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    Tuesday, November 12, 1974
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Homecoming Hurricane Happens
Kssay Staff Reporter
A kidnapping, a sacrifice of a virgin,
LIPS, Pickles, I Phelta Thi, I Aeta Phelta
Thi, dozens of girls running around
getting kissed, rivers of beer, and Evel
Knievel jumping over a toy fire truck on
a Itricycle can only add up to one
possibility the School of the Arts was at it
Greek Week (the week proceeding
Homecoming weekend) was as wild as
ever. The sororities were magnificent.
LIPS (Lambda Iota Phi Psi), the largest
of the girls’ groups this year, literally
over-ran the campus Wednesday night.
The pledgers were told that part of their
initiation was to go forth with lipstick in
one hand, a piece of paper in the other,
and a pen and collect as many lip
imprints from guys as they could. (I
don’t mind a little fun, now, but I think I
ended up with at least seven different
brands of lipstick on.)
The girl who ended up with the most lip
imprints was given a most sacred honor:
she was allowed to be the sacrificial
virgin for I Phelta Thi fraternity. IPT
really gave a great showing that night.
All of them in their sacred, mystic outfits
were obviously on a different level of
existence that evening as they stumbled
on that path to the Quad.
The highlight of the evening occurred
as the High Celebrant, Peter Girvin,
neared the spot of the sacrifice. UPS
sorority suddenly fell upon him, and
scooped him up into a waiting get-away
car. Courageous Phelta’s (who had
recovered their wits) fell immediately to
the pursuit of Beth Causey’s fast little
> ; W-* '
Kssav Phot»s b> Kryanl .Xrriii^toii
TR-6, with Dana Demuth and Cinthia
Clontz sitting on the sacred Celebrant.
Skip Sherman of the Pheltas managed to
hang onto Peter until the gracious LIPS
stopped to let him in the car. They then
went to “Butler”, where Peter, being a
real good sport, surrendered his clothes
to the demanding ladies, who returned
waving his underwear triumphantly. The
High Celebrant soon returned wearing a
blanket. Undaunted, he led the sacrifice
in his half-naked state to its stirring
Masked Man
By the way, it might be interesting to
include that We Tappa Keg made a
showing at the sacrifice. Roger Rutledge
and a hitherto unidentified masked man
tried to rain out the affair with buckets of
water. After Roger pulled one more dive
bomb, he was dragged out into the Quad
by furious IPT’s and lAPT’s, where he
was drenched and then covered with
shaving cream. All the time he screamed
out “We Tappa Keg lives!” That guy has
true grit; a few loose connections, but
true grit.
Skipping ahead, the following day
proved that everyone was still in their
streak of insanity. LIP’s camc out in
pajamas, then later on in evening gowns.
I Aeta’s played it cool till the dance on
Friday night when they all showed up in
slinky, sexy sequins, and proceeded to
steal the show.
The dance Friday night was everything
that it should have been. It was cool,
kinky, and crazy. The band A.J. Idle, and
the lights (designed by Adrian Durlester
with a healthy assist from Tom Daly and
Jim Parker) brought the night all
together. Everyone really seemed to
enjoy themselves, and that was the whole
The Homecoming pre-game activities
included an egg catching contest where
everyone came out a little egg on their
face. Half-time proved to be a hoot. Not
only did the whole parade wind up as a
demolition derby, but the judges (the
deans of the school), awarded
themselves the prize for the best float.
The Cucumber Crown
Earline Parmon, Homecoming Queen,
received her pickle crown during the
half-time ceremonies. (Earline, as you
may know, works in the snack bar, and is
possibly the foxiest chick on campus, i
Robert Suderburg presented the
Cucumber Crown to Earline in a statelv
ceremony. (All right, so it wasn’t so
stately - give ’em a break!)
Bob Murray... I mean, Evel Knievel...
then followed with his death-defying
tricycle leap off a five-foot ramp over a
toy firetruck! The only thing between
him and serious injury, or even death,
was a crash helmet, heavy boots and a
leather jacket. Oh yes, he was wearing
bright yellow tights as well. Needless to
say, Bob - ati, I mean Evel - was heralded
off the field after his triumphant feat.
Speaking of triumphant feats, the
Pickles came up on top of the barrel, of
course. How could it have been any other
way? The Pickles, regardless of what
I'ondition they’re in, are a good, tight
team. Right?
Apparently, no-one expected anything
else until the beer bash, but at dinner
Saftirday evening, people were given a
real treat. Without warning, the super-
soulful sisters of Tri Kappa (KKK) came
truckin’ on in. Gathered around their
table, the si.sters laid their heart
warming song, “I’m So (ilad I Go to
School of the Arts,” on a spellbound
audience. When the spell was broken
with the end of the song, the superbad
sisters received a standing ovation.
The beer bash was held in the
Commons gym. Saturday night from 9
p.m. to 1 a.m. music, lighting, and all the
beer you could drink somehow turned out
to be a winning combination. The
unofficial word on the event was that 23
gallons of beer were consumed per hour.
Way to go, Pickles! (By the way, thanx
for the beer bash go to Dave Belnap. I’ve
always believed in pinning the blame -1
mean, giving credit where it’s due. i
Well, Homecoming ’74 became only
another beautiful memory after that
night. Now we must go on to face the
world again after our short respite, and
l esolve one question: how long before our
next chance to rip this campus apart?

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