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April 23, 2007
Campus News
Passport Update:
Everyone will
soon need one
Alexis D’Anjou
After the tragic events of 9-11, many
aspects of American society changed.
Security has become tighter and some
laws have changed. Even obtaining a
passport has changed.
Until recently, the passport process
for international travel took four to six
weeks, from application to receipt of
the passport. With the new laws and
changes — and the increase of people
applying for passports — the process
now takes up to 10 weeks.
Any time a person travels outside
the country by air, that person needs a
passport. At the end of 2007, the rule
may be extended to include land and
sea travel. In addition, some govem-
ment-funded agencies are requiring
"Social Services will soon require a
passport as a form of identification,"
said Wawona Ingram, passport agent.
She has been with the Passport
Acceptance Agency at WSSU since
As of January 23, 2007, everyone —
including U.S. citizens — traveling by
air between the United States and
Canada, Mexico, Central and South
America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda
is required to present a valid passport.
The rule does not include U.S. citizens
traveling or returning from a U.S. ter
ritory. U.S. territories include Guam
and Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin
Islands, American Samoa, Swains
Island, and the Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands.
There is no age requirement for a
passport. To obtain a passport, one
must be a U.S. citizen or have docu-
Northern Irelaryd^
Vnm « rrrto Brp«>w c ^
' Kup#»nk«
PiMtKMr **» - toW|)4fl fcl»ep»!rt - f-if.
mentation and a birth certificate.
Those with military parents must pro
vide a report of birth abroad. Anyone
who is not a U.S. citizen must provide
a naturalization certificate when
applying for a passport.
The WSSU Passport Acceptance
Office, near Carolina Hall, serves the
campus as well as the community.
Hours are Monday through Friday,
8;30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and the first and
third Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
When applying for a passport for
the first time, you must apply in per
son. The same rule applies if your
passport has expired, was issued
when you were under the age of 16, or
if it was lost or stolen. Passport
renewal can be done by mail or by
downloading the application at You can check
your status of the application online.
"It used to be easier to go in and out
of the airport," said a WSSU junior
who asked to remain anonymous.
"After 9-11, everything has changed. 1
lost my passport and I had to show
more identification than I would have
before 9-11. The process also took
The staff of The News Argus
congratulates our
Spring 2007 and Winter 2006 graduates:
Erin Perkins
Tiphane Deas
managing editor
Winter '06
Patricia (Commander) Mack
advertising manager, 2005-06
rifhavu Patricia^ we wish
ail the best your future ewvdeflv/oirs!
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Photo courtesy of National Archives
A passport is a valuable document that you can obtain at WSSU.
Photo by Lee Adams
Smiles of joy and gratitude reign at Commencement.
Seniors taking the next step
Tamika Green
Enter to leam. Depart to serve. Winston-Salem State
University's class on 2007 is doing just that. Seniors from aU
aaoss the board are making moves and planning the next steps
to their transition into "the real world."
Graduate school, jobs, traveling. All of these exciting ven
tures make up the things graduating seniors will embark upon
foUowing graduation,
Paulicia Larkin, 22, business major: "I plan to move to
Atlanta where I have a job offer with a marketing and promo
tional agency."
Thomas Jenkins, political science major: "I plan to continue
to work at Towergate Developmental services with children
with behavioral problems, and I will also be studying for the
LSAT because I'm trying to go to law school at UNC."
Julia Campbell, 22, business marketing major: "I'm going to
Disneyworld. No really I am. I have an internship there."
Everyone knows that college is not always only about aca
demics, The infamous clocktower with its misprinted number
lour, "chiUin" in the breezeway, those questionable cafe meals,
exciting parties and lectures and forums that made one think.
There are some things that students will miss after their depar
ture from this fine institution of higher learning,
"I'm going to miss the people. I have formed a strong bond
with many of my classmates, and even my professors. I'm
going to miss them," Larkin said.
"[I'm going to miss) the girls, and the opportunities. There
are so many things that you can do here, and new things that
you can leam," Jenkins said.
"I really enjoyed my time at WSSU. I was able to be involved
in a lot of the activities and organizations, such as Model
United Nations and Student International Association. I was
even crowned Miss Model UN. I'm going to miss being
involved the most," said Campbell.
Whatever their plans, there is no doubt that WSSU's student
graduates will be successful examples of Ram intelligence, ini
tiative and spirit. There is no limit to how far they can go.
Continue to "chew tobacco" out there in the real world, and
make your Ram family proud!
Former Miss WSSUs send
advice to Miss WSSU 2007-08
Dr. Nikita Williams
Lindsay 1995-1996
"Make the most of your
position. You should be just
as much a part of the SGA
as the other cabinet mem
bers," she said. "Be a part of
the community, " she
added. "Remember to do
great things with the title."
Marian Friende Brower
"Remember why you
were elected as a true exam
ple of the ideal female stu
dent at Winston-Salem State
University, and let this rep
resentation make everyone
proud having voted for you
to carry on an honorable
Photo courtesy of Media Relations
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