May 3, 1911. THE BLOW college WEEKLY. 3 THE WEEKLY DIRECTORY. Bnrlington (N. C.) Business Houses. Buy Dry Goods from B. A. Sellars & Sons. See Burlington Hardware Co. for Plumb- i“g- Get your Photographs at Anglin’s Studio. B. A. Sellars & Sons for Clothing and Gents’ Furnishings. See Dr. Morrow when in need of Dental Work. Real Estate, Insurance and Loans, Ala mance Insurance & Real Estate Co. Barber Shop, Bran nock & Matkins. Dr. J. H. Brooks, Dental Surgeon. See Freeman Drug Co. for Drugs. Elon College, N C. For an Education go to Elon College. Gibsonville, N. C. Dr. G. E. Jordan, M. D. High Point, N. C. People’s House Furnishing Co Greensboro, N. C. Pierce Stamp Works for stamps. Hotel Hufiine. Burtner Furniture Co., for furniture. SHALL AMERICA STAND OR FALL? A (luestioii often asked liy the observant man who loves his nation. Tlie answer de- IK'nds not on a larjje army and navy, vast resondoes and material progress, education and culture. Tliese are useful, tiut second ary, the bod,!-, not the soul of national life. America's future depends upon patrioti(- fMjns, and statesmen who have a vision of her ne»#rts and iK>sslbilities. The patriot cheerfully gives love's .best service uid the statesman sees the unseen principles and forces essential to the life and perpetuity of the nation, not simply those [lecuiiar to his connuunity, nation or age. The unseen are the still, small voices of (Jol. None but those who hear these voioi'S are real patriots and statesmen on whoiu a nation's salvation depends. Missionary lovers, work ers and leaders in missionary thouglit and activity are America's real iMitriota—the ten righteous men who save her from the disintegrating forces living uiH)n her heart's blood. There is a striking parallel between America and Israel. Each was born in a desire to serve (}od according to the still, small voice of conscience. Each from the beginning has been conscious of a religions mission. Each had its period of greatest development when its statesmen were men conscious of this mission. Each has a strategic iH)siti(m for a world mission. The purpose of Israel's mission was stat- el in the divine call. “I will make thee a great nation and I will bless thee and make thy name great, and be thou a bless ing • • • and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” Gen. 12: ii8. Its inspiring souls were great mis sionary .spirits. The father of the nation was the first great missionaiy, the founl- er of the nation the lirst great missionary leader. Isaiah and the great prophets were missionary statesmen. -\t the very beginning of national life, in the sacred ark was the golden candlestick, a i>eri)etual reminder that the nation was to be a testimony—a witues.s-l>earer for God to the world. To this end there were to be a "Kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” sanctified for a siiecilic purpose. The golden candlestick signified tliey were to be pure (holy, the first and essential preparation for missi(mary service). Their long, varied and severe training was de signed to fit them nationally for true wit nesses of the divine character. Their final rejection was becaust> they failed to sanc- tifv thems«*lves and lost sight of theii world obligation. The voice of the prophet statesmen was always a call to realize this mission. To the question iu what sense were they the cho sen people of God, Isaiah answered: "Your greatness consists not in what you possess, nor in your character, but iu the fact that yon have been selected to represent Jeho vah before the world aud to be witnesses. To that eud you have Ijeen carefully edu cated. You are chosen, therefore, to give, not to receive.” "Ye are my witnesses, saith .leliovah. and my servant whom I have chosen. 1, .lehovah, have called thee in righteonsness. I will hold thy hand and will keep thee and give thee for a cove nant of the people and for a light of tlie Geiitilex,'' Isa. 42. 0. Zwhariah emphasizes the same two-fold truth. "As ye were a curse among the na tions. so I will save you and ye shall be a blessing. Fear God, but let yonr hand be strong, out of all the languages of the na tions tiiey shall take h(»ld of the skirt of him that is called a .lew. saying we will go with yon, for we have heard that God is witli y(m." Zecb. 8; K{, 2.