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Winston-Sal«m State Univenlly
February 1997
Jobs For the
Next Decade
Whether you're just out of college or
looking to change careers, these fields
might be good to consider: chemical
engineering ( as environmental concerns
have grown), genetic research, physical
therapy, health law, animators, on-line
content developers and technical
The telecommunications industry is
expected to add 1.4 million jobs by 2003.
By the same year, computer engineering
jobs, particularly business software
designers, are expected to increase by 90
percent. Nearly 40 percent growth is
projected for financial planners and
brokers by 2005.
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Did You Know....
The Nicholas Brothers,
Fayard and Harold, were a
featured act on the white
vaudeville circuit? In the 30s
their acrobatic tap dancing
delighted audiences at New
York’s Cotton Club. They
were also a big hit in Paris.
”OJ” Found Liable in Civil Court
Special Report
A civil jury found O. J. Simpson
liable for the slabbing deaths of his ex-
wife and her friend at 3:45 P.M. (Pacific
Standard Time), on February 4.
However, the reading of the verdict
was delayed more than three hours to
allow the attorneys and family members
to get to the courthouse.
Ironically, on the East Coast,
President William Clinton was preparing
to give his Stale of the Union Address to a
joint session of Congress.
The jury ordered Simpson to pay $8.5
million in compensatory damages to the
Goldman family. On February 6, the jury
would decide whether to award more
money in punitive damages.
The S8.5 million represented the
value of Goldman's funeral and the loss of
Goldman's companionship to his parents.
Nicole Brown Simpson’s family did not
seek compensatory damages.
The 12 jurors, six men and six
women, most of whom were white, were
unanimous on all counts in blaming
Simpson for the June 12, 1994, deaths of
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron
Goldman. They used the lesser standard
of "preponderance of evidence" rather
than "beyond a reasonable doubt," in
making their decision.
In an interview on MSNBC, Alan
Dershowitz, former Simpson lawyer, said
Simpson has to appeal this decision - if he
feels this was an unfair process; if he
doesn't feel justice was served.
Locally, people were not as focused
on this verdict as they were in the
previous trial.
Jonathan Warner, a Winston-Salem
native said, "1 was sick of the O. J.
Simpson trial. 1 am really glad it is over."
Ericka Anderson, another Winston-
Salem native said, "If he really didn't
commit the murders, he really got a bad
deal from the jury's verdict."
Tuition Increase Planned For Fall
Enierlainment Editor
Across the nation college students
and their parents know that quite often
universities raise the tuition. At Winston-
Salem Slate University, for the fall 1997
semester, students will probably incur a
$255 increase. This increase will go
towards the athletic department, food
services, technology fees and student
activities fees.
When tuition increases are
proposed at WSSU, several boards and
committees must discuss the proposal.
Plans are first discussed with the student
organizations such as SGA, then the issue
is discussed and brought to the attention of
the Board of Trustees which submits the
tutition increase proposal to the UNC
Board of Governors who approve all fee
increases except for Food Services.
In a recent interview, Fred Burke,
vice chancellor of Business Affairs
discussed how the $255 increase will be
distributed throughout the university.
“Our athletic department is suffering
and we have been trying for the past
couple of years to upgrade it. Our athletic
fee is one of the lowest in the state along
with UNC-Chapel Hill and N.C. Slate
University,” explained Burke. “ The
money that will be set aside for the
athletic department will go towards
scholarships also. We also would like to
upgrade the computer systems and have
the labs open longer hours and have more
personnel,” staled Burke.
Another concern many students
have is that there are very few activities
on campus, especially over the weekend!
The added increase in money will go
towards the planning of more recreational
and cultural activities lo take place in the
Thompson Center.
Fifty dollars of the increase will go
towards the student activity fee because
the Thompson Center is open longer and
requires more personnel to staff activities
that take place in the building.
These arc the current tuition fees
WSSU students are paying :
Tuition-Undergraduate Fees: $365
Health Service Fees: $68
Insurance Fees: $35
Student Activity Fees: $119
Athletic Fees: $75
Campus Center Fees: $57.50
Educational and Tech. Fees: $22.50
Food Service Fees: $730
*Room and Board Fees:
Traditional - $1,632.50
Suite - $1,825
Apartinent- $1,243.50
The plans for the tuition increase
are set to go into effect in the fall if
approved. A meeting will be held this
month to further discuss the increase.

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