North Carolina Newspapers

    The Elon College Weekly
VOL. 1. New Series
And Elon College, N. C.
NO. 9
[An oration delivered in the Philolo-
gian Society by Mr. W. L. Anderson,
along with eight others, on the evening
of April 1, 1910, in contest for a gold
Advance of Our National Spirit, country—with a feeling of peerless ap- son bars. What enthusiasm, what pat- ^
preciation ? Who does not admire he- riotic feelings you bring to our hearts as
roes of Christian virtue and honesty ? we see you, floating in the free winds of
Who does not admire heroes of invinci- heaven! No fear can picture your power
ble determination and courage ? Who and gradeur; no voice can explain the
does not admire heroes whose character feelings of unbounded gratitude which
medal awarded by the Society for the yg glorious independence of we bestow upon you! We know and
best oration from the standpoint of deliv- ' nation ? feel what you represent, but we cannot
ery. Mr. Anderson won the medal. effectually have the United States express its meaning. We stand before
Ed.] been reorganized that her people have you, gazing with awe and admiration.
It is an old story, yet we love and become the most patriotic people on the
cherish the memory of all our patriots, face of the globe. The bitter feelings of
however often it may be repeated. We the past have disappeared. The oppos-
love our country and her heroes and no ing veterans now meet upon the same old
earthly power can deprive us of that love, battle fields in reunion, forming ties of
It is with a boundless spirit of gratitude eternal love. " The strains of ' Dixie '
that we turn back to the origin of our and of the ' Star-Spangled Banner
while in our heart we thank God that
you still float over us."
A Week’s Record in Baseball.
Our team has struck its proper gait
during the last week and is going fast
are enough for the best of them. From the
country, in the wilderness of her youth, alike cheered wherever heard." The time we pla>ed Oak Ridge a ten innings
when every American heart was -filled death of a Union hero strikes the same game with a tie score 3-3, we have been
with patriotism and courage, and was blow to the South as to the north. The establishing a record of which we are
ready to exclaim with its I^evolutionary talent and genius of a Confederate youth justly proud. Thursday, March 31, we
heroes, "Taxation without representation are alike admired by both North and defeated Delaware College at Burlington
is tyranny," and then with Patrick Henry, South as they beckon him on to higher by a score of 10 to 2. Tuesday we
" Give me liberty or give me death." advancement. took Bingham of Asheville into camp by
With the charming eloquence of Hen- With so much diligence have our he- a 5 to 2 score on the Burlington diamond;
ry and Otis to arouse the chivalry of the roes worked together for the harmonious and Wednesday, April 6, we won from
colonists, and with George Washington development of this republic that we stand the strong Richmond College team by a
to lead the patriots on, we begin to march.! without an equal either in intelligence, score of 6 to 2. The last game was
With brave heroes like Sergeant Jasper, " '
leaping over the bleeding bodies of his
dying comrades, face to face with British
shot and shell, to save the flag, we con
tinued to march, „ ^.,11 1 j 1
The Star-Spangled Bannei. upheld by on this side of Heaven." "Not in the First innma: Gill bunt to th'rH »nH
li_.oc» lead,, if ..ecu Lie, lo Wdik into tile iaduiganc oi a vam conhdence did our is thrown out at first. Jenkins strikes out.
very jaws of death, marched out of chaos fathers build the Ship of State, and launch Guy hits to center field, and aided by a
through Revolutionary seas of blood into it upon the waters." With a patriotic bad bounce, stretches what should have
liberty, dr virtue. So richly endowed played on our home diamond and was
with the elements of progress and pros- thoioughly appreciated by the student
perity ; so wonderfully endowed with the body.
natural gifts of forest, stream, and land- Follow’ing is the account of thi« game
scape. Surely, " as happy a region as is by jnnings :
been a single into a three-bagger; but
left on third when Meredith strikes out.
Elon: Hill is hit by a pitched ball
and gets his base. Hobbs sacrifices
him to second. Ballance sacrifices Hill
to third. Hearn, as usual, scores Hill with
a hit over the left fielder’s head and
the glorious daylight of freedom. Step heart we say with Longfellow:
by step with ih radiant stars united by ^ q ,
silver cords of liberty and love, it contin- ^ q ,
ued to march onward and upward wav-
m2 in triumph, ' U er the and or the tree ,v/- i n •. l c c
1II« m iiiump ’ all Its hopes ot future vears,
broken asunder, and divided; the Union As patriots, we are loyal to our Hag, scores himself on Sparrow s single to right,
fell. For four long years both southern loyal to our heroes, and loyal to our gov- Pearson strikes out.
and northern plantations were drenched ernment. As a people, we are grand in Second inning: Acre flies out to cen-
in blood. The world looked upon the courage, grand in determination, and ter field. Taylor hits to the pitcher and
bloodiest and most destructive war of all grand in strength. As a nation we stand is thrown out at first. Underwood is out,
ages. The fruit of indust.y and prosperity without an equal, "A marvel to ourselves
and the flower of our manhood, scarred and a miracle to the rest of the world."
with bullets of steel, perished in the vigor May America ever continue in the de-
of youth. Five hundred thousand heroes velopment of power and progress, till
without a murmur passed out to that time shall be no more and she shall have
Great Unknown, leaving a world made reached the lofty heights of full peifec-
better by their having lived in it. tion.
pitcher. Hill hits to second, and on
second’s error reaches first, Banks and
Elder scoring. Hobbs doubles to deep
left, scoring Hill, and advances to third
on Balance’s sacrifice to first. On Hearn s
hit to right field Hobbs scores. Sparrow
hits to left field, Hearn taking third.
