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    Page 2—SMOKE SIGNALS, March, 1990
Relationships ... What are they?
By Ken Traino
I tried to find 'the word relationship
in quite a number of dictionaries, but
with a lot of effort I did not find
anything. So I decided to look for the
root word, relation. The Webster’s II
New Riverside Dictionary defines
relation as this: (1) A natural or
logical association between two or
more things: connection. (2) The con
nection of persons by blood or
marriage: kinship. (3) A relative. (4)
Relations. Dealings or associations
among persons or groups diplomatic
relations. (5) Reference: regard. (6)
An account or narration.,
Actually, the root word is relate,
but after looking that up I did not find
anything that I liked. For all of those
who will read this article, do not think
this is a biased opinion. From the
definition we cannot determine a
whole lot. So I decided the next best
thing would be to go to a thesaurus.
Well needless to say, the thesaurus
said to see relation. Here is what it
said: (1) A logical or natural
association between two or more
things: the relation betweeen hard
work and success, syns: connection,
correlation, hookup (informal), in
terconnection, interdependence, in
terrelation, interrelationship, link,
relationship, tie-in. (2) Relative.2
Most human beings think that a
relationship between two people is
something very special. Honesty,
trust, openness, love, and respect are
just a few of the things that we look
for. For a guy and a girl these certain
aspects of a relationship differ. Girls
may be a bit more choosy than guys.
But that does not mean that all guys
are brutes and have no feelings.
ar Zot
Most men have this “macho image”
that they must maintain at all times.
Some men feel that by showing their
emotions they will be labeled as
“wimps” or “sissies.” This is not
true. Most women that I know like for
a man to show his feelings. This is one
thing that can hold a relationship
together. Telling each other how you
feel about one thing or another can
sometimes hurt, but most times it can
only help. I only wish I had more time
to get a woman’s point of view, but
because of our deadline, 1 could not.
Sometimes, there are special things
that two people do for each other that
keep them together: dinners together,
movies, a stroll by a lake with a picnic
lunch, a bottle of wine, surprising him
or her with flowers for no reason is
one that I have found to work very
well. Evenifyoujustcalltosay “hi,”
you prove to that certain someone that
you care.
There are many different types of
relationships. The one I think is the
toughest to have and to hold on to is a
long distance relationship. So much
love and trust is needed to accomplish
this feat. I hold the highest respect for
those who can have a long distance
relationship and make it work. There
are so many temptations and people
who may try to break the relationship
up. Relationships in which the couple
I recently returned home to find out
that my best friend and her boyfriend
committed suicide. I was full of mixed
emotions. Part of me was angry,
another sad, and yet another totally
conftised. As I sat in the funeral home
looking at her lying there in her
casket, I remembered all of our good
times together. She was always the
one I turned to for advice. She had a
level head and knew exactly what she
wanted out of life. When things
seemed to be going really bad for me,
she would make me think of all the
good things 1 had going for me. She
showed that when everything seemed
to be going wrong there was always
something good in my life. I just wish
I could have been there to give her
some of her own advice. Since I could
not be there for her, 1 would like to
send a message out to others: No mat
ter how bad things may seem to be
going, always remember, there is
Something to live for. Nothing is ever
that bad. If you cannot go on, then get
help . . . professional help.
Concerned friend
Dear Concerned,
The first thing I would like to do is
apologize for not getting this letter
printed sooner than I have. I can sym
pathize with you in the loss of your
friends. Even though I myself have
never had to go through such an ex
perience, I truly wish that we could
help those who need help. On this
campus we have our own counseling
center where one can get help. The
Roanoke-Chowan Human Services
Center, located in Ahoskie, NC, has a
24 hour Crisis Line and the phone
number for that is 919-332-4442. The
phone number for the center is 919-
332-4137. Please, if you feel
depressed, or just need someone to
talk to, do not hesitate to call. The
people at these centers are trained
professionals that can help you
through the tough times. Don’t wait
until it is too late.
Ken Traino
Karen Uberti
Jennifer Allen
Holly Bradley
can see each other regularly is the best
One way to tell if you have found
the right one for you is to consider
how you are treated. If you are a girl,
does he open the car door for you?
Does he buy you little stuffed animals
and give you flowers? For a guy, do
you feel like you are on top of the
world when you are around her? Do
each of you get tingles when you kiss
and perhaps a warm feeling when
you’re together? There are so many
different ways to tell if he or she is
right for you. There is one thing to
know, when you do find him or her,
you will know it. That I can guarantee.
