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    Yours Truly
How many times have you
waited upon the telephone to
ring, for what seemed like an
eternity. You knew the call
would be inevitable, but illusive
since you weren’t quite sure
just when the ringaling would
answer your wishes and pray
ers. Finally with a grin and a
mental tohellwithit you hop
into the shower. About the time
you’re rinsing the clouds of
bubbles from your hair a dis
tant ring arouses your senses
and with the agility of a
Ballinese dogcatcher you hop to
the towel over the rug to the
crowing telly only to hear the
grunts of a frustrated click.
Need I describe the torment
one would face after such a
Now that I’ve captivated you
with my nifty analogy I’ll get to
the brass tacks of my silvery
rhetoric. Yes, I did not say why
you were waiting for the call or
for that matter who was calling.
I figure a touch of mystery will
send a mediocre arrangement
of words a long way.
By now some will say fine,
but what does it ail have to do
with the newspaper or Wesley
an for that matter? My only
answer to this is, “I’m tired of
waiting for a phone call, I never
At Wesleyan we’re perpe
tually in the shower, missing all
the calls. A few of us can’t take
anymore, we want to see our
student body take on its
identity. Things have to come
together so we all will loosen-up
a bit and enjoy ourselves for
ourselves and enjoy Wesleyan
for ourselves. The whole insti
tution is built upon us, most feel
as if it is attached to our backs,
therefore pinning us down. This
attitude has influenced too
many and caused the Wesleyan
identity to become sterilized,
but not beyond repair.
An old Southern saying illus
trates the point exquisitely. “If
there’s a hole in the bucket,
don’t get no water.” Of course
we can’t get “no water,” we’ve
the dearee
'•f ■■ '
>*iSSMWli4 •«* i
got to fix the hole, since most of
us can’t afford a new bucket.
Besides there’s nothing wrong
with the old bucket if only it
would hold water. We’ve got to
patch our “student vehicle” and
move together before we could
even hope to press for some
badly needed changes. Let’s be
concerned with each other and
aspects of our community life
will upgrade themselves with
the help of a consistent move
ment towards student activi
All of which leads us into the
introduction of the newspaper,
our gift to you. We feel inspired
and dedicated towards the goal
of improving our lives here.
We’ve waited for the phone call
too long and after receiving
only wrong numbers, we
decided to get a directory and
make a few calls of our own. We
hope you are pleased and
entertained, but most of all
broadened in your sense of
awareness to each other’s
communal and individual needs.
We are proud to create a
tangible image of student per
sonality. I hope you feel a need
to contribute to this image and
add the touch of character
necessary for the improvement
of our Wesleyan society.
The staff welcomes all
contributions and responses or
inquiries, or else drop in to say
“hi” and tell us how much you
really dug on the paper, or if
you didn’t dig on it be prepared
to be convinced of its goodness
by fifteen energized fanatics. If
you should like to join our
group, anyone will be welcomed
with open arms.
I believe there is an in
evitable movement towards a
stronger bond of community in
our student life outside the
classroom. Each of us has too
much to offer, we cannot feel
stifled any longer. Let’s get
together and enjoy ourselves.
After hitting the Preserva
tion Hall last Tuesday, I’m sure
of the fact that Wesleyan really
can get loose.
Now that I’ve monoplized
your reading time with my
ejaculation of philosophic ex
pression ana two danay analo
gies compelled to give you a
nutshell indication of what to
expect from us.
An expressive journal of
deliberate thought and com
munication. Don’t be disap
pointed if we do not conduct
ourselves in an orthodox or
conformist fashion, for a paper
can only reflect the priorities
and values of those responsible.
We feel our paper should be an
extension of Wesleyan’s char
acter and nobody should ever
find reason to call our society
orthodox or conformist, but
sometimes I wonder.
... We are an issue of
stimulating photos, thoughts,
opinions, and appeals to each
other, for each other.
Since this issue is initial in
our movement you will find a
lot of editorializing and alert
people setting things straight
through their own analyses. I
am proud of the way individuals
have responded and as our
policy anyone who commits
themselves in public expression
deserves to say what they want
to, the way they want to.
It may prove to be a
coincidence, but my hand had
just turned the period on that
previous sentence when I was
suddenly informed that our
paper was subject to censor
ship, an order passed down by
our president.
I cannot accept this as dis
couragement and can only
. insure you and myself that this
organization will sacrifice any
thing necessary to insure total
expression and unrestricted
rights to anyone using our
vehicle as a means of valid and
responsible communication in
relaying opinions of value and
concern for the upgrading and
preservation of our essential
Wesleyan identity.
Now that I’ve given you an
idea of what to expect, I will
inform you of our expectations
from you: Response.
Wipe that soap out of your
eyes and pickup the phone.
Let’s dial till we get some
nick glennon
Hot To Trott
Only one day away till the
“wow I just got saved, time for
a little change of scenery, leave
Wesleyan schlepp on down the
highway shuffle.” This sure to
be popular movement scheme is
also available in elementary
sidestep ensembles for those of
you not so hot to trott.
As for the major portion of
Wesleyan’s academic comman
dos, we are in the proper
groove to saddle up and move
in a less complicated cycle of
determination. No more pen
cils, no more books, and no
more looking at the same face
in the mirror everyday. For the
transformational magics of the
words SPRING BREAK inspir
es individuals to radically find
relief. From anyone or any
place, relief may be seized by
an unannounced college student
who is merely looking for
tricks, because everyone knows
one feels a craving for tricks
during Spring Break. To say
the break is deserved happens
to be an understatement, but
do we deserve to use the word
Spring? It seems so impatient
to use a term out of season, but
why argue trivialities when the
major portion of our society
worships them, trivialities that
Don’t spend your time
worrying about society, you
young people are so full of good.
You just want to carry the
great big ’ol world on your
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