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    Gilmore Answers Major Question
QUESTION: What were some
of your campaign promises and
what are you doing about car
rying them out now that you are
To communicate with the up
per echelon of the school and
to keep the students in mind
during this communication
period, the students have to
know what Is going on, that is
the first thing. We have to break
the grapevine, In terms of stu
dents. You can*t be concerned
about something if you don’t
know what is going on and If
you are not sure what effort to
employ for various situations.
You won’t have any confidence
in changing things on your be
half. So the purpose of the of
fice as we stated this year Is
to make sure the issues are
clearly stated and to make sure
that the students know who Is
responsible for what. Why cer
tain things are done or why they
are not done. What course of
action has been taken to change
this. The definite failure and
why. The students have to be
involved in things in order to
really care about them.It'sllke
your own community if you are
not really involved and some
thing goes wrong then you real
ly are just to uninformed to
determine what should not have
been done or what should be
done to prevent this in the fu
QUESTION: What exactly are
you doing to implement your
programs for this year?
ANSWER: 0, K, I started my
first move in May, that was to
work for the freshman orien
tation, something which I
thought was significant because
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The Pen of Saint ^gustine s College
Support Your Paper
RALEIGH, N. C., OCTOBER 17, 1969
Get Involved
NO. 1
NewFaculty-Staff Members Appointed
Dr. Prezell R. Robinson,
president. Saint Augustine’s
College, has announced the ap
pointment of the following new
persons to the faculty and staff
for 1969-’70.
Dr. Margaret Dillard, as
sociate professor of mathe-
matic and physics, A.B., Mount
Holyoke College, Ph. D. In
physics, University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill; Dr.
Chandra P. Misra, professor
of biology, B. S., M. S., Agra
University, Ph. D. University
of Minnesota; Raymond Davis,
Poor People Can Take Part
The Federal Government is
funding $50,000 through the Of
fice of Education for the Edu
cational Talent Hunt Program.
The objective of the talent
hunt program Is to find high
school students and drop-outs
who have the ability to pursue
a career In colleges, techni
cal schools, or business
schools. However, these per
sons lack financial backings and
This program came about as
a result of a Joint proposal
submitted to the United States
Commission of Education by
Saint Augustine’s College and
North Carolina State Universi
ty at Raleigh.
Mr. Latta Baker, a former
student of Saint Augustine’s
College, is director of the pro
gram. Other Important officers
of this program are: Mrs. Mil
lie Veasey, financial counselor;
Mr, Tommy Faust, fulltime
counselor; and Mrs. Bernice
The program contacts Na
tional Youth Corps groups of
the community, the principals of
various schools, the guidance
counselors, and the pupils’
teachers. These individuals are
contacted so as to decide the
students’ needs.
The ten most needy counties
in northeastern North Carolina
Included to take part In this
(See page 3 )
Student Solicits For
St. Aug. BIdg. Fund
Kenneth Hall, a Saint Augus
tine’s College junior, business
administration major and track
man, presented to President
Prezell R. Robinson on Sep
tember 15, a check for $50
which he solicited to t)e applied
on the building fund or the col
lege. Hall was employed this
summer at the Chris Ann Mo
tels In Jersey City, New Jer
sey, and found time between his
busy schedule to solicit funds
from individuals where he
worked, and also In the com
This gesture on Hall’s part
Is typical of the Interest and
spirit of students on the Saint
Augustine’s College campus,
and the cooperation which they
exhibit In all phases of the In
stitution’s program.
instructor of biology, B. A.,
Rust College, M. S. Atlanta
University; Richard Denny, In-
structor of biology, B. S.
Albany State College, M. B.A.
Atlanta University; Daniel O.
Grant, instructor of History
and Political Science, B. A.
and M. A., Saint Mary’s U-
nlverslty, further study, North
Carolina State University.
Mrs. Adessa B. Lewis, in
structor of mathematics, B. S.,
Saint Augustine’s College, M.
A. T. Purdue University; Hen
ry Lewis, Jr., Instructor of
matthematlcs, B, S. Saint Au
gustine’s College, M. A. T.,
Purdue University; Miss John-
ella L. Lucas, Instructor of
music, B. Mus. Ed., Howard
University; M. M. Catholic U-
niverslty; Mrs. Sharda Mlsra,
assistant professor of Geo
graphy, B. A., M. A., Agra
University and Louisiana Poly
technic Institute, further study,
University of Seattle and U-
niversity of Cincinnati; Addison
Reed, Instructor of music, B.
