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    News Argus, February 2000
Student Life
Sororities offer opportunities for students
Joy Roseboro
Many young college ladies think about join
ing a sorority. This is a very important deci
sion to make, because the organization that
she chooses to join says a lot about who she
is and what her behefs are.
When considering any sorority, students
must think of the ways that the organization
can be beneficial to them and how the organi
zation can benefit from having them as a
Doing research should be the first thing a
student does when considering a sorority.
Research helps students find out if this orga
nization stands for anything that they believe
Cameron Hamlin of Alpha Kappa Alpha
Sorority Inc. said; "Those who want to join
Students, staff
represent WSSU
at leaders talk
Cortney L. Hill
Editor in Chief
Winston-Salem State University was rep
resented by two students and staff mem
bers at the Emerging Leaders Workshop
on Aug. 5-8 1999.
Shonetta Gregg, a sophomore who is
majoring in chemistry, and Christopher
Leak, a junior who is majoring in mathe
matics, attended the conference in
Roanoke, Va.
Faculty members Daniel J. Lovett, the
director of the First Year Experience and
Academic Support Services Division, and
Soncerey Montgomery, an instructor in the
English and Foreign Languages
Departments, also attended the conference.
Modeled after the Truman Scholars
Week, an extremely well received enrich
ment and post baccalaureate planning pro
gram conducted for eight years by the
Truman Scholarship Foundation, the three-
day program is designed to expose
African-American students from historical
ly black institutions to the nation's most
prestigious academic awards.
Activihes included in the program
allowed Gregg, Leak, Lovett, Montgomery,
and other students and faculty from the
other 30 Historically Black Colleges and
Universities to participate in small group
mentoring by outstanding African-
American graduate students, graduate
school fair, resume writing, professional
work ethics, writing skills, job interview
skills, and the importance of extracurricu
lar activities.
For more information about the
Emerging Leaders Workshop and how to
get involved, contact Lovett at (336) 750-
sororities should look farther than what is
just on their campus. See what is going on in
the sorority as a whole. Those who also want
to join a sorority also need to look into the
history and see what it is about and what
about it they like or dislike."
Kimberly Willis, another member of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., said that the out
siders only see the fun parts such as the step
ping, but they do a lot in the community and
it takes a lot of time and dedication.
Dee Winston of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
advises young ladies to keep their grades up
and to not go on stereotypes because a lot of
stereotypes are wrong.
"I like what I saw on campus and what my
organization did in the community, so I
thought that it was for me," Winston said.
Community service is very important, so
students may want to question themselves to
Melde Rutledge
How can a young, black college student
survive in the American system? According
to Jesse B. Brown, have a strategy for saving
and investigating.
The renowned stockbroker and investment
advisor spoke to inquiring students in the
O'Kelly Library Jan. 28, about the importance
of investing.
"] think it's more important now than ever
before to learn the w'ays of money," he said.
"If we don't start investing in ourselves, who
Brown is the author of Investing in the
Dream, a book intended for blacks who wish
to build financial security.
It is reported that blacks have annual earn
ings exceeding $400 billion, but invest less
than one percent of their money for the
future. Brown said that whether intimidated
by a shaky market or just uninformed,
African-Americans are under-represented as
"The ultimate freedom has really been elu
sive to us," he said, referring to financial free
dom. "We as a people own nothing in a place
where things are growing."
Christina Simons
The Academic Support Services Division
offers numerous programs and services that
help new students make a successful transi
tion to Winston-Salem State University and
college life.
The Academic Support Services Division
is responsible for new student assessment,
advising, academic placement, and registra
tion. It also monitors academic perfor
mance, increases student success, and
improves retention rates during the first
The divisional units and support services
see what they have really done for their com
munities. A person can do community ser
vice without being part of a sorority. Caring
and working for the community is something
that you should want to do on your own;
social organizations and sororities only
enhance that.
Soncerey Montgomery, a teacher at
Winston-Salem State University, said, "1 am a
very proud member of the Delta Sigma Theta
Sorority Inc. We are a structured public ser
vice organization founded on Christian prin
ciples. Our motto is 'Intelligence Is the Torch
of Wisdom.' "
A person has to be dedicated to the purpose
of joining any organization. That main pur
pose is serving the community and bettering
He advises college students to start invest
ing their money now, not spending it on
unnecessary purchases and to save at least 10
percent of their paycheck
every week.
If you say that you can
not afford to save your
money, Brown said that
you wouldn't be able to
afford the $140 Timberland
boots or the Nautica jackets
that are worn by many stu
dents all over campus.
The Wall Street Journal
refers to him as "preaching
a basic long-term credo-
take a bit from each paycheck, put it in the
market and wait," and said he has "tapped a
group that never put much faith in the stock
market." His book claims to have inspira
tional success stories, valuable professional
advice, and background on the the obstacles
that have kept African-Americans from
investing, ultimately helping to build wealth
and fiscal responsibility.
Brown is also the first African-American to
close down the New York Stock Exchange
ringing the bell. It was also the first lime for
the NYSE to close for that holiday.
are broken into six programs.
The First Year Experience offers academic
advising, adviser assignments, registration,
freshman seminar. Future Focus, mentoring,
freshman seminar student mentors.
Learning Communities, and counseling.
The Early Warning and Intervention offers
Proactive Early Warning Cards, monitors
freshman performance for four to six Weeks
and midterm class attendance, tutorial assis
tance program, computerized placement
tests, CLEP program and Parental Advisory
The Academic Resource Center offers a
disabled student services, computer assisted
instructions. Word Processing, open com-
See Students page 8
Author suggests useful tactics
Support services assist first
year students with academics

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