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Alumni Association Meeting
The Aluiinii Association of St. Axifiustiiio’s ('ollosi'
its iiiimiiil mooting on Tnosdiiy of Coinuieiicomont in
tiie ClH'sliii-o linildinj;. At tlu‘ annual liaiuinot aftor-(iinnor
uddrossos wt'ro di'livi'i’Od by Uov. James K. Sattenvlnte,
Rev. .lolni W. llenitafie, D.D., Uev. Juan It. JlancelK),
Mr. (ieoi'Se Sljell.v, iire.sident of the Student ('oinicii, Prof.
A. I-]. Weatherford. Ac-tin}; Dean U. L. Kyncli. and Deiin
Emeritus diaries H. lioyer. Dr. Kdson 10. lUaeknuni, pn's;-
dent of the Alunnii Association, jireslded.
Considerable interest jirompted by the entliusiasni of Dr.
Klackniaii was shown in the iiromotion of the Alunnii Scliol-
arsliiii I>oan Fund. Several pledges of twoMity-live dolliirs
made at the last iiuM'tiiif: of the Association wer(> jiaid. and
the St. Ausustiiie’s Clubs of Ualeifih, Charlotte, and KocUy
Mount are esiu'ciall.v commended for their line work in
lielialf of the Scholai'shii> Ixiaii Fund.
The bnsiiK'ss session of the Association revealed renewed
interest on the ]iart of tlie iiK'nibers in tlie welfare of
St. AuKustine’s ('ollefje. I’lans for the oiK-ration of tlu;
Student Loan Fund were adopted. Tlie Kev. Juan
JIancebo. of ('uba, was active in the meeting', after sradu-
atini; lU'arly sixty years aj;o.
Otiicers eU'cted for the ensuing; year; Dr. F. F. Black
man, president: Kev. II. J. C. Itowdeii, viee-pi'esideiit; Uev.
James K. Satterwhile, secretary: Mr. ('ecil X. Coble, treas
urer, and Jlr. James A. I!o,v'r, campus secretary.
Tiie Association iiassed unanimously the following reso
lution iir(‘seiited liy Mr. S. C. lU'tliea:
"That St. A\iKUstine's Collese issue only 'A’ certilicatcs.
and tiiat adei|uate provision be made for students to do
practice teaciiinj; who meet the Stat(‘ re(|uirement of '(V
Rev. (Jeor^e M. I’laskett, '(iri, received the honorary
decree of S.T.D. from the (ieiieral TiuMilo^jical Semi
nary, New York, of which he is also a ;;ra(hi!ite, at
this Cf'iieral's coniniencenu'nt, whicli occurred about the
sanii' tini(" as St. Aufjustine’s. To reec'ive this signal honor
Dr. riaskett was forced to absent himself from our com
mencement and the meeting of tiie itoard of trustee's. St.
AuKUStiiie's was iiroud lo excuse him for such an occasion,
however. Dr. l’lask('tt was hoiior('d with tlie D.D. decree
by JJncoln Ilniversit.v in 1!).'!.").
John W. IIerrita>;e, Jr., and W. Howard Henderson,
’:U, wer‘ f;ra(luate(l from Meharry Jledical Collefie in Jlay,
with th(> dej;re(' of doctor of medicine. Several other jii’adu-
ates and former st\ideiits of St. Aiifjustine's are enrollcMl
in Meharry.
On March 2.S .Mr. ami Jlrs. John II. Clark celebrated
their tiftieth weddiiiK anniversary at their home in Wilson.
N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Clark were marri(‘d in ISSS in the
old (iiapel of the Lyman ItuihliiiK (before the iiresent
chapel was erected) with the tiieii jirincipal, the Rev.
Robert I!. Suttai, olliciatiii};. Tliey met in St. Augustine’s
during their student da.vs. Jlrs. Clark was Miss Ida
Cr(“nshaw. Their dautihter, Jlrs. Flora Clark liethel, and
Mr. I’etlK'l, tlii'ir soii-in-h;w. are alunnii. Tiiey are all
faithful support('i's of tiu'ir alma mater, and visit several
limes (‘ach school .vear. Jlr. and Mrs. ('lark attended this
year's Conf(>rence.
Fdilh il. Anderson, R.X., a liKiT graduate of St. A;;nes.
has been appointed superintendent of the new (iood Shep-
lierd Hospital in New liern. N. C. Miss Anderson, who
passed the state examininj; board with one of the hi};hest
!iv(>riiKes, has been a member of the stall' of St. Af;nes
Charles D. Keck, enjjafied in the insurance business,
has r'cently b(>en transferred from Auf;\ista, (!a., lo Rocky
Mount, X. ('.
Announcement has been received of the marriage in
Atifiust, lit.'!."), of Clara AI. Jackson, "U, to Hasil A. Alston,
U.S. Mr. Alston is a fji'adnate of lancoln TIniversity.
Itorn to Jlr. and JIis. (’.S4) Leonidas Haywood, Jlay
r>, a (lau};ht(>r, (iloria. Jlrs. Haywood was Jliss Cornelia
Sanders. Jlr. Haywood is principal of a school in I’al-
myra, N. ('.
