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and satisfaction
Sumptuous Dinner is Served and
Music Furnished by College
Orchestra. Jokes and Songs
Add to Merriment.
All Old Men Expected to Return Next
Year, Bright Prospects for Team.
Delta Upsilou Kappa eiitertaiiiprl
Saturday evening, March 7th at it?
seveath annual baiu|uet.
The occasion was one of great en-
jpynieat Cor tlie members and their
The spacioiis banquet hall was Oeco-
lateJ with quajitities of white roses,
«tfftely palms and fern, carrying out a
^olor note of white and green most
effectively. Streamers of groeii crepe
_paper entwined witli white rosebuds
buug gracefully from the lights. Haca
painted place cards were used and the
favors were baskets made in the shape
of a white tea rose. The table in {
r shape was .decked with three basket;
! of cut flowers consisting of white tea
roses and asparagus fern and with green
find white candles shedding a soft glow
over the entire room.
I A sumptuous dinner consisting of
fruit cocktail, olives, celery, pickled
cauliflower, creamed English veal, Vir-
j ginia baked ham, Brussels sprouts,
I «eam of lima beans, tomatoes, cream-
! cheese, cucumber, hot rolls, butter,
' Bolivia salad, saltines, almond mousse,
eake, nuts, mints and punch was served
j during which toasts, readings, jokes and
\ jnusic were enjoyed by all.
' Following the Delta U. song Miss
I Euby Atkinsou as toastmaster gave a
very approj>riate welcome which was
1 responded to' by Mr. B. L. Harrell, Jr.,
apressing the kindly sentiments of the
guests. Music was furnished through-
‘ -out by the Elon College orchestra,
j The honored guests were Coach and
1 Mrs. F. B. Corboy, Miss Lila C. New
man of Elon College and Mr. Gilman
i’. Alexander of Greensboro.
: Others present were: Mies Ruby At
j ’klosou and Mr. A. H. Browne; Miss
1 Olyn Barnett and Mr. O. C. Elliugton
; of Hender«on, N. C.; Miss Mary Lee
Foster and Mr. D. J). Martin, Miss Lil-
iian Harrell And Mr. J. A. Cavanaugh
; of Goldsboro, N. C.; Miss Clarene Lin-
' icoln and Mr. H. B. Wyatt of Goldsboro,
C.; Miss Margaret Rowland and Mr.
i W. Amlrew, Miss Kate Strader and
I ^r. .J, Mark McAdams, Miss Louise
: Watkins and Mr. J. O. Atkinson, Jr.;
f Miss Mary Lee Williams and Mr. Frank
[ J- ATlston, Miss Adelia Jones and Mr
J L. Ingle cf Winston-Salem, N. C.,
1 Miss Gwendolyn Patton and Mr, A. B.
f foglenian. Miss Mary Herbert Watkin®
j and Mr. E. R. Laihe of Smithfield, Ya.;
Miss Alberta Atkinson and ifr. A. N.
Greene, Miss Julia Clem and Mr. C. L.
Kimball, Miss Rosebud Kimball and
I ^r. R. C. Browne. Miss Ruth Kimball
i and Mr. Dnn B. Wicker, Mias Emma
I Morgan and Mr. ,D. L. Harrell, Jr.;
j ^Iis3 Anna Phillips and Mr. J. E. Cor
bitt, Jr.; Mias Freda Diminick of San
ford, C., and Mr. Dave Miller of
HltmoTe, N. C.; Miss Jennie Gunter of
1 Sanford, N. C., and Mr. W. G. Stoner
j Greensboro, N. C.; Miss Lois Herl-
™aii of Salisbury, N. C., and Mr. J. B.
I %, Jr.; Miss Mary Nelle Holland of
I ^endron, and Darden W. Jones,
^tiaa Dcloris Mo’rrow of Burlington, N.
*^•1 and Mr. E. S. Johnson of Washing
ton, N. C.; Miss Margaret Moring and
Lynam Wilkins of Durham, N. C.;
Graham Rowland of Greensboro,
C.; and Mr. H. L. Trotraan, Jr.: and
^tisa DoTothy Shortridge of Hamlet,
C., and Mr. T>. E. Turner, Jr.
The basketball c-aptain of the Elon
quint for the 1926 season will be a lo-
-al boy. Dan Long Newman was elected
by his teammates to' captain the team
through next year’s season.
Mr. Newman is a freshman in college
this year and consequently hi« iirsi
season on the team. He has proved
himself capable on the court, being
Elon’s highest scorer for the season.
He plays the postion of forward.
“Dan Long,’’ as he is familiarly
known on the campus, is the son of Dr.
J. U. Newman, Professor of Bible and
Greek in the college. Two of his broth
ers before him, ‘‘Dummy,” and Joe.
have also been members of the Elor
College quintette and excellent players.
All the members of the past season ’s,
team are expecting to return to the
college next year, and under the leader
ship of Captain Newman all loo'ka
bright for a winning team for the
Maroon and Gold for another season.
iwo soccEssFui mips
Presents Programs at Siler City and
Hillsboro. Large Audiences.