A., B. S., M. A., Kent Uni
versity; Mrs. Betty J. H. Simp
son, instructorof English, A.B.,
Shaw University, further study,
North Carolina Central Uni
versity; Miss Myrlin E. Skin
ner, Instructor of business, B.
A. Saint Augustine’s College,
M. A. Columbia University, fur
ther study, Hampton Institute
and Hamilton College.
Miss Serena L. Stagger, in
structor of sociology, B., A.,
Bennett College, M. A., Atlanta
(See page 3)
Saint Augustine’s College students, mostly African natives, greet visiting
students from Cuttington College in Liberia. At left are St. Aug. stu
dents with Dean of Students, George Land, Miss Carolyn Fisher (Miss
Saint Augustine’s College). Others on the left are Samuel Asare, Noe
Nswad, Joseph Konde, Henry Shyllon, Cyril Nwosu, Michael Ndukuba,
Edward Asare, Pleas Coleman, Ted Brown and Miss Aletha Diggs. At
right: Visitors from Cuttington College: John Lima, Miss Florida Har
ris, Emanuel Shaw, Sama Traub, Thomas Beer, Hennis Holder, Oswald
Shaw, Miss Edith Whisnant. At the extreme right is J. H, Twitty, assist
ant dean of students at St. Aug.
OSCAR FEAY ’n^nR. ROniNSOia at Mvivnni
meeting in Virginia Beach, Va.
Freshmen Make Choice
The freshman class started
their year with a big bang.
The whole freshman class turn
ed out for the election In the
freshman’s first Initial move,
down at the Falcon gym
The election was carried out
with the president and vice-
president of the student txjdy
in charge. Miss Carolyn Fisher,
the 1969 Miss Saint Augus
tine’s College, assisted in the
introduction of the represen
tatives for Miss Freshman.
The election was very compe
titive this year with rfudents
running for such offices as
president, vice-president, .sec
retary, treasurer, student
council representative, parll-
mentarian, Miss Freshman,
Miss May Queen Attendant and
attendant to Miss Saint Augus
tine's College. Even though all
could not win the students were
dressed c ol or full y and gave
speeches well organized, short
and to the point.
Many stressed the "Black
Image” and some stuck strict
ly to the purpose of their of
Miss Betty Gross won the
title of Miss Freshman, anif I
must say she put extra time and
effort into her campaign This
was noted by the fact tliat she
had her personal cheering squad
deliver her campaign message,
it was warmly accepted by the
freslimen, the upperclassmen,
and faculty members.
The winners are as follows:
President - LawrenceAVest;
Vice-president - Pat Llgglns;
Secretary - Frances Williams;
Student Council representa
tives - Mary R. Bell, Alvin
Clanton, and Lean Peyton; At
tendant to Miss Saint Augus
tine’s - Chlqulta Allen; Miss
Freshman - Betty Gross; Atten
dant to Miss May Queen - De
bra Taylor; Treasurer - Glo
ria Macer; and Parllmentar-
lan - Marvin L. Bailey.
The newspaper staff wishes
all of you l)6st wishes in your
studies and a prosperous year.
OutstandingWomanAtSt. Augustine’s
Miss Gloria J. Johnson, di
rector of the Career Planning
and Placement Center at Saint
Augustine’s College, has been
nominated by Morris Brown
College, Atlanta, Ga., to be rec
ognized In the 1969 edition of
Miss Johnson is a native of
Jesup, Georgia. She received
the B. A. degree at Morris
Brown College In 1963, and the
M. A. degree in Guidance and
Student Personnel Adminis
tration in Higher Education
from Teachers College, Colum
bia University, New York.
Miss Johnson has previously
1>een employed as an educa
tional intern at the Southern
Education Foundation, Inc., At
lanta, Ga.; and Assistant Place
ment Director, Morris Brown
Her other awards have in
cluded a certificate of merit for
outstanding participation In
community and political activi
ties. Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,
Inc. at Morris Brown, 1965;
and outstanding contributions to
the Phi Beta Lambda Business
Organization at Saint Augus
tine’s College for 1969. .
Miss Johnson has been em
ployed In her present position
at Saint Augustine’s College
since 1968.

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