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December, 1966
Fulbright Senior
Lecturer Appointed
Administration Aid
Centennial Formal Opening
St. Augustine’s Gets
New Acting
Prezell R. Robinson, Executive
Dean of the College, his been a)S ti ^
pointed Acting President of vi u Professor
Augustine’s College while PreSf A ^pointed ad-
■ - - f.| mmistrativu,-V io the prpsiilen*
dent-J?over is on Sabbjitical^'a
^nrsCB'ts-a TOir»e 01"®!
burg, South Carolina.'
President Robinson received hi*'
A. B. degree at St. Augustine’s!
College, Raleigh, North Carolina,'
M. A. degree at Cornell University,
Ithaca, New York. Dr. Robinson
also received his Ed. D. degree
from Cornell University. He ser
ved as Dean of the College and
professor of sociology at St. Au
gustine’s College from 1956 to the
In 1954 President Robinson was
a University Fellow at Cornell
University and a Research Fellow
in 1955-56. He was awarded the
United States Fulbright Fellowship
to lecture and study in India
during the summer of 1965. Among
his many publications are Drop-
Outs: The Achilles Heel of Educa
tion: The American Constitution:
Its Sources and Application and
Upgrading Education in the Pre
dominately Negro College.
Dr. Robinson is a member of
the Board of Trustees of Voorhees
College, Denmark, South Carolina,
The Mayor’s Community Relations
Committee, The American Confer
ence of Academic Deans and The
American Academy of Political and
Social Science. He also holds mem
bership in Alpha Kappa Mu, Na
tional Honor Society and Phi Delta
Kappa Honorary Society.
St. Aug. Student
Spends Summer At
Yale University
Miss Brenda Dowery, a senior at
St. Augustine’s College, last sum
mer participated in the Harvard-
Yale-Columbia Intensive Summer
Studies Program which began July
3rd and ended the 12th of August.
The program consisted primarily
of students from small Negro and
White southern colleges. This pro
gram enabled Miss Dowery to con
centrate on courses relative to her
major,' history. She participated
in seminars on American Intellect
ual history and International Poli
tical affairs. Q
,Brenda is enthusiastic about her
leriences at Yale, for the in-
ectual attainments and for the
«/y ^Dv, P?-:
president of tP I'AUgustiiie’s'Cof
lege. I, /
Dr. DawesT«K assist the presi
dent in carrying out duties related
to administrative policies of the
college. Dr. Dawes has stated that
he will be of all possible assistance
to President Robinson, working with
him for the betterment of the ad
ministrative phases and the total
life of Saint Augustine’s College
Professor Dawes, who received
the A. B. degree from Boston Uni
versity, M. A. and Ph. D. from
Harvard University, is the author
of two books on Modern India, A
Two Way Street: Indo-American
Fulbright Program 1950-19A0 and
American History Written By In
dian Historians. Dr. Dawes has
also contributed a number of his
torical articles to professional
journals. He was a Fulbright Sen
ior Lecturer in American History
at the University of Allahabad and
Lucknow in India 1959-60, Special
Assistant to the Board of Directors
of the United States Educational
Foundation in India 1963-65.
Mr. Dawes enjoys a good game
of golf and is an avid gardener.
Mrs. Dawes is Head Librarian at
Shaw University. Thi.s is Dr.
Dawes’s second year at St. Augus
tine’s where he is also a professor
of History.
North Carolina State University
at Raleigh is fortunate to have
Dr. Dawes as a visiting Professor,
where he teaches a course in Con
temporary Issues.
On October 18, 1966, Saint
tine’s College held it.^ Fcrnial
Opening in the Emery line .lifts
Building with Dr. P. R. ReWnson,
Acting President, pre.^i^^;., This
year Saint Augustine’s College is
observing its 100th year celebra
tion with the theme, “A Century
of Service, Learning and Growth.’
The invocation was rendered by
the Rev. Arthur J. Calloway, Col
lege chaplain. Greetings came from
the Acting President, -Mayor i’ro-
Tem. from the City of Ealeigh,
Mr. Oscar A Peay, President of
the National Alumni Chapter of
Saint Augustine’s College and Mr.
Norman Mitchell, President of the
Student Government Association of
the College. Music was'^ rendered
by the College Vocal Ensumble un
der the direction of |Dr. Alberl
Grauer and the Collet;! Choir un
der the direction of JW Shirley
Coats and Mr. Jack L, Biggers,
accompanist. The Rt. Rev. Thomas
D. Fraser, Bishop of the Diocese
of North Carolina, beloved friend
and Chairman of the Board of
Trustees of the College, gave re
marks and introduced our speaker
for the occasion.
The speaker Mr. G. Steven Wilk-
erson, is as.sistant to tile Presi
dent of the Association 3 Episco
pal Colleges. The Chur ■(' by its
mvolvemert m the lif.«nd work
•')f pe eight) Episcop^^,
munity the mt^ning ofr^fPristianity
in Western culture. 'Hiejcollege, a
part of the family of the Church,
speaks, for the power of intellec
tual integrity on moral grounds.
Supporting this con.mitment to
truth is the program of the Epis
copal colleges which our speaker
so ably represented. I’his fund was
initiated at the 61st General Con
vention of the Episcopal Church in
Saint Louis in 1964.
Mr. Wilkerson in his address
stressed three main points: the
history of Saint Augustine’s Col
vative. To do so is to be a maso
chist and masochism, we are told,
is an unhealthy condition of mind.