Janice L. Albury. ’:i4, was recently appointed executive
woriier at tlie C(mimunity House sponsored by the ('entral
Jlethodisf Episcopal Church, Jackson. JIlss. The ('om-
munit.v Houst' will lu' head(iuarters for a child welfare
clinic and health activities. Jliss Albury was sraduated
from the Atlanta School of Social Work in 1!K5T.
JIaxine O. JIcDew, of the Rraduating class of the Bishop
Tuttle School, was married in the Hishop Tuttle Chapel on
(^oninienceinent Day to Jonathan Theodorit* Stevens, of
Savannah, (ia. Jlrs. Stevens is also fnmi Savannah.
Two outstandiiif; alunnii of St. Aufiustine's have passed
to their reward since the last issue of the Recokd.
Rev. I.orenzo A. Kinjr, ’14, died in Washiiif'ton, I). C..
February 4. While a student at St. Aufiustlne’s he was for
s(*veral yt'ars in charj;t' of the print slioj) and instructor of
printiii};. He had served parishes in Virt;iuia and the Dis
trict of Columbia.
Rev. Henry S. JIcDutfey was one of the old jiuard who
received all their trainiiiK, both academic and theolojiical,
at St. Augustine’s, and was ordained to the diaeonate h.v
Hishoii Lyman in old St. Augustine’s (’hurch in 1.S.S:!. ^ He
did pioneer iiastoral work in several places in North Caro
lina. crowning his achievt'iiients in that state in the building
of the b(-autiful St. JIatthias’ Church in Asheville. When
he died in IMiiladelphia, Jlay 1. he was ninety-two years
old, having retired several .vears ago from the active min-
istr.v. He was at one time rix-t(U' of St. Augustine’s Cliurch
in i’hiladelphia. and at the time of his death was rect(U-
emeritus of the Church of St. John the Divine in that city.
Wlien Vera JI. (iang, ':!.■) (also Rishop Tuttle School,
rec(‘ived tlie degree of master of science from lioston Uni-
v(>rsity at their June Commencement, the pri'sident of the
uiiivi'rsit.v iiiadt' tlu‘ following citation: "Class otiictn*, eX'
cellent student, Studly fellowship award, and a young
woman of high character.” Jliss (Jang also received tiie
unusual honor of being a]>iMiinted Y.W.C.A. camp coun.selloi
for this suninu'r. She was jirepared for college at St. I’hil-
lil>'s .lunior (’ollege. San Antonio, Tt'xas, of which our Jliss
Artemisia I’.owden is president. At lioston I'niversity slie
was in the school of social work.
Her man.v friends and ac(piaintaiices anuaig tlie alumni
will regret to learn of the death on .Iiuie 1 of Jliss (Jeorgia
Spears, ’15. She passed away in Buck Hill Falls. I’a., and
was interred at her old home town. Concord. N. C. From
l!lir> to liH!.") Jliss Spears was on the staff of St. Augustiiui’s
as assistant matron. Jliss JIary Elizabetli Johnston. Jlrs.
Althea Joiu's. and Jlrs. Nina Jliles went to Concord for the
funeral services.
The Rev. John A. Wright, rector of (’hrist Church, de
livering th(' baccalaureate sermon to the graduating class
of St. Augustiii('’s ('ollege here yesterda.v, built his sermon
around the word "Nevertheless.”
R('ferrlng to passages in the New Testament where the
word aiipears. the Rev. Jlr. Wright siioke of the jnoiier
spirit of prayer embodied in Christ’s words. "Nevertheless.
'I'ii.v will, not mine, be done.” and of the spirit of chal'
lenge in tlu' words of Jesus, "Nevertheless, let us go,” even
after it was learned that Lazai-us was dead. He told the
graduates the.v wmld face conditions calling for correction
wliich would sometimes seem as hopeless to them as diil
th(‘ condition of the dead La/.arus to the Lord's disciples.
I!ut these conditions should be a challeng(- to the faith
and courage of those who havi' bei‘n ecpupped to cope with
them, he said. His linal words w‘re those of the Ajiostli-
I’aid. “Nevertheless. I am not ashamed." To follow the
way of Christ will enable one to look back over his life aiid
say he was not ashamed of the choices he made.
'I’he baccalaureat(‘ service, with evening iirayer, was con
ducted b.v the president, the Rev. Edgar H. (ioold. The
reading of the Tsalni was led by the Rev. St. .lulian A-
Simpkins, of I’ineville, S. ('., and the second lesson was
read b.v the Rev. James K. Satterwhite of La (irange, (ia.i
both alumni of the institution. Acting Dean R. L. L.vnch
read the first lesson. The college choir offered musical
In presenting the Rev. Jlr. Wright. I’resident (ioold spot*'
of the interest shown by Christ Cliurch parish in St.
Augustint‘’s C)llege since the founding of the latter ii>
1S(!7.—From the Raleigh Scirx and Ohxcrvcr, Jlay -'A.

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