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VOL. IL New Series. Greensboro^ N. C.^ Wednesday, February 22, J9H No 2
ana ±:ion couege, N. 0.
—Ur. Moffitt left Saturday for a few
days’ stay in Eastern Va.
—Miss Gussie Ingle of Greensboro spent
Saturday and Sunday here with hen par
—Mr. K. A. Campbell visited Mr. Flick
ill BuiHn>rton Sunday.
—Miss Flora Richardson, our popular
preceptress, spent Tuesday with relatives
in Greensboro.
—We are g'lad to iu)te that Miss Pitt of
the department of music is much improved
after an illness of several days.
—Miss Bessie McPherson spent Satur
day and Sunday with her brother in Bur
—Miss Anna McDonald of Burlington
spent Wednesday niglit with the Misses
Foster and attended Dr. Hoenshel’s lec
—Mr. K. A. Campbell led in the Y. M.
C. A. Saturday evening. Subject: “Ke-
memberi now thy creator iu the days of
thy youth.”
—Mr. Flick of Burlington attended the
lectures of Dr. Hoenshel Wednesday and
Thursday e\enings.
—Misses Su'die and Sallie McCauley
spent Hlaturday and Sunday with Mts.
Chas A. Thompson in Graham.
—Mr. Hollis Atkinson of Ca/denas vis
ited relatives here several days last week.
—Mr. It. L. Walker spent Saturday and
Sunday at hi.'! home near Union Ridge.
—Dr. Newman tilled the pulpit here Sun
day at the eleven o’clock service, giving
one of his usual very inteiesting sermons.
—Miss Stella Cox of Columbia, S. C., is
at home for a two week’s visit with her
parents, Rev. and Mrs. L. I. Cox.
—Misses Sadie Fonville, Annie Bag-
well and Mabel Farmer wer,e the dele
gates from this Y. W. C. A. to attend the
Council of the associations of N. C. and
R. C. and Va., held at Guilford College
last week.
—Prof. Harper led in the Christian En
deavor prayermeeting Sunday evening.
The meeting was a very beneficial one.
Subject: Eternity.
—Miss Helen Simmons of Graham vis
ited Nisses Lila and Blanche Newman
Saturday and Sunday.
—Miss Rosa Ber.t of Haw River visit
ed Miss Alene Patton Snnday.
—Mrs. Charlie and Miss Annie Hardin
were visitors here Friday.
—Misses Lawrence and Farmer went
to (Jreensboro Saturday, snopping.
—Miss Viola Frazier led in the Y. W.
C. A. Sunday afternoon. Subject, “Sac
rificing for God.”
—Tlie best speaker oratorically, in the
Philogian Society Friday evening was Mr.
E. T. Hines. Debate, Query: Resolved
that public out-door relief is inferior to
private relief as a means of administering
charitable aid. Won by the affirmative.
Best speaker, on the affirmative, Mr. J.
C. Stuart. Best speaker on the negative.
Mr. J. F. Morgan.
—Mr. W. F. Snoddy, an instructor in
the music department at Buies Creek, vis
ited Mr. R. A. Campbell last week and
assisted iu the music by the band on Wed
nesday evening.
—Those iu the Psiphelian Society who
rieceived special mention Friday evening
weie Miss Lois Davidson, piano solo. Miss
Winnie DuRant, essay. Miss Nellie Flem
ing, Phophecy of the Sophmore class.
—Mr. J. V. Knight went to Morrisvilla
Saturday to fill Rev. J. W. Patton’s pul-
jiit on Sunday.
—Messrs. J. C. Stuart, J. J. Ingle and
W. R. Robertson went to Greensboro Sat
urday on business(?)
—Mr. L. E. Burch of Salisbury sjjent
Sunday here M’ith his cousin, Mr. J. J.
—Prof. W. A. Harpfr spent Saturday
and Sunday in Gienisboro in the interest
of the Endowment Fund.
—I'rof. Lawrence went out to Bethle
hem and delivered an address on “Churich
Enter]irises. ”
—Lacy Shejiherd, son of Mr. and Mrs.
J. R. Shepherd, was fatally injured Sun
day night about nine o’clock by a freight
train which was doing some shifting and
upon which he- was attempting to tide.
The lad was thrown under the moving
frain as he jumped from it, it is supposed,
and one leg was entirely cut off below' the
knee, and tlie lad was otherwise injured.
The S):27 west bound j)assengesr train
passed soon after the accident and Mr.
Shepherd took his son on it to a hospital
ni Greensboro, but he- diet! ea;ly Monday
The Y. W. C. A. council, which meets
annually, was held at Guilford College,
February the sixteenth to eighteenth.
The council was indeed an inspiring and
instructive one and much enthusiasm was
There weie about thirty-five delegates
present from the following colleges; Mer
edith, Peace, Red Springs, Albemarle,
Elizabeth, Presbyterian, State Normal,
Gi) ensboro Female Colloge, Statesville,
Guilford and Elon.
Those present from Elon were Misses
Annie Bagwell, Mabel Farmer and Sadie
V. Fonville.
The leading speakers were Miss Cutler,
student secretary of the National Board
of \. W. C. A., and Misses Sherrar and
The first session was opened by a word
of welcome from President Hobbs of Guil
ford College. Miss Marvel Cat ter from
Meredith College responded in behalf of
the association.
Miss Cutler delivered a fine address on
“The Lordship of Jesus Christ,” after
which a delightful luncheon was served
at New Garden Hall.