Miss Doris McLean for Maroon and
Gold. Miss Marie Oldham, Phi-
psicli Sponsor. Both Young
Ladies are Very Popular.
Miss Nolan Gives Request Program.
Miss Lydia Berkley Assists.
The Phipsicli staff has announced that
two sponsors have been elected and
their pictures will appear in the annual.
It^ is thei custom to elect sponsors in
honor of the team captains and publi
cations’ editor-in-chief.
Miss Doris McLean, of Gibsonville.
N. C., has been chosen as sponsor of
Maroon and Gold of which Mr. W. B
Terrell of Burlington, N. C., is e.litoi.
Miss McLeau is a very popular member
of the Senior class and will be gradu
ated this year.
Miss Marie Oldham, of Elon College,
is sponsor for the Phipsicli. S. H.
Abell, of Richland, Ga., is editor-in-
chief of this publication. Miss Oldham
lives in th^ eonimunity and is very
popular. She is well known by thp
This vear an unusual situation has
prevailed at Elon in regard to captains
of teams. Only one captain returned
to school and that was for football. Ac
-ording to custom no captain is elected
in that case and some niemher of the
team is appointed to act as captain in
cach contest. It is not known whether
there will be any other sponsors this
Jlrs. M. Z. Rhodes, of Burlington, N
(■„ is in Rainey Hospital having under
gone an operation for appendicitis. She
was carried there last Wednesday night
and was operated on Thursday morning.
She is reported as getting along
nicely, the operation being very suc
Mrs. Rhodes is well known. She is
the daughter of Mrs. Janet B. Kirk
land, dietitian of the College. Mr. and
Mrs. Rhodes are members of the class
of '23. He is a member of the Bur
lington High School faculty, and Mrs.
Rhodes has a )nusic studio in Burling
The Boosters’ Club continued its suc
cessful tour of the state by giving pro
grams of high order a|^ Siler City anfT
HillsboTo. I
At Siler City, Thursday, February 25,
the club entertained one of the largest
audiences of the year. The large au
ditorium of the new school building was
filled to its capacity and many were
not able to find seats. ,The Boosters, a?
though they were amateurs, conducted
themselves like pjofessional performers.
A new feature of the program was
the spice afforded by the recently or
ganized string orchestra composed of
Stanley, Thomas, EoTd and Holland.
Professor Barney, as usual, delivered
an interesting address. Leon Williams,
member of the expression department,
brought both laughter and tear? from
the audience by his power of speech.
The C[uartet was go'od and shared a
large part of the applause of the even
ing. The gym quartet, although it
possessed a new member, worked like
au oiled machine and afforded much
pleasure for those present.
The people of Siler City opened their
ho'mes to the Boosters and the entire
membership enjoyed the kind hospitali
ty of these good people. The friend
ships and acquaintances made there
will long be remembered.
On Thursday evening, March 5, the
club journeyed to Hillsboro. There it
was greeted by G. A. Brown, Elo'n ’22,
who made every one feel at home. Tiie
members seemed at their best.
Mr. Ford, a new member, gave the
program a good send off by playing
“The Rosary” on his Hiwaiian guitar.
Mr. Stanley then accompanied him and
two guitar duets followed: “Let the
Rest of the World Go By” and “One
Two-Three, Four, Medley.”
A new feature of the evening was a
vocal duet by Messrs. Sharpe & Stanley
“Our Yesterdays’’ this was very much
appreciated by those present.
Another number which “brought
down the house” was the vocal and in
strumental duet by Messrs. Stanley and
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Thu vesper service Sunday afternoon
was the largest attended service yet
held this season. Miss Nolaji demon
strated even to a greater extent in this
service her ability at the organ inas
much as this was a request program.
Even though the program was made
up of request selections Miss Nolan
had so grouped these nutrfbers as to cen
ter around a central theme of “Evil
Overcome by Coo'd.”
Five groups of selections were used,
“Souvenir,” “Spring Song,” and
“March of the Magi Kings,” in the
first. The second group consisted of
“Serenade,” “Rosary,” and “March
(Tanhauser). ’ ’
In the fourth group Miss Lydia Berk
ley assisted at the piano in “Kam-
meriai Ostrow” by Rubenstein, which
was especially beautiful. The service
was ended with the old familiar hymn
“I Need Thee Every Hour.”
Soon We Will Elect New Cheer Leaders.
Think Who Will Be Fitted
for the Position.
Program Thursday Afternoon Shows
the Talent of Music Students.
More to Be Given.
T. R. Ruston, F. K, Thomas, and Leon
Williams enjoyed on March 10th a de
lightful dinner and evening at the home
of J. D. Ezell, Altamahaw, N. C.
The co'llege departments of music and
expression gave a public recital in the
auditorium Thursday afternoon. An
unusually good program was rendered.