You should never let go of a special
guy or girl in your life that you care
about very much. There is a special
girl in my life and I hope that she will
read this and understand what relation
ships are all about. For the guys and
girls, men and women who have read
this article, I hope that by my writing
this it can help you in your future
relationships. I sincerely pray and
wish the best for all of you.
1. WEBSTER'S II New Riverside
Dictionary, Berkley Book, New York
(Aug. 1984), Page 590,1st Column.
2. ROGET’S II The New Thesaurus,
Berkley Book, New York (Aug.
1984), Page 374, 2nd Column.
Student expresses concern
about dance program
Dear Editor,
A few students are concerned about
the rumor that there will not be a dance
program next year. We realize that
cutbacks are neccessary for the benefit
of Chowan College, but many dancers
and many other non-dancing students
for that matter feel that the dance
program is beneficial to the students
and general college. Dance is a good
form of excercise. It teaches students
to work together to accomplish
Be prepared
for cold season
Everyone, old and young, gets
colds. Typical symptoms include a
runny nose, sneezing, a stuffy head,
cough, aches, pains, and fatigue.
Because there is no one condition
that can be labeled the “common
cold,” you should pick your cold
remedy according to the symptoms
you have. For a runny nose and
sneezing, use an antihistamine. A
decongestant is good for a stuffy nose.
For aches, pains and fever, take
aspirin or acetaminophen products. Be
careful about treating flu-like symp
toms in children with aspirin. Aspirin
use in children with fevers has been
associated with Reye’s syndrome, a
very serious illness.
Colds usually don’t develop into
something worse, but they can make
you more susceptible to bacterial in
fections. If you have a fever, a cough
or a stuffy head that lasts more than 10
days, call your doctor.
a sore throat
When you have a sore throat, do you
reach for a cough drop, throat
lozenges or spray to soothe it? Before
you use one of these treatments, you
should know what each does.
Cough drops increase salivation,
which lubricates and soothes the sore
throat. Throat lozenges and sprays
contain anesthetic or an antibacterial
compound to relieve the pain.
However, there are no over-the-
counter treatments with effective con
centrations of anesthetic currently
available. Some people experience up
set stomachs when using lozenges or
There are a couple of sore throat
remedies that are effective, but often
are overlooked. Hard, sugarless can
dy can stimulate siliva and relieve a
dry, raspy throat. A warm salt water
gargle is still one of the best sore
throat treatments. Mix two teaspoons
of salt to one quart of water as warm as
you can stand and gargle regularly. Do
not swallow it. Try these remedies
before trying lozenges or sprays.
If you have a sore throat, help your
self by careftilly selecting treatments,
following package instructions,
drinking lots of fluids and getting
plenty of rest.
something. The dance class also gives
many students, who otherwise would
never see a stage, a chance to perform.
We feel that the dance program helps
to attract new students and helps
students who have never had interest
in dance to find a new talent or at least
a little skill in something they enjoy.
William Rice, Jason Edwards, Stacy
Barber, and Angel Ramos think of
dance class as “enjoyable and a good
way to express ourselves.” Debbie
Dorrough finds dance class “A good
way to work out my frustrations.” Jill
Overton says, “I just love to dance!”
Without the dance program, these
students and many others in the future
will be missing out on a beneficial ex
Jennifer Allen
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cedes, Corvettes, Chevy s. Surplus
Buyers Guide. 1-602-838-8885 Ext.
Lost & Found
FOUND: At Lxjngwood College, a set
of car keys on the weekend of Feb.
3, 1990 on tenth floor at Frazer Dorm.
To claim, please identify and they’ll
be forwarded. Jay Gardner, Box 483,
Longwood College, Farmville, VA
Help Wanted
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jobs—your area. $17,840-$69,485.
Call 1-602-838-8885. Ext. R-18723.
College Rep Wanted to distribute
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this campus. Good income. For in
formation and application write to:
Collegiate Marketing Services, 303
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boohs sold by
' the Qovcrnmcnt. Boohs
about agriculture,
energy, children,
spac^' health, history,
business, vacations,
and much more. Find
PrSB Cataiog:.'.}
ro. Bon 37000
Washington, DC
^ The_^ 1
Test Your POteiKial for Gettii^ Ahead.