Conservatism is possible for Ne
groes and, if the payment of the
great debt is not to be wholly
applied to the hopeless task o'
avenging past wrongs, it is a need
ed and appealing position for
Dr. Robinson stressed the fact
that 33% of certain clergymen
graduated or attended Saint Augus
tine’s College. He stated that two
dormitories were recently com
pleted, new paved roads added
and the library would be com
pleted within a few months. Bids
will be let on November 16th, for
construction of the addition to the
Penick Hall of Science and a “green
house” added too. An $800,000.00
classroom building is planned for
immediate construction as well as
an addition to the gymnasium to
house the swimming pool. Plans
are now on the drawing board for
a Student Union. He further added
that this academic year Saint
Augustine’s Qollege opened its
doors to the jlargest student body]
. 4
After his remarks, Dr. Robinson
presented the Freshmen Class and
New Students after which. Dr.
Joseph J. Jones, Acting Executive
Dean of the College made an
nouncements and recognized the
platform guesrts, and Trustee mem
bers and visiting friends. Our Cen
tennial Formal Opening terminated
with the benediction by Father Cal
loway and the singing of the “Blue
and White.”
Our Campus
A beautiful, charming, and
talented queen is Miss Juanita
Sneed, who is “Miss Saint Augus
tine” for the 1966-67 school year.
Miss Sneed, the daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Isaiah Sneed of Kittrell,
North Carolina, w£^ escorted to
the Coronation Ball by Mr. Norman
conservation and the As-
sociation of Episcopal Colleges. He Sf An nr TTac
stated that “it is sometimes said “***
that a Negro cannot be a conser-
New Executive Dean
Largest Enrollment
Dr. Joseph Jones, Jr.. formerly
chairman of the Biology Depart
ment and instructor at St. Augus
tine’s College has been appointed
Acting Executive Dean of the col
lege. Dr. Jones is a native of Al
bany, Georgia.
Dean Jones received his B. S.
degree from Morris Brown College,
Atlanta, Georgia in 1950, his M. S.
degree from Northwestern Univer
sity. Evanston, Illinois and his
Ph.D. degree at the Ohio State
University in Columbus. Ohio.
From 1952 to 1966 Dean Jones was
a professor of Biology at St. Augus
tine’s and in 1960 he became chair
man of the Biology Department.
Dean Jones served in this position
for six years. Dr. Jones has also
served as Visiting consultant for
the Science Curriculum Improve
ment Study Project at the Univer
sity of California at Berkeley.
In 1964 Dean Jones became Wood
row Wilson Representative for St.
Augustine’s campus. Dean Jones
was appointed Danforth Associate
in 1965 and A Fellow of the Ohio
Academy of Science in 1966.
Among his publications are De
scription of Splendedofilarla Flex-
ivaginalis N. Sp. and Some Para
sites of the Eastern Crow, Corviu.s
Brachyrhynchos in Ohio. | D e a n
Jones is a member of tha Society
of Sigma Xi, a ScientifiJ Honor
Society, Ohio Academy ofkcience
Pen Exchanges
Dr. P. R. Robinson, acting presi
dent has stated that 450 Freshmen
and new students have boosted the
Falcon enrolment to 950 for the
fall semester of 1966. Thirty states
are represented in this count and InCreaSCS
several foreign countries, including
Africa, the West Indies, Panama,
and India. These latest figures
compare to last years (1965-66) en
rollment of 890 (approx.) and rep
resentation from twenty-one states
and two foreign countries.
The college was able to handle
this increased number with the
completion of two new dormitories,
one for women and one for men,
located in the central and eastern
sections respectively. The dorms
are identical structures and each
accomodates one hundred and six
ty boarding students in a com
fortable, suite-type arrangement.
Dr. Robinson has also revealed
that bids have been let for an
addition to the Science building
and that the addition to the library
should be completed within two
months. During the past three
weeks, new paved roads and walks
have been completed and new
furniture placed in all dormitories.
In anticipation of greater enroll-
k anticipaf
concentratingv iti biological re
Our Queen is an all-around in
dividual. She is a member of the
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and
a member of the Biology Club.
She is a capable seamtress who
creates many of the beautiful
fashions she wears. She reads
vyidely, and her favorite kind of
literature is fiction.
Beauty and elegance belong to
a queen. Miss Saint Augustine’s
gown was a creation by her
mother, inspired by a Vogue
original. Her gown was a white
satin brocade, of the empire style,
with a white velvet bow. The
back of the gown was low cut
with a flowing train which fell
gracefully from the high waist
Miss Saint Augustine is one of
four children. She has two younger
sisters and an older brother.
A geographical circulation ol
the PEN brings more illustrious
examples of college journalism
to Saint Augustine’s College. More
than seventy papers were sent to
selected coUeges and universities
in twenty-nine different states.
Exhibited on the Exchange
Bulletin Board in the PEN office
are: THE SPECTATOR, a Colum
bia University daily; THE HAMP
TON SCRIPT of Hampton Insti
Tyler College; THE OBELISK ol
Sacred Heart University, Bridge
port, Conn.; THE SPOKESMAN,
Morgan State CoUege, Baltimore,
Maryland; THE CRIMSON, Har
vard University; THE LA MAY-
NITE, LeMoyne College, Mem
phis, Tenn.; THE AURARA,
Knoxville, Tenn.; THE SPARTAN
of the Norfolk Division of Vir
ginia State College; BLUE AND
WHITE FLASH, Jackson College,
Jackson, Miss.; THE PANTHER,
Clark College, Atlanta, Georgia;
THE COLLEGIAN, South Carolina
State College, Orangeburg, S. C.-
lina State University, Raleigh-
THE ’TWIG, Meredith College,
Savannah State College: THE
ments, immediate plans call for
and Alpha Phi Alpha frat^^ity. building, and a swimming pool. Duke University, Durh™ N

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