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Volume VII
No. 8
Employees Support U. S. Bonds Plan
One of the surprising facts
about money is the way it grows
when safely invested.
Equally surprising is the way
small sums become big totals
when invested regularly.
Both of these developments
come true when a person resolves
to become an investor in Govern
ment bonds and regularly saves
a certain sum out of his pay to
apply to their purchase.
So I would like to mention'
this month the opportunity you
will soon have to set aside part
of your income in the federal
securities known as "E Bonds"
which can be purchased by sav
ing as little as $2.50 each pay
period. Or, should you perfer.
any larger amount can be in
vested. Then you become the
owner of bonds of larger denomi
nation or pay out on smaller
bonds more rapidly.
Already many members of the
Anvil Brand organization have
taken advantage of this Payroll
Savings Plan. They authorize us
to withold regularly a certain
amount from their pay checks.
For example, some wish to have
a $100 bond and ask us to retain
$6.25 each pay period. After 12
pay periods they promptly re
ceive their bond worth $100 at
maturity but for which they have
paid only $75. Someone else may
want a $50 bond, paying for it
at the rate of $2.50 per pay period.
In 15 pay periods he owns the
bond, having paid $37.50 for it.
Many people lose the advant
age of opportunities like this be
cause they feel that small
amounts are too unimportant to
save. But it is the accumulation
of these small amounts whidh
buys the bond. And since the
Payroll Savings Plan was first
developed, literally millions of
people and families are comfort
ably situated financially because
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SAVINGS BONDS REGULARS—Three members of the
Overall Department are shown above as they were inter
viewed about their U. S. Savings Bond purchases. All
three have been purchasing bonds since the early ’40’s and
are enthusiastic supporters of the savings bond payroll de
duction plan. Standing left, is Myrtle Rook, and right,
Letha Towery. Seated is Virginia Flynn Hodges.
$> If the federal government
needed three top salesmen for
their U, S. Savings Bonds drives,
they wouldn’t have to go further
than Anvil Brand’s Overall De
The wisdom of saving through
the payroll deduction plan of
savings bonds, was lauded by
these three women who have
bought bonds almost consisently
since the payroll deduction plan
went into effect.
And two of these women, Vir
ginia Flynn Hodges and Myrtle
Rook have cashed in bonds at
opportune times to assist them in
important financial transactions
in their lives.
Letha Toweiry of Rt. 1, James
town, says she has been lucky
enough to avoid cashing in any
of the bonds she has purchased
since she started the plan in 1943.
“I don’t plan to cash them in as
long as I work, if I can help it,”
she said.
Virginia, who now lives at 705
Grace Street, started buying
bonds in 1944 after coming to
work with Anvil Brand in 1943.
She cashed in some to help pay
for a home, but now is trying to
keep the bonds she buys invested
so they will keep drawing that
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Rickard Gets
Service Award
Roy Rickard, who came to
work with Anvil Brand in 1927
as an inspector, was one of eight
supervisory employees who were
honored with “Continuous Serv
ice Awards” at a recent meeting
of High Point’s Industrial Man
agement Club.
In the 28 years Roy has been
with the company he was ad
vanced from jobs which included
inspecting, picking orders, work
ing on the floor, receiving at the
warehouse and production units
in shipping to his present posi
tion of assistant traffic manager.
The awards meeting was held
at the YMCA when Charles R.
Sligh, Jr., of Grand Rapids, Mich.,
was guest speaker, and talked on
a “Foreman’s responsibility” and
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