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VOL. 2, NO. 7
Freezing cold
Rain, freezing rain, and snow combined to create roads like this one and close
NCWC on Monday. Happily, Acting President Stephen Fritz was reported seen
on the job on Monday despite the hazardous driving conditions.
An Army ROTC program may be
started at North Carolina Wesleyan
next fall if it receives the approval of
the Board of Trustees at their Feb. 20
meeting. According to Acting
President Stephen Fritz, the ROTC
proposal has passed all of the
necessary faculty steps and awaits the
decision of the Trustees before final
plans for the program can be made.
Upon approval of the Trustees,
the ROTC program at NCWC will
be initated as a satellite program of
the current ROTC program at St.
Augustines College in Raleigh. It
will begin as a two-year program and
'Dissenter' being compiled
North Carolina Wesleyan's year
book, The Dissenter, is currently
being compiled by Mrs. Margaret
Ledbetter and her diligent yet
diminishing staff.
"We started out the year with
24 students on the yearbook staff,"
says Mrs. Ledbetter, "but we cur
rently have less than ten students
who are working. Some of the
students thought that the idea of
working on a college yearbook
would be fun, and it is, but they
had no idea of what was involved
^ footwork, deadlines, and the
like — and simply became
overwhelmed with whole project.
Ledbetter attributes the rate of
the staff to the experiences that
they encountered during high
school. "In many high schools, the
advisor will lake chargc of all
planning, organizing, and editoria
lizing, leaving the students with
every little responsibility. 1, on the
other hand, have always delegated
the work out to the students and
advised them when needed rather
than doing all of the work for
them," she said.
"I joined the Wesleyan staff in
September," said Ledbetter. "The
theme and organization of the
book were already determined
when I came in, but we had to put
the spread together after I joined
(the spread is the general layout of
the various subjects in the
yearbook)." With the anticipation
of a spring publication, the staff
was already behind when Ledbetter
assumed her position. "We got off
to a sluggish start, she stated. "I
didn't have anything for them to
do for weeks because the spread
was undccided. After that, the
meetings that were originally
planned for every other Thursday
from 11 to 12 o'clock, proved to be
very impractical. Thursdays are
spoken for for a lot of them," said
Ledbetter. "We meet before
deadlines, usually from four to five
hours on a Sunday afternoon, and
so far have managed to meet all
The only drawback with having
a spring publication is that for the
first year, several events will not
be included in the yearbook. This
is due to the completion deadline
in February. These events will be
covered in the next issue with
graduation supplement being made
available to everyone this summer.
"Something new that we are
working on this year is an index to
the layouts," said Ledbetter. "This
will make it easier when trying to
locate an individual's pictures(s).
There is a lot to be done in order
to meet the many deadlines that
are present," she adds. Indexing
and copying layout.s, writing
captions, identifying people and
typing are just a sample of what
has to be done.
'I'he entire Dissenter staff was
brought to the attention of all of
Wesleyan this semester with their
proposed name change for the
yearbook. After much discussion
on the importance of dissenting in
the history of Methodism and a
few heated remarks from faculty,
the staff opted to drop their
proposal. , Mrs. Ledbetter was
seemingly left holding the bag. "I
was not prepared to take the battle
on by myself," she states. "It was
proposed by the students and I was
willing to stand behind them in
their decisions, because it is their
book, as long as they thems-elvcs
remained interested."
eventually become a full four-year
program as enrollment in the pro
gram at NCWC increases.
Army ROTC recruiters will begin
campus visits to interview pros
pective ROTC recruits for the fall.
The recruiters will interview students
(men and women) on the sophomore
level for entry into the two-year
program as they enter their junior
year, at NCWC next fall. The current
plan is to possibly send some of the
recruits to camp for ROTC training
this summer.
The program will not present any
financial obligation for NCWC, as
the costs for the program are fully
covered by the U.S. Army. The
Army pays the scholarships to the
students and provides the instructors
necessary for the class offerings. The
only things NCWC will be
responsible for arc office and class
room space for the program.
"Pcr-sonally I think it (the
program) will have a very positive
influence on the college," said Fritz.
He pointed out it is another opport
unity for the college to broaden its
offerings and is a good financial
opportunity for students.
The plans for a ROTC program at
NCWC have been outlined but will
not begin implementation until it
gels the approval of the. Board of
Trustees. Pending that approval,
students, staff, and faculty can expect
a ROTC program next fall at
Professor resigns position
Assistant Professor of Computer
Science Edberto "Pebo" Buencamino
left his position just prior to the
1986 Christmas holiday vacation
because of immigration problems
with the U.S. and Phillipine
Mr. Leo Bishop, chairman of
computer studies, said, "We did not
know he was resigning until he said
(in late Dec.) he would not be
returning to Wesleyan for the 1986-
87 spring semester. Despite the
suggested efforts of Wesleyan staff,
in particular Mr. Bishop, to go to
U.S. Congressman Tim Valentine
and others for support, Buencamino
felt it would be better to leave. He
felt that any actions of Wesleyan's
part might further complicate the
Wesleyan is seeking new faculty
members to replace Mr. Buen
Camino. Until then Academic Dean
Marshall Brooks said "one of his
courses has been dropped and the
other three offered on/off campus are
being handled by Vanvus staff
However, with only a six month
probationary period given by the
Phillipine Government, there is a
possibility that Buencamino may
return to Wesleyan.
Mr. Bishop said that Buencam-
ino's contribution to Wesleyan was
"unquestionable" and that con
sequently his application and resume
should he be able to return to
Wesleyan will be "highly noted and
greatfully received."

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