anniversary and Happy Valen
tine's Day. I love you very much!
Love Always,
To my roommate Marie,
tlappy Valentine’s Day, you’re the best
friend I have.
To Lennon Douglas,
^With all my love on Valentine’s Day
fwever and always.
Love ya,
I Lynn
To Blitter,
IVhen we are together time passes so fast,
when we are apart time never passes, so if I
could stop the hands of time I would, so you
, could forever be my Valentine.
Jeff Ware,
You’re someone that I can count on and
i you will always have that very special place
I in my heart. Love you!
IVlom, Dad, Johnathan & Andrew,
|Happy Valentine’s Day.
Love Always
, To Philpotts,
You are the “main squeeze” in my life, so
keep on squeezing! Happy Valentine’s.
Love ya Buchanan
P.S. Keep on looking “sex”sational!
Vhen I found you ... I found a very special
love. Happy Valentine’s Day! Lots of love!
I ; Michael
I' k
j^obson Family,
I’m glad you’re all together for Valen
tine’s Day.
! ROTC Cadets,
] ; (Good Luck! Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s
: iferth it.
To: Jarvis Koonce,
I ^Happy Valentine’s Day daddy.
I 1 Love Always,
Prishad Koonce
To Jarvis S. Koonce,
I IjHappy Valentine’s Day to my big baby.
I Love Always,
I Philita
To James Davenport,
You are the sunshine of my life!
From Bernice
Happy Valentine’s Day to a very special
man; Alex Hooper. Thinking of you.
Jersey Girl
Vince Jones,
Even if we don’t make it to Valentine’s
Day, and that’s the way things are looking.
“You are still my cupid.”
Love Bridget
Katherine Hairston,
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Gwen, Claudette, Audrey,
Jimmy, Mrs. Smith
We could go swimming, play military or
just play around.
Mr. J. (Acting Class),
You seem so shy. Is this the way you want
it. Can’t I help bring you out.
Mystery Lady
Parting is such sweet sorrow. But it must
be done. Maybe friends we should be?
To: Blk Men,
We still love and need you. Let’s put the
past to rest. Togetherness begins today.
Blk Women (Reneea)
To My Square Peg,
Your bun just might be warmer than you
think. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Snowed In
To My Chocolate Cupcake;
Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart! May
our future be as wonderful as our past
regardless of that Little Debbie creamcake.
Love Always,
Your Glazed Doughnut
To The Sigma’s
I hope all of you find that very special
Valentine that will fill your heart with hap
piness. Thanks to all of you my secret affair
with your frat brother has been a dream
come true. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Love, me
To All Young Ladies,
I’m sending a special Valentine message
thanking you for all of your support.
Fall 86 Kay
Duane No. 2
Staff & Teachers,
Thank you for your patience and
To Everybody,
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.
Claudette Letitia Goodwin
I miss you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
Big Little Sis
Have you had any good dreams about me
Happy Valentine’s Day-Pam.
Love “Kelvin"
To: Valerie Throntorn No. 1,
Keep up the good wwk and God will take
care of the rest.
Lynn Jackson
May our love last a lifetime! I love you!
Happy Valentine s Day.
Aunt Valerie
To Soror Benita Wimbush,
Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine’s
The Sorors of Gamma Phi
Dr. Saddler, Ms. McAfee and
Ms. Huntley
Donald Frank,
Loving you more and more each day!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
“Hot and Juicy”
Things are really difficult right now, but
then again, no one said it would be easy.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
I Love you,
Snow we wanted, and snow we got. Plenty
of it! More than most people could handle. It
left them out of work and out of things to do.
Nevertheless, for the students at Winston-
Salem State University it was a different
story. The snow was all they needed to
arouse their playful spirits.
According to several students, the snow
most definitely didn’t keep them inside with
nothing to do. Many of them enjoyed par
ticipating in snowball fights and rides down
the football field slope. Where on the other
by Mia Wilson, Staff Writer
“Keeping the Dream Alive,” was the
overall theme for the events scheduled on
the campus of Winston-Salem State Univer
sity, January 17, 1987 in effort to celebrate
the remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther
King, Jr.
The celebration started with an indepth
teach-in on Dr. King conducted by Dr.
William H. Turner, chairperson of the
Social Sciences department at WSSU. His
speech concerned the Civil Rights Move
ment and its reflection on the blacks of to
A luncheon, group discussion, voter
registration and a NAACP membership
drive was conducted after the teach-in. The
purpose of the luncheon was to allow people
to informally discuss the personal ex
periences dealing with the civil rights
movement and to create ideas that will keep
the dream alive in the community and on
hand, after being thumped, tossed and
dunked in the fluffy white flakes, many
students no longer considered the snow a
relief from classes.
Many industrious students decided to use
the snow vacation to get ahead in class work
and to do things they normally neglect.
Others were only inclined to catch up on the
soaps and sleep.
Although the students accomplished
many different things, most of them agreed
that the snow gave them a needed but unex
pected vacation.
Happy Valentine’s Day
To The News Argus Staff
Y our Advisor,
Dr. Valerie S. Saddler
Dayton, Ft. Lauderdale or South Padre, TX. Starting at $139.00. 7
nights. Quad occupancy. Transportation packages available. For in
formation call 1-800-222-4139. Student Agents Welcome.
Photo by Leathers
WSSU Students Enjoy Snow
by Andrea Crosby, Staff Writer

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