The next morning was opened witli
Bible study and a discussion as to the
best ways of studying the Bible and then
the subject of missions was taken up. Af
terwards the diffeient colleges gave their
reports. There were some splendid re
ports, which show that the associations
are prospering and doing much good.
Conferences were held that afternoon
and that night Miss Crane delivered a
splendid address on “The life Obedient,”
after which we went to Founder’s Hall
wfiere a delightful reception was given
to the delegates, in which all of the stu
dents participated.
The next morning we had an hour of
prayer service. After this we drove to the
station to take the train to Elon.
We feel tluit we gained much good from
the inspiring talks we heard and the Guil
ford association enter'tained us splendidly.
Sadie Fonville.
Oir W'fcdrresday and Thursday eveningi?
of last week, Ur. E. U. Hoenshel, of Day
ton, \a., delighted his audiences with two
stories of travel. The subject of the first
lecture was “Through Syria and the East
Jordarr Cormtry.” With the speaker as
guide the audience began its journey
through this seldom-visited land at Bey-
rout, thence up to Baali>eck. Here were
iiofictd the ruins of this far-famed city
with its massive stone and aiiehitectrrial
works. ]>eaving here the way led to Da-
)nascus, “the city of dogs,” and the place
of some of the iirteresting scenes of Paul’s
life, also the home af Ananias, Then be
gan a weary horseback ride south to
(ierasa, west through Suf to t-ol Frinje
and North-west through Jabesh Gilead,
Pella, thence to Jisi El .Megamia and the
Jordan River. The route was filled with
fh;illing experiences, some bordering on
the unpl.asant, but many things were
learned about this sectiorr which will prove
valuable knowledge and will aid very
materially in uirderstanding certain pas
sages of scripture.
Attendance- fairly good Thursday eve
Iceland, the “land of frost and fire,”
lying on the edge of the Frigid Zone, has
a history peculiarly interesting. The
speaker told briefly of that history and
I'elated the story of his recerrt visit to
the island; told of his approach by way
of the Faroe Islands; of fjo:ds, fisheries
and flowers; of mountains, glaciers and
jokulls; and of a fine day trip on horse
back across the islaird, fording rivers,
crossing moors and rock-ridges, and rid
ing over extinct volcanoes, by hot springs
to the historic and geologic center of the
island, Thingnellar; and back to the sea
again at the modern capital of Reykja
Attendance double t^e preceding eve-
These lectures were intensely interest
ing, spa kling with humor, clearly told
and highly instructive. It seemed as if
his htarers must really be in the lands
described, so vivid were the pictures. We
can safely say Dr. Hoenshel’s leeturcs
were among the best given from the plat
form here in a number of years and we
hope to have him with us again.
Incidentally the athletic ossociatiorr
realized a n'at little sum in the shape of
clear profits.
Mr. J. M. Saund rs, son-in-law of Rt-v.
( . A. Boone, who for a number of years
has been proprietor of the rnencantile es
tablishment, known as the Elon Store
Company, has sold his stock of goods to
Mr. C. A. Hughes, who was formerly a»
popular, acting-post master. Mr. Hughes
I'as purchased the building also in which
the stoiie is conducted. ' This he bouglu
from Mr. J. J. Lambeth. At present Mr.
Lambeth occupies the sec-ond story as a
(iwelling. He will vacate for Mr. Hughes’
family and build a handsome residence
where the young men’s club house now
About nine o’clock Sunday evening,
teb. 19, an easf-bound freight-train,
which stojiped here to put off a car, was
to get into Burlington before the west
bound passenger train should be due.
When just in front of Ur. Atkinson's res
idence, Lacy Shepherd, a lad of about
fourteen years, was run over by this
freight train, and was fatally injuied.
'ioung Shepherd’s parents live just south
west of town, and he was a student in
the Graded School here. It seems that
some boys, young Shepheid among them,
were about the railway station when the
freight train stopped. Shejiherd, it is
suppospil, oj'to ,*1 f*.Tr to ri(ie
the shifting was being done, and when
he found that train was leaving with great
haste, he attempted to jump ofT and was
thrown under the wheels. Dr. Atkinson
soon heard his cry of distress and on in
vestigation found him lying beside the
frack, one limb entirely severed below the
knee, and suffering from other injuries.
A physician was called and the boy’s
father sent for. It was evident that the
boy was almost killed and preparations
were hastily made and his father f»ok him
to a hospital in Greensboro on the 9:27
train. Next morning at about five o’clock,
the little sufferer passed away. The father
returned with the body on the afternoon
train Monday. Tlie funeral took place-
from the home Tuesday, the Graded
School attending, and the burial at Frie-
den’s Lutheran Church.
The parents are crushed with sorrow
and deep sympathy for them is felt in the
community. I^acy made a profession of
faith in Christ at the recent revival and
was among the twenty-two who united
with the church at the close of the meet
Saturday, Feb. 25th, the dramatic club
of the State University will present Oli
ver Goldsmith’s popular play “She
Stoops to Conquer,” iu the College cha
pel. The club has already won a host of
friends throughout the state and we are
fortunate to have them visit us. With
Prof Mackee as director all may be as
sured that the production will be “rrp-to-
now” and a treat awaits those who at
Seats on sale Friday moining. Prices:
:i-5cts. and 50 cts. Benefit of athletic as
sociation. Everybody Gomel!

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