All those wlio took active part in the
program show^ed themselves to be truly
talented in music and expression, and
their selections gave evidence of much
faithful work and careful supervision.
The program rendered was as follow^s:
La Cnchua (Spanish Dance) Friml
Alyse Smith
Aragonaise Massanet
Annie Ruth Harden
Evening Song Tomlinson
Dance, Song Tomlinson
Frances Deviney
Rigandon Grieg
David B. Harrel
Jack the Fisherman Eliz. S. Phelps
Mary Lee Williams
Second Valse ....Godard
Maxine Holmes
Snow Bells Tachaikowsky
Butterfly Etude Chopin
Maude Jones
Senior Class Dedicates Year Book to
People of County in Appreciation
of Loyalty. W. E. Sharpe’s
Picture in Book.
The Senior Class of Elon College has
decided to dedicate the .192.3 Phipsicli
to the citizens of Alamance County.
This is the college year book and is
gotten out by the Senior class of the
collegc. ft is customary to dedicate
the book each year to' some person, or
This year Mr. W. E. Sharpe's picture
will be in the Phipsicli. Mr. Sharpe ‘a
a Christian layman of Burlington, N.
C. He is at the head of the Alamance
Insurance and Real Estate Company
and is well known throughout the
state as a man of rare business ability
Mr. Sharpe was elected to head the
campaign for funds in Alamance county
when the citizens decided to help
build Elon after the disastrous fire in
January 1923. Under the leadership of
Mr. Sharpe, Alauuince county pledged
$100,000 and gave Elon the beautiful
administration building, Alamance Hall
The class felt that it would dedicate the
book to the citizens of the cownty and
have Mr. Sharpe’s picture in the book
as representing the county. The stu
dents appreciate what the citizens of
the county have done for them in mak
ing this building possible. They an
especially grateful to Mr. Sharpe for
his efforts in Elon’s behalf. Mr. Sharpe
is one of Elon’s best friends.
The following article was clipped
from the “Trinity Chronicle” and is a
sj)londid suggestion to not only the
school for which it was written, but for
otlier sohoG'ls as well where ther^ is no
organized systenx of electing cheer
W’e have a wonderful spirit, but we
do not have an organized system of
electing cheer leaders and therefore do
not have the best cheer leaders. They
should be experienced, but for tho most
our cheer leaders have had to start out
without any knowledge at all of Icad-
ng cheers. The article follows below.
Students give this some thought ami
pull fo-r organized cheer loading.
This article is presented to the under
graduates and college community merri
ly by way of suggestion, but 1 trust
that it may be taken as a piece of con*
structive criticism. It would take no
argument in my opinion to cofnvince one ,
that there is something radically wrong
with the cheer leading situation at this
institution. It seems to me that one of
the best ways to build a true university
spirit and to add to’ the prestige of our
school is to have an active group of
cheer leaders ever on the alert to offer
the leadership which this student body
desires and is now only to’o willing to
In the past we have had no organized,
successful system of electing our cheer
leaders, and as a result we have this
year three men serving in this ca|:)acity
who have had no previous training ar
experience before this year. These men,
laboring under difficulties, have thrown
their shoulders to the wheel and merit
the praise and further co-operation O’f
the college community.
Other colleges and universities, how
ever, have a systematic method of elect
ing their cheer leaders from year to
year and allowing them to “grow up
wi'th their jobs.” The head cheer lead
er at these institutions is regarded as
one of the leading figures on the cam
pus, and it is indeed a mark of distinc
tion to be chosen for this responsible
position. I dare say the head cheer
leader in his oflScial capacity can do r.s
much toward moulding school spirit as
any other one man on the campus among
the under graduates.
FurthermoTe, I should think that it
would be a comparatively simple mat
ter to work out and put into operation
a system for electing these cheer lead
ers even before this scho'ol yeur has
ended. I have no direct information
concerning the system used at other
colleges, and no doubt it would be well
(Contonned on Page Two)
W. B. Terrell conducted ch-apel ser
vices at the Gibsonville, N. C., high
school on Tuesday morning and gave a
talk on the “Advantages of a College
Jennings Womble, member of the
Freshman class, has returned to school
after being at his home in Moncure, N.
C. for several days, sick with the influ
Miss Nelson, head of the Violin De
partment here, has as her guest, her
sister, !Mrs. Waterman of Providence,
R. I.
Miss Ada McTntyre spent the week
end at her home in Burlington.
Mr. Joe M. Connally, a travelling
Secretary of the Student Volunteer
^ilovement for Foreign Missions, has
been at Elon today meeting with
groups of students wlio' are interested
in foreign mission work. Mr. Connally
has been in the state for several days
and came to Elon from the Green?-
boro Colleges where he has been foT the
past few days. He has a wonderful
message for students who are planning
to give their life to this kind of ser
vice. He is interested in getting a
student Volunteer Band started here
at the College. During the past two
years this band has not been as large
as in previo^is years. However it is
hoped that this visit will start a new
interest in this movement and that
manv students will decide to join this

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