TlTe following test is based on the probability of making the best first impression on ^ ^eatest
number of people in business and professional situations. To take the test, simply circle tt^ number
opposite the entry that best describes you. Then, total up your score according to the directions
below, and gauge your Image Index.
1. Longsleeved, silk or cotton,
solid or small print, with
conservative necklines.
2. Oxford cloth shirts with bows.
3. Lace and ruffles, sheer
fabrics or plunging necklines.
1. Classic cut, navy, grey or
black, made of quality fabric
and well-fitted.
2. Coordinating jacket and skirt
in complimentary colors.
3. Never wear suits.
1. One ortvw>piece, natural
fabric, classic styling, long
sleeves, in navy, grey or black
with a jacket.
2. Same as above, without a
3. Ruffled, sheer or mini-dresses.
1. Dress shoes, always freshly
2. Casual or dress shoes, rarely
3. Don't think about shining
1. Lightly applied to enhance
features and coloring.
2. Don't always wear make-up.
3. Applied heavier so that
everybody notices it.
1. Classic style, well-groomed,
shoulder length or shorter,
2. Generally groomed, no
particular style.
3. Wear latest style to stand out.
1. Manicure at least weekly
2. Occasionally file and groom.
3. Wait until nails are chipped
before polishing.
1. Regulariy wearoneortwo
important pieces.
2. Wear small, barely noticeable
3. Wear as much as possible.
1. Carry one well-shined classic
leather bag for everything.
2. Carry a well-organized briefcase
and a purse.
3. Briefed and/or purse is always
1. Rrm with men and vwmen.
2. Only shake when a hand is offered.
3. Don't shake hands.
1. Make frequent eye contact.
2. Not comfortable looking at
someone often.
3. Normally look around the room or
at feet.
1. Usually stand and sit erectly.
2. Don't pay attention.
3. Tend to slouch.
How to Score Ybur Image Index: Give yourself 6 points for every #1
answer, 3 points for every #2 answer and 0 points for every #3 answer.
If your total score is:
(Congratulations, you're on your way.
You're on the right track, but have some work to do.
Careful, you may te sabotaging your chances of getting
ahead. There's still hope, though.
You've got a real problem. Without immediate action, your
chances of makitig a good first impression are virtually nil.
For Men
Test Your Potential for Getting Ahead
The following test is based on the probability of making the best first impression on the greatest
number of people in business and professional situations. To take the test, simply circle the number
opposite the entry that best describes you. Then, total up your score according to the directions
below, and gauge your Image Index.
1. Longsleeved, all-cotton,
white, striped or pastel.
2. Button-down oxford, any
3. Short-sleeved, or anything
that is wash and vrear.
1. All Silk with a subtle pattern
or stripe.
2. Knit ties.
3. ClipK>ns.
1. Traditional sin^e-breasted,
navy or grey pinstriped,
expertly tailored and well-
2. Designer double-breasted,
with bold patterns or
weave, molded to body.
3. Prefer sports jacket and
1. Classic dress shoes that
tie, always fi-eshly shined.
2. Usually casual, rarely
3. Don’t think about shining
The Ima^ kxlex was devekxied in
conM^ction with Kauftnan Professional
Consultants of PNadelphta.
C1968, KIWI Brands USA
AM Rights Reser^d.
1. Mid or over-the-calf, brown,
navy or black.
2. Mid or over-the-calf,
textured or patterned.
3. Ankle length, dress or casual.
1. Always clean-shaven.
2. Have a well-groomed
mustache or beard.
3. Not always clean-shaven.
1. Regularly cut in a
conservative style.
2. Sometimes need a haircut.
3. Always wom in the latest
avant-garde style.
1. Groom at least once a week,
2. Clip and clean nails
3. Bite regulariy.
1. Classic style watch, leather or
metal band.
2. Wear a sporty watch.
3. Don't usually vrear a watch.
1. Rrm with both men and vwmen.
2. Firm with men and limp with
3. Squeeze hard to show
1. Make fi-equent eye contact.
2. Not comfortable looking at
someone often.
3. Normally look around the room
or at feet.
i- Usually stand and sit erectly.
2. Don't pay much attention.
3. Tend to slouch.
^'^you'self 6 points for every #1
Congratulations, you’re on your way.
You re on the right track, but have some vw)rt to do.
Without immediate action, your
cnances of making a good first impression are virtual^ nil.

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