Pearson hits to first and is out.
Fifth inning; Gill flies out to center
field. Jenkins is out, short to first. Guy
reaches first on Short’s failure to handle
his hot grounder, but is thrown out on an
attempted steal, pitcher to first to short.
Moffitt is out, third to first. Banks hits
to left field. Elder flies out to right. Hill
flies out to left.
Sixth inning: Meredith hits to right.
Acre’s fly to short left is caught by short
who throws to first, catching Meredith
and completing a pretty double Taylor
hits to third, who makes a fine stop, but
first juggles his throw and the runner is
safe. Underwood flies out to short.
Hobbs is out, second to first. Ballance
is out, pitcher to first. Hearn walks.
Sparrow hits to short who fumbles, allow
ing him to reach first. Pearson strikes
Seventh inning: Beverley fowls out
to catcher. Gwathmey is out, short to
first. Gill drops one in front of the plate
and is out. catcher to first.
Moffitt hits to pitcher who fumbles, but
';^.nrKton Tf^rnvr-TK an'! tHrO’,
him out. Banks pops out to third. El
der is out, pitcher to first.
Eighth inning: Jenkins is out, pitcher
to first. Guy is out, third to first. Mer
edith knocks a line drive to first who
makes a fine catch, retiring the side.
Hill walks. Hobbs hits through third,
reaching first on third’s error. Ballance
strikes out. Hearn strikes out. Sparrow
is out, pitcher to first.
Ninth inning: Acre strikes out. Tay
lor fans at three but reaches first when
the third strike passes the catcher. Un
derwood strikes out. Beverley strikes
second to first.
Elon: Moffitt strikes out. Banks is
out, third to first. Elder reaches first
when the pitcher fumbles his grounder.
Hill is out, third to first.
Third inning: Beverley singles to
center and reaches second when the cen-
AB. R. H. SB. O. A. E.
The last charge was made ; the last But however grand our present, however ter fielder fails to stop the ball. Gwath-
volley fired, and the war ended. Once bright our future, God forbid that we mey walks. Gill fliei to right field, Bev-
more " Freedom rang from every .moun- should ever become so full of confidence erly scoring on the throw-in. Jenkins
tain side." A ntw volume was added to that would cause our grand republic to hits to center, scoring Gwathmey. Guy
the history of the w'orld, and the grand fall as did Rome with all her heroes, or hits to first and reaches second on an er-
old sentiment, dear to every American Greece with all her scholars. " Protect ror by second. Meredith flies out to left
heart, returned, " Liberty and union now us by thy might, great God our King," ffeld. Acre strikes out.
and forever, one and inseperable." Again that we may have no fear concerning Elon; Hobbs is out, pitcher to first,
the stars of glory were united on the our future destiny, because " we love our Ballance hits to left field fcr one base,
same old banner. Again the patriots of country and her instutions; we cherish
freedom were united under the same the memory of those who gave their
government. Again the flag of liberty, lives that their nation might live. We fly to left field. Pearson is out, third to
floating in glory o’er " The land of the bend over their graves in the deepest of first.
noble free," marched on, upheld by its mourning, but when our eyes behold that Fourth inning: Taylor hits to left
heroes of each succeeding generation as emblem of national existence, we feel field. Underwood is out on a fly to
one by one they have ascended their lad- as though we could clasp its folds within short sight, which is pulled down by see
ders of justice, truth, liberty, and patriot- our dearest embrace and kiss each star, ond. Beverley strikes out. Gwathmey
ism to the utmost heights of worldly hon- which bedecks its field of blue. Oh ! strikes out.
or, and finally to celestial heights of im- flag of our fathers; flag of our Washing- Moffitt hits to center. Banks’ ground-
mortal glory. ton, our Lincoln, our Douglas, our Grant; er is fumbled by first, allowing him to
Should we not reverence the memory o( we feel as though you held our destiny reach first and Moffitt second. Elder
these heroes,—yea I the memory of our within the folds of your white and crim- forces Moffitt at third on a bunt to the
Hill, s.s
Hobbs, c
Ballance, c.f
Hearn, p
Sparrow, l.f.
Pearson, 3b.
Moffitt, lb
Banks, r.f.__
Elder, 2b.
2 0
1 I
0 I
2 2
0 2
I 3
I 9
0 2
0 0
0 I
0 0 0 0
0 I 0 10
1 I I I
10 0 1
AB. R. H. SB. O. A. E.
Hearn is hit by a pitched ball, Balance
going to second. Sparrow is out on a
Gill, 3b, _
Jenkins, s.s.
0 0 0 2
0 10 0
4 I
Guy, c 3 0 I I 5 0 0
Meredith, l.f.. 4 0 10 2 0 0
Acre, r.f 4 0 0 0 I 00
Taylor, c.f. _ ^ 4 0 I 0 0 0 0
Underwood, 2b. 4 0 0 0 0 2 1
Beverley, lb.„ 3 I I 014 01
Gwathmey, p._ 2 1 00052
Summary : Runs, Elon 6, Richmond
2; hits, Elon 8, Richmond 5: stolen
bases, Elon 3, Richmond I ; three-base
hits, Heam, Guy ; two-base hit, Hobbs;
struck out, by Hearn 8, Gwathmey 5.
Umpire, Kemodle.

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