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Jan. 28, 2008
GrEEN: Its the new thing
Stephanie Douthit
It's what's in style, it's the
new trend, and everyone
is doing it. No, it's not
the latest fashion trend or
new gizmo, it's "going
Going green is a con
scious decision to make
environmentally friendly
changes to one's lifestyle to
help and reduce the
human effects on global
warming. Global warm
ing, defined by the U.S.
Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA), is an "aver
age increase in the temper
ature of the atmosphere
near the Earth's surface
and in the troposphere
which can contribute to
changes in global climate
Many people around the
Winston-Salem State
University campus have
beefi taking notice of the
climate changes this past
year. Many people have
begun to ponder what
causes these temperature
According to the EPA,
global warming can occur
from a variety of sources,
both natural and human
induced. In common usage,
global warming often refers
to the warming that can
occur as a result of
increased emissions of
greenhouse gases from
human activities. Therefore,
the increase of emissions
and the unrecognized harm
ful affects of daily human
activity increases support of
going green.
So why should we turn
off the lights in our
homes?Why should we
recycle? Why should we
really care about any of the
things we are told make a
In the University of
North Carolina system $14
million a month was used
for power and water dur
ing the fiscal year
2005-2006, accounting for
70 to 80 percent of state
government energy use.
The UNC system is the sin
gle largest user of electric
ity and water in North
Carolina. If more attention
Photo by Grant Fulton
lUlany things that are thrown in the trash could be recycled, such as glass, paper
and some plastic and can products.
is given to energy and
water consumption at
UNC campuses, more
money can be saved and
redirected into facility and
campus improvements.
On the WSSU campus
alone more than $2 million
was used for utilities in fis
cal year 2006-2007. In
addition, recycling bins on
campus are scarce and
rarely, if ever, used.
However, the University's
Facilities Department is
continuing to develop con
servation awareness pro
grams that are designed for
energy and water savings.
Ultimately, green changes
depend on the students and
staff on campus.
Most notably, the green
changes in the automobile
industry are becoming
more popular. Many peo
ple are opting for hybrid
vehicles, environmentally
friendly gas cars, and sport
utility vehicles. However,
the roadways are still
heavily populated with
traditionally fueled vehi
Changing the type of
vehicle driven is a major
change, but there are
smaller changes that can
have an effect as well
"Going green is a won
derful idea if everyone
chooses to participate, but
that is the issue, not every
one will participate," says
Quintin Jones, junior psy
chology major.
The green action plan
calls for relatively small
changes that lead to chang
ing the daily human
impact on the world.
There are many agencies
and organizations that pro
mote environmental pro
tection and awareness and
give citizens "green tips."
These organizations are
available to educate others
about the daily impact on
the environment, and pro
vide information that can
be used daily to help
reduce the impact on the
The green lifestyle is
constantly changing. It
encompasses food, water,
waste, energy, transporta
tion, television and even
fashion. For fashion lovers,
even purchasing certain
items such as t-shirts and
trinkets can contribute to
environmental changes. A
shirt can be purchased and
a portion of the sale will go
to scientific research or a
wildlife fund.
Go online to thenews, for additional
green information, statistics,
and links to various green
Ways to Save
Home/Dorm/Office Suggestions
Recycle, Recycle, Recycle (cans, bottles,
Turn off lights when leaving room; conserves
large amounts of energy
Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving
Buy reusable plastic utensils or silverware; pre
vents plastic materials from ending up in the
Unplug electronics and appliances not fre
quently used. Examples; toasters, coffee mak
ers, celt phone chargers, and hair appliances-
10% of energy is used when appliances are
turned off but remained plugged up
Transportation Suggestions
Use public transportation; reduces emissions of
numerous automobiles
Carpool with friends, roommates, co-workers
Have routine inspections and car care; cars
without proper inspections contribute greater
amounts of pollution in environment
Properly inflate tires; reduces tire wear,
increases fuel economy, and reduces green
house gas emissions
Bike; great for exercise and does not create
Phrilo by Garrell (Sarms
Water fountains are beautiful, but do they
v'aste water?
Grant Fulton
The Winston-Salem State
University's Marching
Band, "Red Sea of Sound"
was one of 10 bands
selected to showcase their
talents in Atlanta on
Saturday Jan. 26, in the
Honda Battle of the Bands.
"I voted for my school
everyday that I could on the
website so that my school
could be chosen and it
really happened and I felt
that my vote really made a
difference in the band going
to Atlanta," said junior
Cornelius Hector.
The school has given stu
dents the opportunity to see
the band play by develop
ing a trip to Atlanta by bus
leaving Saturday morning
the trip cost $45 and stu
dents were given $15 for
meal money. The trip also
gave students to opportu
nity to stay in Atlanta
overnight to enjoy all the
activities that were going to
be happening after the band
"As soon as I found out
that the school was spon
soring a trip to go to
Atlanta, 1 saw the opportu
nity to go to Atlanta and I
took it, I am so ready to see
my band play in the
Georgia Dome," said junior
Tammy Grayson.
"Honda will expose
WSSU to a crowd of 60,000
people who have never
heard of WSSU or the city
of Winston-Salem and it
will give fans the opportu
nity to leam about Winston-
Salem State and hopefully
gain some recruitment not
only to the school but also
to the band program," said
Band Director Michael
Magruder. The last big
crowd that the "Red Sea of
Sound" has played for was
the Circle City Classic back
in October which drew a
crowd of 42,000 plus and
now Honda will allow them
chance to entertain another
big crowd in Atlanta.
"Each school will get
$10,000 contributed to their
band program," said
Magruder emphasized
that while no winner will be
declared, the competition
will be tough.
See BAND, page 5
Photo by Garrett Garms
Winston-Salem State’s marching band participated in
Honda’s Battle of the Bands in Atlanta, Ga.

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