“!. Israel was providentiall,y located for such a mission, lying between the world powers of the Euphrates Valley aud Egypt, aud along the great trade lines of the world running *ortli and south, east and west through her borders. What was best in her could easily find its way to all parts of the civilized world. Amerit'a is the Abraham of the nations. God’s blessings upon her have beeu un bounded. Their continuance and increase are conditional. AVe must be a blessing. In her all nations of the earth must b; blessed. Forgetting this brought upon Is rael plagiie and pollution, anarchy and cap tivity and finally national annihilation. •lehovah's laws of national perpetuity have not changed. America must be a ho- l.v nation and a world missionary or go the way of all nations that have forgotten (Jod and their duty to humanity. God has increased the responsibility by the central strategic iwsition He has given her. Her isolation, extent of territory aud resources give lier the opportunity for greater development tor service than Pal estine. She is it world power. Palestine was a small kingdom. Mighty oceans con nect lier with the isles of the sea and the civilizations of the world. Across her flows the trade of the world, the East and the West, the North and the South. The best iu her can s(K)n reach ail nations, with the righteousness that protects her from any corrupting influences, her Christian ideals will leaven the world. Failure to be a missionary at home, fail ure to do mission service for the world, is not only failure to fulfil the great command, but is unpatriotic, unstatesmaniike, treach ery to the land we love and suicide to the Israel of the nations. .1. F. Newman. from their bodies develop into tiny micro scopic worms too small to be seen.. These, wlitn allowed to come in contact with fhe skin, buiTow through producing an attack of ground itch. The truth of this asser tion can be easily proved by making a poultice of polluted soil and applying it fori a few hours to some part of the body. Always at the site of such a poultice there develops the ground-itch rash if there be a sufficient number of worms entering the skin. Moreover, it is known that about fifty days after the attack of ground-itch the little worms that entered the skin will have found their way to the small intes tine and there developed to a size suffi cient for them to be seen with the naked eye. They are nearly one-half inch in length. The medicine given to get rid of them, by acting as a poison, causes them to be expelled from the body. By wash ing the stools through cheese cloth they may be collected. The harm they produce is now well rec ognized to require discussion at this time. Suffices it to say that the blood is sapped, the body stunted, the vitality lowered. Thus, the life and happiness of those dear est to us may be blasted. It is now time every one should know what is meant by gnound itch, hook worm disease, polluted soil, aud poor sanitary anangements. Your State Board of Health will be glad to supply this information free to any one who will ask for it.—State Board of Health. It’s Good Work that Counts See if the ANITARY BARBER. SHO Can Please You. BEANNOCK & MATKINS, Prop’s. '/ Jordan, M. D, Office Gibsonville Drug Co., GIBSONVILLE, N. C. HOTEL HUFFINE Near Passenger Station Greensboro, N. C. Rates $2 np. Cafe in connection. CAf.L ON Burlington Hardware Company For First Class Plumbing, Builders’ Hardware, Farm Implements, Paints, Etc., Etc. BURLINGTON, N. C. LINEN MARKING OUTFTTS: Name Stamp, Indelible li.a «ad Pa^, 40c. Postpaid on receipt of price. PIERCE STAMP WORKS. Greensboro, N. 0. —Hungry Hank, to small boy engaged with pie—Ix^t’s take yer pie, sonny, en’ I'll show you how I can balance a straw en’ eat pie at de ssinie time. —"Can you give my constituent here a job on your railroad?” asked the state senator. "‘But he can't talk English.” “Well, give him a job calling trains.” —“Have you been married, Bridget?” “Twicet, mum,” “.Vnd have you any children?" "Yis, mum. I've three. One be the third wife av me sicond husband an’ two be the second wife av me first.”—Cleve land Leader. —Luber—Alas, my dear triend, the worse for drink again. Wliy on earth do you drink so much? Huber—Because I’m so unhappy, Luber—Why are you so unhappy? Huber—Because I drink so much.—Flie- geude Blaetter. A Stetson Hat gives grace, dignity and attractiveness to the wearer. Sold by THE HOLT-CATES CO. THE DANGER OF GOING BARE FOOTED. As the season Is now approaching when all children desire to go barefooted, it is well that they should be warned that this pleasure does not come without danger. Until recent years we attached little im portance to ground-itch, or toe-itch, so commonly seen amoung barefooted chil dren who go about in the dew or other damp places. We now know that ground- itch is the initial symptom of hookworm disease and that it would not develop un less the soil had been polluted by suffer- eis from the disease. The myriads of eggs passing daily along with the excretia LEND YOUR , MOf'ffiY Through the Piedmont Trust Company. THE SAFE, THE SAN E, THE SOUND WAY. PIEDMONT TRUST C O., BURLINGTON, N. C. When You Need Anything in Your Home* SEE THE STOKES FURNITURE COMPANY BURLINGTON, N. C. The Millinery Opening Of Misses Morrow, Basin, and Green is now fully on. GET Y^OUB ORDERS IN FOB SPRING AND SUMMER HATS. Special bargains each Saturday in some one article of ladies’ costume. MISSES MORROW. BASON, & GREEN, BURLINGTON. N. C.

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