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Greetings and salutations to all of my friends and foes.
Insider is back after missing the deadline for the last edition
of The Decree. It seems I was a little annihalated the night
before the deadline and I failed to write my article. But I
promise to make this one extra special to make up for ray
First order of business, the Editor’s article. Well written
guys, bravo! Also a pat on the back to Stewart Crank for his
intelligent editorial.
Next, a big thank you to our Dean of Student Life for the
letters in our mailboxes. We students appreciate your efforts to
prohibit us from having bonfires. After all, we are "immature
drunken children", isn’t that correct Michele Carpenter ? Don’t
think Insider has forgotten about your slanderous opinion. I’ll
deal with you in a minute.
On second thought. Insider will destroy you now. As Insider
was first reading your article, Insider’s intitial thought was to
just laugh and forget about you. I mean really, your not worth
the effort. But as Insider read over and over again the
slanderous comments you made about my character, well lets just
say I got a little pissed. If you want to criticize my opinion
or work, that’s peachy keen with me. But you crossed the line by
attacking my character. It seems as though you went to a great
deal of trouble to pick apart my article. Well let me return the
First of all, last time Insider checked, his/her belly was a
sensous golden brown, not yellow. Chicken scratch you say, well
, Insider makes it a practice to never let farm animals inside
his/her drom room. They are rather foul creatures. Thirdly,
Michele, if I may call you that. Insider is not a wimp. Insider
would be glad to meet you anywhere, anytime, to give you a good
ole’ country butt whoopin. After reading your article. Insider
thinks he has a pretty good idea of what kind of person you are.
I bet you were a hall monitor in high-school, maybe aven
president of the debating team. You probably studied every
weekend and had few friends. You had a difficult childhood
because all the children picked on you, you weren’t part of the
cool crowd. You were probably an OUTSIDER, as you are now. Let
Insider tell the students now that Michele Carpenter is not a
student here, but a graduate from Wake Forest who works in the
Public Information office.
Insider qoutes Webster,"Freedom: exemption or liberation
from the control of some other person or some arbitrary power”.
Freedom can exist withou protective rules. In fact, tru freedom
is the absence of rules. You can have freedom without rules, but
it’s harder to appreciate.
Ms.Carpenter, and I do assume it’s Ms., seems to think that
the visitation policy is good. Of course she does, she doesn’t
have to follow it. Insider thinks it’s fine that Chinamen are
taxed if they prodeuce more than two offspring, but Insider
doesn’t have to live by that rule. It’s easy to be on the
OUTSIDE looking in , isn’t it Ms. Carpenter ?
According to Michele, we are all sinners, whp should change
our ways. I assume Michele is good Christian, or so she thinks.

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