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'Peeper* leads to tighter security
PEEPING TOM DRAWS ATTENTION — Reporter Denise James of WTVD Chan
nel 11 News interviews students on Nov. 19 following a reported sighting of
the Peeping Tom on campus. (Photo by Johnny Francis.)
Pre-registration increases
North Carolina Wesleyan College
held pre-registration for the 1987
spring term November 10 through
the 14 , and the numbers received by
the registrar, Mr. C. Cliff Sullivan,
show a increase in students pre
registered for this spring's classes ov
er those pre-registered last spring.
According to the data gathered by
Mr. Sullivan, there has been a 5%
increase in the number of students
who pre-registered over the past two
years. For the spring term of 1985
and 1986, only 71% of all NCWCs
students pre-registered. This year a
healthy 76% of aU students pre
registered for spring classes. Mr. Sul
livan said, "I am very pleased
Board of Trustees accepts
new salary scale for faculty
The Board ofTrustees has recently
approved Acting President Stephen
Fritz's salary scale for the faculty.
The minimum salary levels for
y full-time faculty members are
$17,000 for instructors, $19,000 for
assistant professors, $22,000 for full
professors. According to Acting Pres
ident Fritz, none of the faculty mem
bers are below minimum, "We have
raised all of them, there are no full
time faculty making less than mini
mum in their particular ranks, and
that was effective Nov. 1,1986."
Seniority has not been taken into
consideration however. "The purpose
of this action was to insure that mini
mum pay be established in each rank,
and that faculty who were making
minimum pay schedule does not ad
dress the question of seniority. At
this point, it was important to esta
blish minimums and to bring faculty
up to those levels. There is simply
not enough money to go around to
address every need. It is my hope that
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North Carolina Wesleyan College
has increased security and hired a con
sultant to evaluate its present security
force in the wake of a rash of peeping
tom incidents in both women's dorms
on campus, according to Dean of
Student Life, Dr. Carleton McKita.
The college has hired Wheeler
Security from Nashville to help pat
rol the campus. "I signed a contract
with them on Nov. 18 and they will
be under contract until the end of the
semester," McKita said. "One man
has been added from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m.
and he is relieved by another man
from 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.," McKita add
ed.Inaddition, Wesleyan'sregularsec-
urity force, which consists of stu
dents, continues to patrol.
A consultant from the Pinkerton
Security Agency is presently review
ing the campus security system.
While McKita hesitates to make any
judgments before the consultant's
review is completed and while
McKita feels that ourpresent security
system is "adequate," he also thinks
that "we could have professional
people" on campus. In fact, McKita
asked for additional funds for security
last year, but his request was turned
down because of budgetary reasons.
According to McKita, thecollege bud
get was tight last year and there were
simply no available funds for campus
While things were understandably
quiet on the campus over the Thanks
giving holiday break, matters on the
issue came to a head on Nov.
19 when it was reported that the
Peeper was on campus. A mob scene
quickly developed, with both males
and females carrying clubs and
baseball bats. In addition, residents of
South Hall searched the woods on
campus for signs of the individual.
Concerned Wesleyan students cal
led WTVD channel 11 news. Repo
rter Denise James and a cameraman
came to the campus that evening and
interviewed both students and Mc
James was given complete access
to all information, according to both
McKita and NCWC Director of
Public Information Joyce Bonomo. "I
was not trying to orchestrate any
thing, "McKita said, "but I was con
cerned that nothing totally inaccurate
was said."
McKita received "a lot of calls
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with the increase and the hard work
shown by the faculty during the week
of pre-registration. They are responsi
ble for the large number of students
who pre-registered."
Mr. Sullivan said pre-registration
is very beneficial to the students be
cause it usually allows them to get in
the classes they want, and it keeps
them from having to stand in lines so
long. Pre-registration also allows the
college to estimate tuition revenue
for the spring and it helps the college
to determine if they need to drop or
add a section of a course.
Mr. Sullivan said he is working
on a way to shorten the registration
process. Students will have to meet
with their advisors and determine
their schedules. After this, if the
students have pre-payed, they will not
have to wait in long lines. They will
be ready for classes.
According to graduating Senior,
Thomas "Sleepy" Taylor, "classes
same time. This makes it hard to
graduate on time." The Registrar's
Office does their bestto accommodate
all of the students here at Wesleyan,
But sometimes students are inconven
ienced and bumped out of classes
Be alert for strangers
To N.C. Wesleyan Students;
The weeks just before the Thanksgiving break were
frightening and made us aware of how-easily: sbineorie
can get on the campus and enter residence halls at very
unexpected times.
In response to this, we have added to our own
security force the services of Wheeler Security through
the remainder of this semester. We are consulting with
security specialists to assess the best ways in which our
students can be safe and feel safe.
Also, the women’s residence halls will remain locked
later into the morning and persons entering residence
halls after 6 p.m. will (if not recognized as studerits) be
asked to verify their identity.
Automobiles that do not have a current Wesleyan
parking decal may be stopped after 11 p.m. and the
drivers asked to produce verification of identity.
One thing is certain. A very importaiit element of
security at N.C. Wesleyan is a student body that is alert
to the presence of strangers and immediately notifies
security or other members of the Student Life staff if that
person is in the wrong place at the wrong time or gives
evidence of not belonging here.
Carleton P. McKita
Dean of Student Life

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